Esteban Santiago,

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter

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Biographical Background

Esteban Santiago is the alleged gunman who killed 5 and injured 6 at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport on Jan. 6, 2017.  The shooting was an act of lawlessness, corresponding to the meaning of the year 2017, for lawlessness.  Santiago was born in Union City, New Jersey on March 16, 1990, Day 75.  He was the youngest of five siblings.  He moved to Puerto Rico at age two.  He joined the National Guard on Dec. 14, 2007 and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 where he served for ten months from April 23, 2010 to Feb. 19, 2011.  There he was treated for mental illness.  When he returned, he moved to Alaska for work in security.

He jointed the Alaska National Guard in 2014 and lived with a girlfriend, who charged him with domestic abuse (misdemeanors) on January 10, 2016.  He was accused of breaking down the bathroom door and punching her.  He violated court conditions of probation and went back and lived with her where he was found on Feb. 16, 2016.  In September, 2016 he fathered a child with the girlfriend.  He was discharged from the Alaska National Guard in August, 2016 with a general discharge for poor performance, including AWOL.

In November, 2016, he reported to the FBI that he was being forced to join ISIS, and he was hearing voices.  They turned him over to local authorities who took him to a psychiatric facility for evaluation.  According to CBS, "He also said his mind was being controlled by the CIA to watch ISIS videos."1  His symptoms are consistent with paranoid schizophrenia, although that is not an official diagnosis.

Santiago left Anchorage, Alaska on January 7, 2017 aboard Delta Flight 1088 to Minneapolis and flew aboard Delta Flight 2182 to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  His only baggage was a gun case with a pistol inside.  These were properly checked, and he picked them up at baggage claim, Terminal 2.

He went into a bathroom, took out the pistol, loaded it, and went back to baggage claim where he began shooting.  During the shooting, he reportedly yelled, "I am not a Jew."  He killed 5 and injured 8 before running out of ammunition.  He dropped his pistol, lay down, and waited to be arrested.  He was taken into custody by the Broward County Sheriff's Office.  He will be charged with federal crimes.

Three of the victims of the shooting were spouses traveling with their mate who survived.  They were Terry Andres, 62, Michael Oehme, 57, and Olga Woltering, 84.  Olga, a Roman Catholic from Georgia, was going on a cruise with her husband to celebrate his 90th birthday, where 90 is for the new order of Israel.  Santiago was born in 1990.

The name Esteban corresponds to Stephen, for a wreath or crown, and Santiago means St. James in Spanish.  James is the same as Jacob in Hebrew, and Jacob is Israel.  The crown of Israel corresponds to Jesus Christ as the King of Israel and Son of David at the Second Advent.

Meaning of the Santiago Shooting

Esteban Santiago traveled to Florida on January 6, 2017 with only his checked gun.  He planned the shooting, which killed five people and lasted 45 seconds.  Why?  This is not something that a human would do.  It was an angelic operation.  Santiago's trip to Florida symbolizes the the path of the King of the North in the Tribulation from Russia to Israel to Ethiopia (Rev 6:1-2; Dan 11:40-45).3  The King of the North rode a white horse, corresponding to Sagittarius.  Jesus Christ will return in the air on a white horse.

Birth Chart

Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Esteban Santiago contains a Sling with the Almighty God Planet in Gemini at the center, for a witness in marriage or a Marriage Feast.  A Sling is used in Spiritual Warfare for slaying a giant.  Santiago had been charged with attacking his girlfriend, who bore witness against him.  Three of the people killed by Santiago were spouses traveling with their mate who survived.  Gemini corresponds to Israel.  Santiago reportedly yelled during the shooting, "I am not a Jew."  He did not want to be identified with Jesus Christ at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.  Instead, he symbolized a man of lawlessness of Satan.

The planets opposite the Sling's center fell into three evenly spaced groups, corresponding to Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of the Cosmic System.  The center group contained five planets, for a giant.  At the ends of the pouch of the Sling were two pairs of planets, corresponding to witnesses.  One pair contained the Sun and the other the Moon.  At the Second Advent, the Lord Jesus Christ will defeat three groups of enemies corresponding to Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  The groups will be in Edom, Jerusalem, and Armageddon. 

The Sun was in conjunction with the Savior Planet on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius.  Pisces corresponds to the region of Law Enforcement and Santiago's work in security.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where Santiago committed mass murder in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Moon was in conjunction with the Last Adam on the cusp of Libra and Scorpius.  Libra corresponds to the region of Minnesota, where Santiago changed flights on his way to Florida.  It is the region associated with the federal judiciary.  Santiago faces federal charges.  The Moon on the cusp could be associated with Jezebel or the judgment of the family or nation, corresponding to the Four Generation Curse.  The Last Adam in Libra symbolizes being cursed by the law.  Santiago had been charged with domestic abuse and was discharged from the National Guard for poor performance.

The planets in Capricornus were:

  1. Morning Star Gentile military leader.
  2. Red Planet criminal suffering.
The planets in Sagittarius corresponded to military influence.  Sagittarius corresponds to Afghanistan, where Santiago served.
  1. God of the Covenants battle plan, which Santiago executed perfectly in the mass murder.
  2. Redeemer redeemed from war.  He returned alive, but mentally ill.
  3. Mediator mediator ending plague.  He stopped shooting and surrendered.

Shooting Chart

Ft. Lauderdale Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting contained another Bowl judgment, for cursing poured out by the Elect Angels.  All of the planets were on the Light side of the Chart except one.  This shooting was near noon (about 12:56 PM EST, 1756 GMT) in broad daylight (ref. Hos 4:5).  The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in conjunction with the Sun and Midheaven in Sagittarius.  The planets were part of a Family configuration, corresponding to the Four Generation Curse.  Mental illness that begins around age 20 is associated with the Cycles of National Cursing and the Four Generation Curse.  The signs in Sagittarius can symbolize the Lord Jesus Christ returning on His white horse at the Second Advent or they can symbolize the King of the North on his white horse.

The Moon on the Ascendant in Aries symbolized Jezebel, who is Satan's representative.   Aries corresponds to the region of New Jersey, where Santiago was born.  The Sun was in Sagittarius, for an angelic army, corresponding to the army of Michael at the scene to take away the dead.

There were three planets in Aquarius, corresponding to Florida, where the shooting occurred.

  1. Red Planet bloody water, or blood running from the shooting.
  2. Redeemer Redeemed from the flood (those running away)
  3. Morning Star herald.


The Birth Chart of Esteban Santiago contains a Sling with center of the Almighty God Planet in Gemini, for a Marriage Feast or a witness in marriage.  The man and woman in the Garden were the first witnesses in Satan's Appeal Trial.  Santiago cohabited with his girlfriend and was thus a lawless witness for Satan against the Divine Institution of Marriage.  The conflict with his girlfriend resulted in her filing charges of abuse against him.  Three of the people Santiago killed were spouses whose mate survived.

A Sling is for slaying giants in Spiritual Warfare.  In Santiago's spiritual war, he went to the FBI to complain about ISIS and complained about the CIA.  These were seen as giants.  Satan drove Santiago to commit mass murder.  Santiago apparently traveled all the way from Anchorage, Alaska to Ft. Lauderdale for the purpose doing the shooting there.  The long trip symbolized the journey of life going down to destruction, and it symbolizes the path of the King of the North from Russia to Israel to Ethiopia in the Tribulation.

The groups of planets in the Sling symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of the Cosmic System.  There were five planets in the center group, for a giant.  There were two pairs on the ends, corresponding to witnesses.  Santiago was the lawless witness for Satan against Marriage and as a murderer.  The three groups of planets could symbolize the enemies that Christ will defeat at the Second Advent prior to the Marriage Feast.  However, Satan and Santiago rejected that interpretation and made it clear that Santiago was not a Jew.  He was the lawless one of Satan.

Esteban Santiago Birth Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Heavenly Jerusalem
Moon Libra Judgment of family, nation; cusp Scorpius, Jezebel
Savior Aquarius Reporter
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile military leader
Red Planet Capricornus Criminal suffering
Almighty God Gemini Marriage Feast, witness in marriage
Ring Planet Sagittarius Battle plan
Mediator Sagittarius Mediator ending plague
Redeemer Sagittarius Redeemed from war
Last Adam Libra Satanic attack



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Released January 7, 2017 - Revised Jan. 8, 2017

Author: Larry Wood
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