How to Create a Birth Chart

Use Sidereal Chart with Fagan/Bradley Tables, Equal Houses
Enter birth time, date, Longitude, Latitude in Astrology Chart Generator
For accurate time use Local Mean Time (LMT)

Produce chart with no aspect lines
Draw Configurations in Chart (max tolerance 10% orbs) (See Configurations)
Look up meaning of Planets in Signs from Table

Example of LMT calculation for person born at 5 PM EST at 79 W.
LMT = 60 min. * (79 75)/15 + 5 PM = 5:16 PM
Use 5:16 PM EST as time of birth

Birth Chart Example

AstroDienst for Lucille Ball


House System:  Equal
Zodiac:  Fagan/Bradley Geocentric

Additional Objects
Draw no aspect lines

Click at bottom of page to produce chart

Larry Wood,     Jan. 31, 2013