Bin Laden, Birth Chart of an Antichrist

Osama bin Laden's Birth Chart contains the graphical symbol of the jet crashing into the World Trade Center. The chart reveals much more than a terrorist.  It reveals an antichrist, a cosmic evangelist in opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His chart is simple with a Great Cross, the symbol of crucifixion and martyrdom, and a Boomerang, the symbol of a crisis and critical timing.

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Bin Laden Chart Animation


*March 10, 1957, Day 69, where 10 = Laws of Establishment, 57 = Zebulun, 69 = Running the course of life
*10:58 AM (UTC + 3)  (*Note, date and time best available, but not based on official records)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which is in the region of the Tribe of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists
21º 35'N, where 21 = Providential Preventative Suffering
39º 13'W, where 39 = Sin Unto Death

General Information About Biblical Astrology

Biblical Astrology differs from other astrology in that Biblical definitions are used.  The methodology used is scientific and Biblical.  The charts are based upon the sidereal zodiac, which is the most accurate, unlike western astrology, which is based upon locations of signs of the zodiac in 500 BC in ancient Babylon.  The interpretation of planetary configurations is entirely Spiritual.  It is not psychological or physical.

Overview of Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of Osama bin Laden conveys in striking symbolism the terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Granted, the graphics go beyond what could have ever been predicted at the time of his birth, but hindsight is 20/20.  There is in the chart a square that symbolizes the World Trade Center.  A Boomerang, a symbol of a crisis, crosses the square diagonally.  A jumbo jet can be superimposed in the Boomerang with wings connecting to outlying planets so that only one planet is left unconnected.  That is the Red Planet, a symbol of blood, at the base of the square where the street was outside the World Trade Center.
Bin Laden

The chart at the right was rolled back to 4:30 AM to show the perspective of the building standing, since the building is turned upside down later at the actual time of birth at 10:58 AM.  Charts of the actual birth time will be examined later after the big picture is gleaned.

The square in the chart is a little narrower at the top, which gives the impression of a three dimensional view of a tall building.  It is not a perfect square, which would produce a true Grand Cross.  The Boomerang symbolizes a crisis which must be resolved at the right time to bring into balance, or harmony, the planets in opposition at opposite ends of the Boomerang.  The three planets behind the tail of the jet, the Last Adam (Pluto), the Almighty God (Jupiter), and the Redeemer (Neptune), are in opposition to the Sun.  Now, the Sun does represent the glory of an individual whose light shines in the world, but it also represents Jesus Christ as the manifest glory of God (Psalm 19:4-6; Luke 9:32; John 1:14).  The Sun is in Aquarius, the water bearer, which symbolizes carrying the water of the word (the Gospel) to evangelize the world.  The Sun in Aquarius symbolizes "the Gospel of the Glory of the blessed God" (1 Timothy 1:11).

Opposite the Sun, the Last Adam arises in a crisis.  The Last Adam represents Christ, who went to the Cross to provide Salvation.

For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all shall be made alive. (1 Corinthians 15:22)

So also it is written, “The first man, Adam, became a living soul.”  The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.
(1 Corinthians 15:45)

This is a tie back to the Adamic Covenant when Adam and Eve were promised a Savior, who would pay for their sins.  The Last Adam was qualified to go to the Cross to represent man because Jesus Christ was perfect humanity.  The planets of the Boomerang, thus, tell the story of the fulfillment of the Adamic Covenant.  After the first Adam sinned, the Last Adam was promised.  He died on the Cross to free mankind from the slave market of sin as the Redeemer.  When He had finished bearing the sins of the world, He said, "It is finished," and the Roman soldier pierced His side and out poured blood clots and serum.  The red spot is on the Almighty planet (Jupiter) to signify that Christ fulfilled His purpose before He died physically; and thus, He was victorious over the devil.

The Almighty planet, the largest planet and symbol of Sovereign God, is the center of the opposition to the Sun.  The meaning of the Almighty planet in opposition to the Sun is that God the Father imputed the sins of the world to Jesus Christ on the Cross and Judged them in Him (Christ).  Jesus Christ died spiritually as a substitute for mankind.  When the sins of the world touched Jesus Christ, His Light was darkened as symbolized by the eclipse of the Sun at the time.  The Light of Christ was His glory and His testimony.

There was the true light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man. (John 1:9)
At the Cross Jesus Christ had to go through a paradigm shift.  He had to die spiritually as a substitute for mankind, and He had to die physically.  His light was put out.  But the Father resurrected Him and gave Him a new Light, the glory of His Resurrection Body.  So, the issue of the Almighty planet, which symbolizes the finished work of Christ on the Cross with its Great Red Spot, in opposition to the Sun, was resolved by the death of Christ on the Cross and His subsequent Resurrection.

So what does this have to do with bin Laden, the Islamic terrorist and hater of Jesus Christ?  The answer is obviously something different from the true story as just related.  Everyone has a choice.  Bin Laden could have believed the truth, but he has chosen instead to support Satan's counterfeit religion.  The Sun in Aquarius is the Birth Sign of bin Laden.  The Sun sign most closely reveals the true nature of a person.  Satan's counterfeit is that the Sun represents Satan himself, who wanted to "be like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14).  In Satan's counterfeit religion Aquarius symbolizes the cosmic evangelist who is duped by the devil.

 2 Corinthians 4:3-4
3 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, 4 in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
The Sun in Aquarius can alternatively symbolize an antichrist (1 Jn 2:18), who opposes Christ and spreads the devil's lie.  The Islamic religion is a Satanic counterfeit, and bin Laden, as Islam's top evangelist, is an antichrist.  As an antichrist, bin Laden calls Christians infidels and seeks to kill as many as possible.  As a pawn of Satan, his objective is the destruction of Israel and Client Nation USA.  The light that bin Laden seeks to spread is the pseudo light of Satan, which is really cosmic darkness.  To that end bin Laden is willing to become a martyr to further the goal of world domination of his god, Allah, who is equivalent to Baal, through whom Satan is worshipped.

The Boomerang for bin Laden is the crisis like the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.  The resolution of the crisis is a catastrophic blow, carefully orchestrated to bring maximum terror and glory to the antichrist.  Even though his method is terrorism, bin Laden's objective is to spread the light of the counterfeit gospel of Islam and usher in a millennium without Christians or Jews.


The chart begins on the left at the place labeled Ascendant, which is in Taurus.  The Ascendant is the sign of the Zodiac that was rising over the horizon at the exact time of birth.  It reveals how others perceive the individual.  Now, the Ascendant is not the real person, but how that person perceives and reacts in the world as well as how others see the person.  Taurus represents the fat of the land and corresponds to the Tribe of Asher, who lived in royal castles.  This can represent an entrepreneur.   Bin Laden had great wealth. Taurus, like the Almighty God planet, also represents the Almighty, or Sovereign God.
Bin Laden Birth Chart
The Red Planet, which symbolizes the blood of Christ, is in Taurus on the cusp of Aries, the ram and symbol of the leader of the flock of sheep (or people).  Aries corresponds to the Tribe of Issachar, which is symbolically located in the northeastern US, including New York.  The Red Planet in Taurus corresponds to the price of redemption for the sins of the world, the precious blood of Christ.  However, for bin Laden it also represents the blood of the prosperous Client Nation USA.  Bin Laden started a war with the US and Western Civilization.  That is how he is perceived by others.

Birth Sign Aquarius

Bin Laden's Birth Sign, or Sun sign, is Aquarius, since the Sun was in Aquarius at the time of birth.  The Sun sign represents the best description of a person.  The Sun in Aquarius represents the Gospel of the Glory of Jesus Christ or the counterfeit religion of an antichrist.  Bin Laden has chosen to be an antichrist.  Aquarius corresponds to Zebulun, which is represented by the number, 57.  Bin Laden was born in 1957.  Also in Aquarius are the Savior planet (Mercury) and the Morning Star (Venus), which are in conjunction.  When three planets are in a sign, it magnifies the significance of that sign.  Thus, Aquarius has powerful meaning for bin Laden.

The Savior planet symbolizes the First Advent when Jesus Christ went to the Cross to pay for the sins of the world and become the Savior.  The Morning Star symbolizes Jesus Christ in His Second Advent when He will return to conquer the enemies of Israel.  However, the alternative meaning of Satan's counterfeit religion is that the first planet represents Satan (or Muhammad) as the deliverer, and the Morning Star represents Satan (Isaiah 14:12) as the herald of the dawn of the millennium and the antichrist.  A person can reject the truth and choose to believe the lie.

Great Cross

The four planets in opposition of the square form a Great Cross that is orthogonal, although slightly off center.  A perfect square would have centered the cross in the center of the chart.  That would have been a Grand Cross.  The one in bin Laden's chart is slightly off center, but it is essentially the same as a Grand Cross.  However, it will be referred to as a Great Cross.  A cross of any kind is always a sign of intensive suffering, like going to the cross, but a Great Cross (or Grand Cross) is a sign of the most intensive suffering.

The planets in opposition in the cross must be brought into balance.  In bin Laden's chart, the Almighty planet is in opposition to the Sun, and the Ringed planet is in opposition to the Moon.  The Almighty planet in Virgo represents the victory of the cross from the seed of the woman, who is Jesus Christ.  However, Satan's counterfeit meaning for bin Laden probably means the opposition of the giant, Baal, from the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Sun in Aquarius as already explained can be the sign of an antichrist.  Thus, the Sun in opposition to the Almighty planet could represent a martyr for a religion that opposes the Gospel of Christ.

On the cross bar of the cross the Ringed Planet (God of the Covenants) is in Scorpius.  Scorpius represents conflict with the Evil One, Satan, who sent Jesus Christ to the cross.  The Ringed Planet represents the covenants, including the Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenants to the Church and Israel.  The Satanic counterfeit of all this could refer to the false doctrine of Islam, which opposes the Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenants to the Church and Israel.  The New Covenant to the Church is the doctrine of the Church Age, and the New Covenant to Israel is the Millennium.  Bin Laden opposes all of these covenants.  In opposition is the Moon in Gemini.  The Moon usually represents the relationship with the Right Woman, which would mean that bin Laden's Right Woman could be associated with the double blessing of Israel or could come from Israel.  That does not mean she would have to be a Jew.  However, the Moon, in general, represents the congregation of believers, Israel and the Church.

Gemini, the twins, is the sign of a partnership, Marriage, and a witness, as in court.  The conflict between the Ringed Planet and the Moon was resolved in Christ when He was convicted under Jewish and Roman law (symbolized by the Ringed Planet) and sent to the Cross by Satan (Scorpius).  He died on the Cross for the congregation of believers as the Good Shepherd, who gives his life for the sheep (John 10:11).  However, the alternative Satanic counterfeit meaning of all this could be the false doctrine of Islam (Ringed Planet) from Satan (Scorpius), which seeks to destroy the infidels, Christians and Jews (congregation of believers), as symbolized by the Moon.  The ultimate example of this would be the destruction of the Twin Towers of the New York World Trade Center, another sign of Gemini.  Note also, the connection to Scorpius represents terrorism.

Thus, the cross of bin Laden symbolizes the martyrdom of an antichrist on the vertical beam and terrorism against Israel and the Church on the horizontal beam.

Mediator in Cancer

The only other planet that has not been discussed is the Mediator planet (Uranus), which is in the sign of Cancer.  The planet did touch the left wing of the picture of the jet in the chart.  The axis of the Mediator planet points East-West and is different from all the other planets.  The Mediator planet symbolizes Jesus Christ, the God-man, who was uniquely qualified to be the mediator between God and mankind.  He satisfied the requirements of the Father because He was God, and He satisfied the needs of mankind because He was perfect humanity.

For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, (1 Timothy 2:5)
Cancer, the crab, with its large claws symbolizes security and handfuls of the spoils.  Jesus Christ, the Mediator, went to the Cross to obtain eternal Redemption for us, and He also won the victory over Satan and obtained the spoils of victory.  However, bin Laden rejected Christ, the Mediator, and attacked the US in order to deprive it of the spoils of victory, such as the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

The Mediator planet also represents Jesus Christ as the High Priest of the Church, who interceded for all mankind on the Cross and mediated the New Covenant to the Church.  However, Islamic fanatics view Church Age believers as infidels, who should be killed by acts of terrorism.  In a morbid twist of fate, Christians in the US lacked the wisdom to understand their heritage, and God raised up bin Laden to punish them.  That is not to condone bin Laden, however.  God will deal with him in due time.

Retrograde PlanetsBin Laden Birth Chart

Sometimes planets appear to be going backward in the sky.  This is called retrograde motion, as designated by the R to the right of the planet's sign on the right side of the main chart.  Although retrograde planets are not really going backward, they appear to do so because of the motion of the Earth.  Nevertheless, retrograde motion can be a sign of the person going backward, which is called reversionism.

In bin Laden's Birth Chart four planets were in retrograde.  They were the Almighty, Mediator, Redeemer, and Last Adam.  The Almighty God was retrograde in the sign of Virgo, the virgin, which could be a sign of the giant, Baal, in relation to the Prostitute of Babylon.  Put another way, Islam is a false religion of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Mediator retrograde in Cancer could be a sign of rejection of the New Covenant to the Church and attempting to deprive Christians of the spoils of victory.  The Redeemer in retrograde in on the cusp of Libra, the scales, could be a sign of rejection of the redemption of Christ Jesus from the slave market of sin, and thus, living in spiritual death without salvation.  And the Last Adam retrograde in Leo, the Lion of Judah, could mean rejection of the solution to spiritual death provided by Jesus Christ, the Last Adam from the Tribe of Judah.  Such reversionists would still be in spiritual death as a consequence of the original sin of the first Adam.  That is the case with those who depend on any religion in lieu of faith in Christ for salvation.


The configurations in the Birth Chart of Osama bin Laden are simply a Great Cross and a Boomerang.  The Great Cross symbolizes intensified suffering, like the crucifixion.  The vertical beam of the cross reveals an antichrist, who seeks to become a martyr to spread the pseudo-light of a false religion.  The horizontal beam of the cross represents the terrorist who seeks to destroy the congregations of Israel and the Church under the cover of a false religion.

The Boomerang represents a crisis that must be handled at precisely the right time.  For bin Laden, the great example of the Boomerang was the timing of the attack upon the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.  Critical timing of two simultaneous operations became the trademark of Al-Qa'eda.

When viewed retrospectively, bin Laden's Birth Chart reveals a vessel "of wrath prepared for destruction" (Roman 9:22).  Like Esau, he could have chosen to be a Christian vessel of mercy, but instead, he cast his lot with the counterfeit angel of light and trusted in the false religion of Islam, which was taken hostage by the Prostitute of Babylon.  Salvation is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ.  There is no other name under heaven whereby a person can be saved.

Released March 14, 2007 - Revised June 11, 2007

Author: Larry Wood
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