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Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in New York, NY on June 3, 1925, Day 154, where the numbers mean:  6th month - man; 3 - Justice of the Holy Spirit; 25 - Sovereignty; and 154 - Salvation (54).  New York (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to Aries, the Ram, and Issachar, the donkey and pack animal of Israel.  New York (The Bronx) is at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 73 W., for freedom.  He was the son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants.  His father was a tailor, and the family lived in the back of the tailor shop.  His mother was schizophrenic.  He had an older brother, Robert, who was institutionalized with schizophrenia.  His younger brother, Julius, was killed by a truck when Tony was 13, and Tony was sent to the hospital to identify the body.

Tony joined the Navy at age 16 in 1942 following the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He was assigned to the submarine, USS Proteus (AS-19), although he never went into combat because he was under 18.  He worked in cleaning and maintenance. On September 2, 1945, he was fortunate to be in the armada that witnessed the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay.  He was about a mile away and viewed the event through binoculars.

Following the War, Tony used the GI Bill to study acting.  He was discovered by talent scout Joyce Selznick and went to Hollywood in 1948 at age 22.  He soon began to get roles in movies.  With his good looks and comic ability, he rapidly became one of the leading men.  With his ducktail hair cut, he became a teenage heart throb.  By his own admission, he had an early relationship with Marilyn Monroe when he was 23 and she was 20.  He said his main interests were girls and money.

On June 4, 1951, he married actress Janet Leigh.  It was her third marriage.  They were Hollywood's golden couple, and the marriage was a road to success.  The couple had two children, Jamie Lee and Kelly Curtis before the marriage ended in divorce 11 years later in 1962.  Janet remarried and stayed married to the same man until her death in 2004 at age 77.  Tony has had six marriages.

In 1998, Tony founded the Emanuel Foundation for Hungarian Culture for the restoration and preservation of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in Hungary.  In December 2006, he nearly died of pneumonia.  He was in a coma for several days, and after recovery required the use of a wheelchair.  He lives in Henderson, Nevada south of Las Vegas with his wife, Jill Vandenberg.  He is credited with appearing in over 100 movies.  He is also a painter.

Tony Curtis died of cardiac arrest on September 29, 2010, Day 272 at 9:25 PM MDT at his Henderson, Nevada home at age 85.  Nevada corresponds to the region of an outcast.  Tony was a Jew living outside the land of Israel.

Birth Chart

Tony Curtis Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Tony Curtis contains a Star (Pentagram).  A Star symbolizes a sudden brilliance that comes into life out of the blue.  Tony Curtis was discovered by a talent scout, went to Hollywood at age 22, and became a famous movie star.  The Star as a pentagram is also the sign of a giant, such as Baal, who may influence as the god of war or goddess of love.  Hollywood was certainly under the influence of both, and Tony Curtis was glamorized as an attractive male heart throb.  The Star is a sign of spiritual influence on historical events.  And it is an unstable configuration, like the spokes of a wheel without a rim that bounces from one spoke to the next.  Tony jumped from one movie role to the next, and from one relationship to the next.  Only the Right Woman could stabilize such person, and there is no indication Tony was ever stabilized.

The Ascendant Sign was Cancer, which contained the Redeemer Planet, for spoils.  The Ascendant Sign of Cancer accounts for Tony's Hollywood image as a man who had it all.  He had fame, fortune, and his pick of pretty girls.

Midheaven was in Aries, the Ram and symbol of a leader.  This corresponds to Tony's fame as a leading man in the movies.

Sun Sign

Tony Curtis's Sun Sign was Taurus, which can symbolize royal glory.  Tony achieve the glamor and glory of royalty on the big screen.  God created him for the part, and Hollywood glamorized his role.

The Savior Planet and Morning Star were also in Taurus, although both were on the cusp.  The Savior Planet on the cusp of Aries symbolizes a hero, which describes Tony as a movie star.  He was especially popular with the teenage girls, who viewed him as a heart throb.  The Morning Star was on the cusp of Gemini.  It symbolizes riches, which Tony acquired in Hollywood.  It also corresponds to the long, thick forefinger on Tony's hand, which signifies a leader and one who lets his light shine.  It signifies a person with a strong ego.  All this symbolizes Tony's strong, standout persona, which brought him the riches.

Moon Sign

The Moon was in Libra, the sign of the legality of Marriage as a divine institution (Gen 2:24) as well as the judicial consequences for violating its boundaries (Ex 20:14; Heb 13:4).  His first marriage was to Janet Leigh, who was entering into her third marriage.  Tony, who was married six times, kept the divorce courts busy.

Star (Pentagram)

The Star (Pentagram) is a sign of sudden brilliance that comes in out of the blue.  This describes Tony Curtis's rise to fame.  He was discovered by a talent scout and soon became a Hollywood movie star.  As a Pentagram, the Star is also a sign of a giant, such as Baal.  Satan reveals himself as Baal in the god of war and goddess of love.  Hollywood movies along with the movie stars were under the power of Satan and his Cosmic System.  Tony Curtis fit the mold.  He had riches, fame, and glory with all the trimmings of lustful attention, but he was also spiritually dead, empty, and godless.

The Star configuration is unstable like the spokes of a wheel without a rim.  The person with a Star jumps from one spoke to the next while forgetting the past.  Only the Right Woman can stabilize a man with a Star.  The points of the Star give some indication of the jumps that Tony was taking.

  1. Sun in Taurus - royal glory.
  2. Redeemer in Cancer - spoils.  Tony became rich making movies.
  3. God of the Covenants in Libra - business.  This was the movie business.
  4. Almighty God in Sagittarius - conquering army.  Tony was in the conquering army of the Pacific and witnessed the Japanese surrender in WW II.
  5. Mediator in Pisces - priest.  Tony was not a priest to God, but he did represent his movie company to the world.

The Last Adam and Red Planet were in conjunction in Gemini.  The Last Adam in Gemini symbolizes a family.  Tony began his family in his first marriage and continued adding children in future marriages.  The Red Planet in Gemini symbolizes a bloody bridegroom, which characterizes Tony's suffering in marriage.  The Red Planet also corresponds to the thumb, which symbolizes the will.  Tony's thumb was shanked, which symbolizes a person with a good sense of rhythm or timing.  And his thumb was bowed, which is the sign of a good learner as well as a person who is gullible.  Being gullible in marriage can certainly lead to suffering.


Tony Curtis was the living fulfillment of the Star (Pentagram) in his Birth Chart.  The Star brings great glory suddenly out of the blue.  Tony rose from humble beginnings to become a world-famous Hollywood movie star.  His star qualities were worldly and catered to desires for fame, fortune, and sensuality, which characterize Satan's Cosmic System.  As an unbeliever and a racial Jew, he fell victim to Satan's bait.  He rose to great glory and had it all, but he never found stable love and his marriages were failures.  He bounced from point to point of his Star in a frantic search for happiness that was always illusive.  He will leave this world the same way he entered, with nothing.  Then he will face the Judgment of God, who does not judge according to the world's standards.  The world's glory will pass, and only faith in Jesus Christ can save a lost soul.

Tony Curtis Birth Chart Planets

Sun Taurus Royal glory
Moon Libra Marriage legality
Savior Taurus Hero
Morning Star Taurus Riches
Red Planet Gemini Bloody bridegroom
Almighty God Sagittarius Conquering army
Ring Planet Libra Business
Mediator Pisces Priest
Redeemer Cancer Spoils
Last Adam Gemini Family



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Released February 5, 2010 - Revised October 1, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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