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The Spiritual Body

Spiritual BodyMan has a physical body made of flesh and bones.  The physical body is the home of the soul.  God creates and sustains the body and soul.  The body is formed from a spiritual body, which is sustained by the spirit of human life from God, and the soul is sustained by the spirit of soul-life from God.  Isaiah traveled in his spiritual body with his soul to Heaven.
Isaiah 57:16
For I will not contend forever,
Nor will I always be angry;
For the spirit of human life would grow faint before Me
And the spirit of soul-life I have made
"Spirit of human life" is the Hebrew j^Wr (rucha).  This spirit comes from God and gives life to the spiritual body.  "Spirit of soul-life" is the Hebrew hm*v*n+ (neshamah).  This is the spirit from God that gives life to the human soul.  A person is alive when the soul is in the body.  The soul leaves the physical body at death.

The soul is the seat of human consciousness.  It contains the mind and the heart.  The mind is the objective left lobe of the soul, and the heart is the subjective right lobe.  The soul enables man to think and function as a rational creature with a free will like God.  The soul is aware of self and the environment through the senses and is capable of communication with God and angels.

The human body is the home for the soul on Earth.  The human body is physical, but it is under the control of the spiritual body.  The spiritual body is linked to God in Heaven by the spirit of human life.  The spiritual body receives commands from God.  The commands are in the form of spiritual light superimposed on the spirit of human life.  The spiritual body is a light processor.  The spiritual body controls the physical body.

The soul communicates with the spiritual body, which is connected to the physical body.  This enables a person to process sensory data and control his own body.  Man is indeed wonderfully made (Psa 139:14).  Unfortunately, he sinned, and that opened up a multitude of problems.  He became the slave of Satan, and his spiritual body came under attack from demons.  When man sinned, he entered the war between the Fallen Angels and the Angels of God.  His physical body became vulnerable to attack by evil men, and his spiritual body became vulnerable to spiritual attack by Satan and his demons.

Just as the human body has pressure points that are vulnerable to those skilled in marshal arts, the spiritual body has corresponding weak points that are vulnerable to demon oppression.  These weak points on the spiritual body interface with the physical body.  The weak points, or pressure points, of the spiritual body are named after the corresponding parts of the physical body.  The weak points of the spiritual body break down and cause defeat of the believer at the hand of demon forces in a Cosmic System Counterattack.  These pressure points correspond to the planets of the Solar System.

Pressure Points

Spiritual BodyAstrological Signs in the HandThe pressure points of the spiritual body along with their corresponding color and planet are shown in the illustration.1  This is also shown in the chart for the Spiritual Body.  All of the planets are reflected in the hands and feet (ref. Signs in the Hand).

The pressure points are weak points of vulnerability.  Demons attack people by exerting spiritual pressure on them.  The spiritual force field interferes with the light that flows through the spiritual body which results in weakness in the physical body.  Different parts of the body may become weak or incapacitated due to the severity of the attack.  For example, a demon interfering with the spiritual body may cause a sneeze or a cough, or it may cause a heart attack or a stroke.

Job was attacked over the complete range of pressure points from the top of his head to the sole of his feet (Job 2:7).  The nation of Israel was under attack from the sole of the foot to the head before it fell (Isa 1:2-6).  The failure of two of the pressure points are sure signs of death.

Ecclesiastes 12:6
Remember Him before the silver cord (of soul life) is cut loose, and the golden bowl is broken, and the water-jar by the fountain is broken in pieces, and the windlass in the well is crushed,
The silver cord is the life line that connects the soul to God (Heavenly Control Room) and ties the soul to the body.  It is like a tent cord that holds up a tent.  The golden bowl corresponds to the skull and the pressure point of the crown of the head.  The water-jar is analogous to the heart, which ceases pumping at death.  The windlass, which rolls the water-jar up and down is analogous to the lungs.  At death the lungs collapse as the person expires.  There is a death rattle in the throat like the windlass that breaks loose and lets the water-jar fall and not return.  The heart and lungs are protected by the pressure point of the breast, or chest, and the throat is the pressure point corresponding to the grave, or Sheol.
Spiritual Body Colors
Fortunately, the Lord must approve any punishment or sickness of an individual.  Therefore, there will always be a reason for demon attacks on the spiritual body.  Unfortunately, Satanic attacks associated  with the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon are quite common among people at all stages of spiritual maturity.  Everyone is Satan's slave until he reaches Spiritual Rapport.

Spiritual Body Parts

Pressure Point Planet
Physical Body Part
Crown Almighty God Head, hair, sinuses 
Soul Savior Forehead, brain, frontal lobes, mind, heart, eyes, ears, BOS, H/H
Throat God of the Covenants Throat, neck, larynx, voice, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue 
Breast Redeemer Chest, sternum, lungs, heart, shoulders, arms, hands
Solar Plexus Mediator Solar Plexus, diaphragm, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys
Womb Red Planet Womb, belly, intestines, lower back
Genitals Morning Star Genitals, sex, loins, groin, hips, buttocks, rectum, thighs
Feet Last Adam (All Planets) Feet, ankles, toes, legs, knees
Hands All Planets See Signs in the Hand


The Sun is assumed to be overhead (Job 29:3; 1 Jn 1:7).  The Sun symbolizes the Lord shining upon the planets, which reflect the light and correspond to parts of the body (2 Sam 22:29; Psa 19:4-5).  The Sun may also symbolize the head in relation to the body, which corresponds to the Moon (Psa 18:28).


The Moon corresponds to the body, which has no light of its own but reflects the light of the Sun.

Planets of the Spiritual Body

Pressure Point Planet
Crown Almighty God Sovereignty, authority, throne, royalty, arrogance, idolatry, Kingdom of Light or Darkness

(Job 29:3-5)

Soul Savior Soul, Life, Light, Mind, Heart, Thinking, Knowledge, ECS, Ignorance, Belief, Unbelief, Darkness, H/H

(Psa 18:28; Prov 20:20; Rom 7:25; Phil 4:7;1 Tim 4:10; 2 Tim 1:10; 1 Pet 1:13; 2 Pet 1:19)

Throat God of the Covenants Throat, Covering, Sheol, Voice

(Psa 5:9; 69:3; 115:7; Prov 23:2; Isa 5:14; Jer 2:25; 4:10; Matt 18:28; Rom 3:13)

Breast Redeemer Breast, Breath, Righteousness, Chest, Sternum, Lungs, Heart, Whirlwind, Storm

(Eccl 12:6; Jer 4:31; 15:9; Dan 10:17; Hos 8:7; Eph 6:14)

Solar Plexus Mediator
Source of Blessing, Happiness, Success, Vitality, Core, Fulcrum, Anchor, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys

(Phil 3:19; Heb 12:2)

Womb Red Planet Sin, Suffering, Child Birth, Travail, Tribulation, Fear, Trembling, Worry, Bitterness

(Job 15:35; Ps 7:14; 83:5-8; Is 8:10; 33:11; 59:4; Acts 5:4; Jas 1:15)

Genitals Morning Star Sex, Seduction, Rape, Separation, Loins

(Gen 2:24; Rom 13:13; 1 Cor 6:16; 7:5; Eph 5:31; 6:14; 1 Tim 5:11)

Feet Last Adam Sanctification, Stand, Foundation, Victory, Falling, Defeat

(Isa 1:6; 11:15; Rom 16:20; Eph 6:15)

Crown of Head - Almighty God Planet

(Job 29:3-5; Acts 26:18; Heb 1:8; 1 Pet 2:9)

Sovereignty, authority, throne, royalty, arrogance, idolatry

The Almighty God Planet corresponds to the crown of the head.  The head is bowed in submission to God or Satan in the Kingdom of Light or Darkness (Matt 4:8-9; 13:38; Acts 26:18).  A person is either serving God or is the slave to Satan.  The helmet of Salvation protects the head (Eph 6:17).
The crown of the head symbolizes sovereignty, authority, and the counterattacks of pride, arrogance, and idolatry.

Sovereignty (Job 29:3-5) (Deut 10:17; Ps 47:2 83:18 Jer 10:10; 46:18; Dan 2:47; 4:34; 1 Tim 1:17; 6:15; Rev 17:14; 19:16).
God has designed a perfect world and a perfect life for each individual from His Divine Sovereignty.  Everything, whether Good or evil, is accurately portrayed in God's Creation.  The believer can perceive this spiritually.  Sovereign indicators like colors and numbers never lie, per their scriptural definitions.  And the daily life is a perfect design by a perfect Creator.  Rapport with God is full of Life and Light, while dissonance is full of darkness and death.

The crown of the head symbolizes royalty (1 Pet 2:9; Rev 1:6; 5:10).  Every Church Age Believer is a member of the Royal Family of God.  He serves the Lord Jesus Christ as a Royal Priest.

This crown corresponds to a throne, which may be associated with God (Job 36:7; Psa 45:6; Isa 6:1; 66:1; Matt 5:34; 19:28; 25:31; Col 1:16; Heb 1:8; 12:2) or Satan (Isa 14:13; Jn 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; Eph 6:12; Rev 2:13).  Throne angels of God protect the believer, and throne angels of Satan attack the believer.

The helmet of Salvation protects the head in Spiritual Warfare (Eph 6:17).

Kingdom of Light is associated with God and the Kingdom of Darkness with Satan  (Matt 4:8-9; 13:38; Acts 26:18; 1 Cor 6:9-10; Eph 2:2; 1 Thess 2:12; 2 Thess 1:5; 2 Pet 1:11).  Everyone must choose to walk in the Light or Darkness.

Crowns are the highest rewards:  Crown (1 Cor 9:25; 1 Thess 2:19), of Life (Jas 1:12; Rev 2:10; 3:11), Righteousness (2 Tim 4:8), Glory (Prov 16:31; Phil 4:1; 1 Pet 5:4), Thorns (Mt 27:29; Mk 15:17; Jn 19:2, 5).

Authority (Ps 2:6-9 89:19,27 110:1-3 Isa 9:6,7 Da 7:14 Lu 1:32,33 10:22 Jn 3:35 5:22-27; Matt 28:18; Acts 10:36; Rom 13:1-2; 14:9; Eph 1:2022; Phil 2:9-11; Col 2:10; Heb 1:2; 2:8; 1 Pet 3:22)

Pride, arrogance (Prov 16:18; Isa 16:6; Jer 13:9; Dan 4:37; Zech 9:6; 10:11; Jas 3:14; 4:6; 1 Pet 5:5; 2 Pet 2:18-19; 1 Jn 2:16; Jude 1:16)

Grace or Evil (Psa 84:11; Jn 1:14; Acts 4:33; Rom 5:2, 15, 17, 20-21; 1 Cor 15:10; 2 Cor 9:8, 14; 12:9; Gal 5:4; Eph 2:5, 7-8; 4:7; Heb 4:16; 13:9; 1 Pet 5:5; 2 Pet 3:18)

Idolatry (Ex 20:3-4; 34:13; Deut 4:15-19, 23-25; 5:8; 27:15; 2 Chr 24:18; 33:3; Isa 44:9; Jer 2:20; 3:6, 13; Rom 1:22-23; Col 3:5; 1 Jn 5:21).

Suffering of the head may include stress, headache, blood circulation problems, clots, aneurysms, and strokes.

Soul, Forehead - Savior Planet

(Psa 18:28; Prov 20:20; Rom 7:25; Phil 4:7;1 Tim 4:10; 2 Tim 1:10; 1 Pet 1:13; 2 Pet 1:19)

Soul, Life, Light, Mind, Heart, Thinking, Knowledge, ECS, Ignorance, Belief, Unbelief, Darkness, H/H

The pressure point at the forehead symbolizes the soul, although the spiritual body technically only contains the soul interface.  The soul contains the mind and the heart.

The soul is symbolized by the color yellow for Light and Life (Jn 1:4; 8:12).
This area corresponds to the third eye (Matt 6:22-23; Luk 11:34, 36).
The soul is associated with sons of Light (Lk 16:8; Jn 12:46; Eph 5:8; 1 Thess 5:5), the Kingdom of Light (Acts 26:18; 1 Pet 2:9), and armor, clothing, of Light (Rom 13:12; 1 Pet 1:8).

Breakdown may include darkness, Blackout of the Soul (BOS) (2 Pet 2:17), Hardness of Heart, and Spiritual blindness (Isa 6:10; 44:18, 20; 42:18 43:8; Matt 13:15; 15:14; 23:16, 24; Rom 2:19; 2 Cor 3:14; 4:4; Eph 4:18, 5:8).  Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).

Most bodily infirmities begin with Blackout of the Soul or Hardness of the Heart.  Darkness in the soul may be caused by demon attacks.  The darkness interferes with light flow to the rest of the body and results in all manner of maladies including sickness, disease, weakness, pain, soreness, and stress.  The darkness in the soul may interfere with the cerebellum and result in balance and mobility problems.  Darkness may also cause blood circulation problems.  Darkness in the spiritual body causes cancer and heart attacks.  This darkness can also be seen with the eye.  Hardness of the Heart hinders and blocks light to the rest of the body.  When the soul is bowed (humbled) from affliction, the problem will pass to other parts of the body (Ps 42:5-6, 11; 43:5; 44:25; Lam 3:20).

The Light of the Gospel shines in the heart, and the believer is enlightened (2 Cor 4:6).

This is the home of the Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS) with knowledge (epignosis) in believers (1 Cor 2:16; Phil 2:5; 2 Pet 1:5-8; 3:18).

Breakdown includes irrationality and foolishness of the ignorant and unbelieving:  Not knowing (Isa 1:3; 45:20; Hos 4:6; Heb 5:11; irrational (Isa 45:20; 56:10; Hos 9:7-8; Rom 1:22), stupid (Psa 32:9; 49:10 92:6 94:8; Isa 1:3; Jer 4:22 8:6-7; 10:8, 14, 21; 51:17; 2 Pet 2:12-16; Jude 1:10).  Demons can attack the soul and the spiritual body.  They can cause insanity and mental disorders by attacking the soul or the spiritual body.  Weakness in the spiritual body can render the soul dysfunctional.

The believer is contrasted with the unbeliever (Jn 1:12; 2:11, 22-23; 3:15-16, 18, 36; 5:24; Rom 1:16; 4:3, 20; Heb 4:3; 11:6; 1 Pet 1:8; 2:6; 1 Jn 5:1, 5, 10).
Suffering includes the wrath of God on the sons of unbelief (Matt 13:58; Mk 6:6; 16:14; Eph 2:2; 5:6; Col 3:6; 1 Tim 1:13; Heb 3:19; Jude 1:5).

Hardness of Heart symbolized by:
  - Fat (Deut 31:20; 32:15; Job 15:27; Psa 73:7; 119:70; Jer 5:28)
  - Flint (Zech 7:12), foreskin (Lev 26:41; 1 Sam 17:26, 36; Jer 4:4; 9:25-26; Ezek 44:7)
  - Stiff neck (Ex 32:9; 33:3, 5; Isa 48:4; Jer 7:26; Acts 7:51)
  - Dull hearing (Jer 5:21; 6:10; Heb 5:11)
  - Poor eyesight (Is 6:9; 43:8; Ezek 12:2; Matt 13:14; Mk 8:18; Jn 12:40; Acts 28:26-27; Rom 11:8)
  - Spiritual blindness (darkness) (Matt 15:14; Rom 1:21; Eph 4:18)
  - Callus (Eph 4:19)
  - Seared conscience (1 Tim 4:2)
  - Lukewarm (Rev 3:15-17).

Throat - God of Covenants

(Psa 5:9; 69:3; 115:7; Prov 23:2; Isa 5:14; Jer 2:25; 4:10; Matt 18:28; Rom 3:13)

Throat, Neck, Covering, Sheol, Voice

The throat is a hidden passage to the stomach and lungs.  It symbolizes a grave, or Sheol, which connects to the underworld of death.  It is a covering.  It is vulnerable to choking.  It includes a voice box that utters lies and perversity (Psa 5:9; Isa 5:14; Rom 3:13).  Elect angels or demons can bind the voice box and cause dumbness (Dan 10:15; Matt 9:32; 12:22; Lk 1:20; 11:14).

The epiglottis is a covering in the throat for the larynx that prevents food from entering the windpipe and allows it to go to the stomach during swallowing.  This covering symbolizes the covering for the body of sin (Ps 32:1-2; 85:2; Rom 4:7-8) corresponding to the God of the Covenants Planet and the Mercy Seat, the symbol of propitiation (Rom 3:25; Heb 2:17; 1 Jn 2:2; 4:10) and Throne of Grace (Heb 4:16).  Sin that is not handled by Rebound proceeds through the Throat into the other pressure points of the body.  The deeper it goes, the more intense the suffering.

The throat symbolizes the Mystery Doctrine of the Church (Rom 16:25; 1 Cor 2:7; 14:2; Eph 3:9; 5:32; 6:19-20; Col 1:26-27; 2:2; 4:3) and hidden manna (Rev 2:17).

The alternative may be the deep things of Satan (2 Thess 2:7; Rev 2:24; 17:5, 7).

The back of the throat is the neck, which symbolizes freedom.  A yoke around the neck symbolizes slavery (Deut 28:48; Jer 27:8; 1 Tim 6:1).  The yoke of sin enslaves the rest of the body (Lam 1:14).  The yoke of the Lord sets free (Matt 11:29-30; Gal 5:1).  Criminals are imprisoned or enslaved as with a yoke around the neck.  Therefore, criminality may cause stiff or sore necks.  A stiff neck is a metaphor for Hardness of the Heart

Straits are choke points (1 Sam 13:6; Job 36:16) that correspond to distress and stress (2 Sam 24:14; 1 Chron 21:13; Job 20:22; Lk 8:37, 45; 12:50; Phil 1:23; 1 Cor 7:26; 2 Cor 12:10; 1 Thess 3:7).

Ananias and Sapphira lied to Holy Spirit and fell at Peter's feet (Acts 5:3-4, 10).  Lying is associated with the pressure point of the throat, and being unable to stand on the feet is a sign of falling dead.

Breast/Chest - Redeemer Planet

(Eccl 12:6; Jer 4:31; 15:9; Dan 10:17; Hos 8:7; Eph 6:14)

Breast, Breath, Righteousness, Spirituality, Chest, Sternum, Lungs, Heart, Whirlwind, Storm

The breast or chest covers the lungs and heart and protects the breath.  Loss of breath is a serious problem that can lead to death in a short time.  The presence of the Angel Gabriel caused loss of breath in Daniel (Dan 10:17).  Demon attacks can cause loss of breath, leading to a coughing, gagging reflex.  When the problem is not handled at the top of the head or in the throat, it may proceed into the lungs.  Panic attacks include difficulty breathing and chest pain.  Darkness that proceeds into the heart may cause a heart attack, which may also cause pain in the chest and arm.

The breast symbolizes Righteousness (Eph 6:14), and when it is weakened, it may allow the sin of self-righteousness to surface in the soul.  Beating the breast is a sign of mourning or contrition (Lk 18:13; 23:48).

Windstorms and whirlwinds, both physical and symbolic, may be associated with this area (Hos 8:7; Prov 1:27).

Solar Plexus, Stomach - Mediator Planet

(Phil 3:19; Heb 12:2)

Source of Blessing, Happiness, Success, Vitality, Core, Fulcrum, Anchor, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys

The Solar Plexus includes the diaphragm and is like the fulcrum of a balance, as symbolized by the Mediator Planet.  It is the core of the body, like an anchor or sea anchor in relation to the rest of the body (Acts 27:17, 29; Heb 6:19).  The Solar Plexus is like the balance of Libra, and like the Mediator Planet with a horizontal axis. It balances the top and bottom halves of the body.  Pressures on the top half may require bracing the bottom, for example.  Symptoms of problems may be indicated by labored breathing due to problems above or below, e.g. labored breathing of a woman in travail or vomiting of a sick person.

This is the area for being pierced through the stomach (Nu 25:8; Judg 9:54; Isa 53:5; Hab 3:14; Zech 13:3) or liver (Prov 7:23).

The Judgment of the Lord as Mediator may cause one to fail, faint, or fall (Isa 57:16).  The Lord may weaken the spirit of human life and leave a person vulnerable (Isa 42:5).  The back or kidneys may be affected.  Demon attack of the spiritual body may cause a bent back (Ps 38:6; 145:14; 146:8) or  hunchback (Lk 13:11).  Being bowed down is being overpowered, which may lead to falling (destruction) (Ps 20:8; 35:14; 38:6; 107:39).  This may result from pressure in the soul (Psa 57:6).  The Lord will solve these problems in Grace (Psa 118:14; 145:14; 146:8; Eph 3:13-16).  The Lord Jesus Christ used Happiness, which is associated with the Solar Plexus, as a Problem Solving Device on the cross (Heb 12:2).  The idols of Babylon were bowed down before it fell (Isa 46:1-2).  If the soul is bowed to the Lord in humility, the back will be relaxed and strong.

Symptoms of problems in this area may include luxurious living of the Prostitute of Babylon in the Cosmic System (Psa 37:35; Rev 18:7, 9).

Laughter from the Solar Plexus reverses the stresses and strains of all of the pressure points on the body.  The diaphragm and chest muscles tighten to force air up through the throat and vocal cords.  The vocal cords vibrate.  The facial muscles may also contract, and the eyes may water.  The belly tightens, and the heart beats faster.  The body temperature rises two degrees.  A really side-splitting laugh causes Emotional Revolt of the Soul and makes the knees weak and wobbly.  Even the genitals may tingle.  Singing has a similar effect on the body (Ps 9:2; 28:7; 68:4; 149:5).

When the pressure points of the spiritual body are dragged down, Divine Happiness from God in the soul can restore the balance.  Divine Happiness is one of the fruits (production) of the Spirit (Gal 5:22).  Happiness is a sign of rising above the problems of life and being under control.  Happiness in the soul puts a lid on the problems and enables the balance associated with the Solar Plexus to be restored (Prov 12:25).  Divine Happiness heals like medicine (Prov 17:22; 15:13; 18:14).  Thus, Divine Happiness, which is always available to the believer is a Problem Solving Device (Jer 15:16; Neh 8:10; Ps 30:5; Jn 16:24; 17:13; Rom 5:3; Gal 5:22; Jas 1:2; 1 Pet 1:8; 4:13).

The Solar Plexus includes the region of the stomach, which is the holding bin for food that is swallowed.  The balance comes into play with the stomach in that what is swallowed must be kept down and not vomited up.  Eating is a metaphor for listening to Bible Doctrine, which is sweet to the taste (Ps 19:9-10; 119:103; Ezek 3:3).  However, what is sweet to the taste may be bitter to the stomach (Rev 10:9-10).  In this case, the balance mechanism of the Solar Plexus must handle the upset stomach.  People may have problems that are too much for them to stomach.  Then the Solar Plexus is left out of balance.

Apostates fill their stomach with false doctrine and make a god out of their stomach (ref. Phil 3:18-19).  This is idolatry, and Satan is their god.  The demon of the Prostitute of Babylon has attacked the stomach (Solar Plexus).  The Solar Plexus pressure point is weakened under demon attack, and the person is enslaved to the Cosmic System.  In the Cosmic System shameful works of sin, human good, and evil are produced.

The balance of the Solar Plexus can only be maintained through the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine (Lev 18:5; 20:8).  This can only be accomplished in Grace under the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Apostates, who are not Grace oriented and not filled with the Holy Spirit, are hopelessly out of balance in the Spiritual life.  Their apostasy will bring Divine punishment, and the imbalance in their spiritual body will result in weakness and infirmity in the physical body.  The Spiritual food of Bible Doctrine has more to do with health and well being than the best of nutrition.  During a feast Belshazzar was weighed in the balance and found wanting (Dan 5:27).  The pressure points of his spiritual body were no longer able to handle his punishment.  He died that night.

The liver is also in the region of the Solar Plexus.  The liver performs additional balancing functions.  It balances the sugar (glucose), protein, and fat in the blood, and it removes toxins.  It produces bile for digestion and breaks down hemoglobin and insulin.  The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body.  The liver is vital for the health of the body.  Weakness in the Solar Plexus pressure point can weaken the liver, upset the immune system and body metabolism, and cause all manner of maladies.  The Sin Leading to Death of the adulterer is due to liver failure (Prov 7:23).

Another organ in the region of the Solar Plexus is the pancreas.  The pancreas is another balance.  It secretes juices to add to liver bile for digestion.  It also maintains the balance between insulin, which lowers blood sugar, and glucagon, which raises blood sugar.  Insulin causes the liver to convert more glucose into glycogen and signals body cells to absorb glucose.  Glucagon causes the liver to convert glycogen into glucose and thus increase blood sugar.  Weakness of the pancreas due to a demon attack on the Solar Plexus pressure point could cause sugar diabetes.  Cases of sugar diabetes have been observed in high performers with arrogant ambition from Satan and his demons.  The demon connection to sugar diabetes, however, is based on purely anecdotal evidence and not a large sample.

The kidneys maintain the balance of water in the body.  As purifiers of water in the body, they symbolize sanctification, corresponding to the Laver in theTabernacle.  The two kidneys symbolize a witness.  They symbolize sanctification of the Right Man Right Woman relationship (ref. Eph 5:25-26) and Marriage (holy matrimony, forsaking all others) (1 Cor 7:4) and partnership with the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor 6:17; 2 Cor 11:2-3).

The two kidneys symbolize the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil (Gen 2:17) and the conscience (Rom 2:15; 1 Pet 3:21) consecration to Good and separation from evil (Ex 19:10, 14).  The fat of the kidneys was used in the sandwich placed in the hands of Aaron and the Levitical Priests in the ordination ceremony (Lev 8:25-27).  Consecration to Good includes dedication (Lev 8:10-15, 30; Num 6:11, 12; Deut 15:19), devotion (Acts 2:42; Rom 12:10; 1 Cor 7:5, 35; 1 Tim 5:10), and ordination (Lev 8:29; Ex 29:26, 27).  Separation from evil includes separation from the world (Jas 4:4; 1 Jn 2:15) and rejection of adultery and idolatry (Ex 20:14; Matt 6:24; 1 Cor 6:15-16).

Testing the kidneys and heart is not only a test of love but of discernment in the rejection of evil (Ps 97:10; Jer 17:10; Amos 5:15; Rom 8:27; 12:9; Rev 2:23).

The kidneys are a sensitive signaling system used by the Holy Spirit to lead and guide, as the reins of a horse.5  They signal the need to stop, change course, avoid danger, or suffer from punishment.
Divine punishment may target the kidneys.  Kidney failure results in death due to inability to sanctify the blood and the body.  Kidney stones correspond to non-standard stone weights used to make fraudulent measurements with a balance (Prov 20:10, 23).  Weakened kidneys indicate intensified Divine punishment from not being sanctified.

Womb, Belly, Bowels, Lower Back - Red Planet

(Job 15:35; Ps 7:14; 83:5-8; Is 8:10; 33:11; 59:4; Acts 5:4; Jas 1:15)

Sin, Suffering, Child Birth, Travail, Tribulation, Fear, Trembling, Worry, Bitterness

The womb, or belly, covers the area of the bowels, and may be associated with the lower back.

The womb is associated with the most severe suffering, which is the labor of childbirth (Gen 3:16; Isa 1:4; 13:8; 21:3; 26:17; 42:14; Jer 4:31; Mic 4:10).  The Tribulation is symbolized by a woman in labor (1 Thess 5:3; Rev 12:4, 13).  The Holocaust is described metaphorically as the travail of a woman in labor.

The bowels are associated with sin, including the opposites of  lawlessness/legalism and worry/fear vs. bitterness.  Worry/fear may cause irritable bowel syndrome, while lower back pain on the opposite side is caused by bitterness.
  - Bitterness (Rom 13:4; Eph 2:3; 4:31; 5:6; Heb 3:11; 12:15)
  - Fear and trembling (Gen 42:28; Ex 15:15; Judg 7:3; Job 4:14; Psa 55:5; Ezek 12:18; 30:4, 9; Nah 2:10; Mk 5:33; 16:8; Acts 16:29; 1 Cor 2:3; Heb 12:21).

The life of the wicked and evil reversionist is compared to getting pregnant and having children.

Job 15:35
They conceive mischief, and they give birth to iniquity.
Therefore, their belly prepares deception.
The reversionist conceives mischief, and the production of his daily life is iniquity.  His belly is full of sin.  "Belly" is the Hebrew /f#b# (beten), for belly or womb.  He prepares plans for deception.
Psalm 7:14
Behold, he travails with iniquity, and he is pregnant with mischief, and he gives birth to falsehood.
The reversionist is in travail with iniquity.  He lives in a crisis trying to deal with the threats of life.  He plans mischief.  Planning is compared to pregnancy.  And he gives birth to lies and falsehood.  He has believed the devil's lie and rejected the truth of God.
Isaiah 59:4
No one speaks with justice and no one pleads with faithfulness.
They trust in vanity and speak with deception;
They conceive mischief and bring forth ruin.
In a time of national degeneracy no one speaks justice.  The courts are unjust.  In court no one pleads with faithfulness.  This means being faithful to the truth; being faithful to doctrine.  It means behaving in good faith (Micah 7:2-6).  People trust in vanity, emptiness, and confusion, and they are destitute of the truth (Isa 30:12; Job 15:31; Ps 62:10).  They speak with deception, lies, and what is morally corrupt and worthless (Job 15:35; Prov 23:3; Isa 28:15; Jer 7:4, 8; 23:26; 2 Thess 2:10; 2 Pet 2:13).   Their conceptions are like getting pregnant, and they produce ruin, what is worthless, wicked, iniquity (Isa 59:13; Job 15:35; Ps 7:14; Pr 4:16; Micah 2:1).

The belly corresponds to the sound box and sounding board of a stringed instrument, the tube of a brass instrument, or the body of a woodwind instrument. This is what produces the fullness of sound in the musical instrument.  It may be said to give the sound body.

The belly corresponds to a bowl.

Song of Solomon 7:2
Your navel is a well-rounded basin
Which never lacks mixed wine;
Your belly is like a heap of wheat
Encircled about with lilies.
The belly of the belly dancer is like a well-rounded bowl.  "Basin," or bowl, refers to a mixing bowl where wine was mixed with water.  A bowl symbolizes a bowl full of blessing or cursing.

The navel results from the umbilical cord, which is a symbol of the life line, corresponding to the Spirit of human life from God.  Separating from the Cosmic System and living the New Spiritual life in fellowship with God will strengthen the spiritual body (Prov 3:7). A strong spiritual body means a healthy physical body.

Proverbs 3:8 Spiritual Health and Refreshment
Health will come to your navel cord (life line)
And refreshment to your bones.
Just as good nutrition is required for good health, metabolization of Bible Doctrine will strengthen the Spiritual life and lead to good health (Prov 4:22; 16:24).  The "navel cord" (Hebrew shor) (Ezk 16:4, SOS 7:2) is a metaphor for the life line or silver cord (Eccl 12:6).   The life line is the Spirit of human life from God that attaches to the spiritual body.  Executing the New Spiritual life will result in health in the physical body due to the Spirit of human life supporting the spiritual body.  In addition there will be refreshment to the bones.  The bones (skeletal system) are the strength of the body.  The bones are metaphorical for a person's strength, power, stability, and vitality.

Cosmic System CounterattackThe person who sins falls into the Cosmic System under the power of Satan.  Satan and his demons attack the spiritual body.  Since God must reject sin, He Judges the spiritual body by sending Light to it, for example, corresponding to legalism (green) and lawlessness (blue).  So, the person under the Judgment of God is also under the power of Satan.  The result will be weakness in the pressure points of the spiritual body and weakness in the physical body.  Elect Angels can also cause weakness and pain in the body (Dan 10:16).

1 John 3:8 Devil Source of Sin
The one who is committing sin is out from the source of the devil, because from the beginning the devil has sinned.  For this reason the Son of God has been manifested, in order that He might destroy the works of the devil.
The one who is sinning is operating from the source of Satan in the Cosmic System.  Satan and his demons have power over the person.  The person is an agent of Satan.  Satan has power over all of the pressure points in the spiritual body.  The one who does not Rebound resides in a state of sin.  His belly is full of sin, or iniquity.  The one who is in a state of sin is the pawn of the devil.
1 John 3:9 FHS Prevents Sin
Everyone who is born out from the source of God does not commit sin because His seed abides in him, and he is not able to sin, because He has been born out from the source of God.
The one "born out from the source of God" refers to the New (born again) man in contrast to the old (unregenerate) self.   Salvation is analogous to birth being born again (Jn 3:2, 5-7).  The one who is born out from God is filled with the Holy Spirit.  This New man does not sin "because His seed abides in him."  "His seed" is the Holy Spirit.  "His seed" abiding in him refers to the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  The believer who is filled with the Holy Spirit is not able to sin.  In order to sin, the individual must first reject God and then use his volition to sin.  As long as he is under the power of the Holy Spirit, he will not sin.
1 John 3:10 Children of God and the Devil
By this the children of God and the children of the devil are evident.  Everyone who is not performing Righteousness is not from the source of God, and the one who is not loving his brother.
Those who are sinning are the children of the devil (Matt 13:38; John 8:44; 1 John 3:8).  They have been born from Satan.  In contrast, the children of God have been born again and have the Filling of the Holy Spirit with Divine Righteousness and Love (John 1:12; Rom 8:16; 1 John 3:1, 2).

Pregnancy can be a blessing as an opportunity to bring new life into the world (Gen 49:25; Deut 7:13).  Being barren is considered a curse (Gen 20:18; 30:2; 1 Sam 1:5-6; Lk 23:29; Rom 4:19).

The spiritual body resides in the womb as the child is being formed.  When the soul is activated before birth, the child in the womb may be happy (Lk 1:41, 44).  However, the twins in Rebekah's womb were fighting (Gen 25:22-26).  Jacob  and Esau were enemies in the womb and out of the womb, and the nations that came from them were mortal enemies.  Esau was red, or ruddy, the color of sin and the color associated with the pressure point of the womb.

The womb, or belly, is analogous to fulfillment.  It is associated with filling, fulfilling, being satisfied, sated, and content.  It is like a bowl of blessing or cursing.  It includes prosperity, abundance, and sufficiency.  It is frustrated by insufficiency, dissatisfaction, and lack of fulfillment.  It includes being full of happiness or bitterness and wrath.   One can be full of good or evil, knowledge or ignorance, wisdom or foolishness.  The fulfillment of conjugal love is sexual satisfaction, while substitutes bring dissatisfaction and frustration.

Expressions of being full, sated, fulfilled, and satisfied are based on the metaphor of filling up the body cavity symbolized by the womb, or belly, pressure point.  Being full is applied to:

  1.  Moon (Psa 81:3; Prov 7:20; SOS 6:10)
  2.  Unrighteousness, sin (Rom 1:29; 1 Thess 2:16)
  3.  Light/Darkness (Matt 6:22-23)
  4.  Fully supplied (2 Cor 7:4; 11:9), sufficiency (2 Cor 9:8); with milk (Job 21:24)
  5.  Prosperity (Job 20:22; Psa 17:14; Prov 8:21; Ezek 27:25; 1 Cor 4:8; Phil 4:12)
  6.  Blessing (Eph 3:19; Jer 31:14), Divine Good (Phil 1:11)
  7.  Happiness (Jn 3:29; 15:11; 16:24; Acts 13:52; Rom 15:13; 2 Tim 1:4; 1 Jn 1:4; 2 Jn 1:12)
  8.  Assurance (Col 2:2; Heb 6:11; 10:22)
  9.  Conviction (1 Thess 1:5)
  10.  Satisfied, sated (Psa 78:29; Prov 27:7; 30:9; Joel 2:19), with disgrace (Job 10:15), with blood (Isa 34:6; Jer 46:10), sex (Prov 7:18), ways (Prov 14:14), foreign influence (Isa 2:6)
  11.  Content (Lk 3:14; 2 Cor 12:10; Phil 4:11; 1 Tim 6:6, 8; Heb 13:5)
  12.  Water, Bible Doctrine (Ps 36:8; 107:9; Ezek 3:3)
  13.  Wrath (Psa 78:59, 62; Jer 6:11; Dan 3:19; Rev 14:10), Trouble (Prov 12:21), Violence (Ezek 28:16), power (Mic 3:8), rage (Lk 4:28; 6:11; Acts 19:28), fear (Lk 5:26), jealousy (Acts 5:17; 13:45)
  14.  Knowledge (Isa 11:9; Hab 2:14; Rom 15:14; Col 1:9)
  15.  Bitterness (Lam 3:15), Contempt (Psa 123:3-4)
  16.  Reproach (Lam 3:30)
  17.  Drunk (Gen 9:21; 1 Ki 20:16; Lam 4:21; Ezek 23:33; Acts 2:13; Rev 17:2), pitcher, pot full (Jer 13:12; 35:5; Joel 2:24; Jn 2:7-10; 19:29), cup associated with demons (Isa 65:11); self-destruction (Isa 49:26); drunken spectacle (1 Sam 1:14); nations staggering in holocaust (Jer 13:13; 25:16, 27; 51:39, 57)
  18.  Sap (Psa 92:14)
  19.  Age (Gen 25:8; 35:29; Judg 8:32; 1 Chron 29:28; 2 Chron 24:15; Job 21:23)
  20.  Fat belly (Judg 3:21-22)
  21.  Plague of flies, locusts (Ex 8:21; Jer 51:14)
Breakdown, or lack of fulfillment includes:  Lacking fulness/prosperity (Ezek 12:19), dissatisfied, unfulfilled (Hannah, 1 Sam 1:2-11).  Hannah was dissatisfied to the point of being bitter because she was unfulfilled by not having children.  This was a social stigma.  Nabal was a drunk.  The drinking weakened his heart and cardiovascular system.  After getting drunk, he had a heart attack and a stroke and died ten days later from another stroke (1 Sam 25:36-38).

Genitals, Loins - Morning Star

(Gen 2:24; Rom 13:13; 1 Cor 6:16; 7:5; Eph 5:31; 6:14; 1 Tim 5:11)

Sex, Seduction, Rape, Separation, Loins

The Prostitute of Babylon is out to destroy Marriage Culture.  Attacks on the genitals are not generally for pleasure but are a power play to abuse and destroy.  Seduction and rape are the final sign of conquest and power over the victim (2 Sam 16:21-22; Isa 3:16-24; Jer 8:10; Lam 5:11; Nah 3:5; Zech 14:2).  Additional attacks on the genital pressure point include sexual abuse and rape (Gen 34:2; Deut 21:14; 22:24, 29; Judg 19:24; 20:5; 2 Sam 13:12, 14, 22, 32; Ezek 22:10, 11); homosexuality (Gen 9:22); incest (Gen 19:32-35; Lev 18:6-18; 20:32).

The genitals are symbolized by fruit (Gen 3:2; Song 2:3; 4:13, 16; 7:8, 13).

The genitals are stimulated by:
    - Spices (Est 2:12; Prov 7:17; Song 4:10, 14, 16; 8:2, 14)
    - Perfume (Song 1:3, 12; 3:6; 4:10-11; Isa 3:20, 24)

Suffering of the loins may include being full of burning (Psa 38:7), and unfulfilled sexual desires are described as burning from sexual heat (1 Cor 7:9).

The genitals correspond to a root (Job 29:19; Is 11:1, 10; Jer 17:8; Ezek 31:7; Rom 11:16-18; 15:12; Rev 5:5; 22:16).

The genitals are extensions of the womb or belly.  They are part of the body.  The pressure point of the genitals is an integral part of the spiritual body and is associated with all of the other pressure points.  Light that enters the crown flows through the genitals and into the loins, legs, and feet.

Sex is a function of the genitals, but sexual fulfillment includes the womb or belly.  The genitals of the woman are connected to the womb, and the genitals of the man are connected to the belly.  Fulfillment is analogous to filling the body cavity.  Sexual fulfillment comes from conjugal love.  Two bodies must become one flesh.  Sexual fulfillment requires two bodies not just genitals.

Attempts to have sex apart from Divine design of Right Man and Right Woman in Marriage only leads to dissatisfaction and frustration (Prov 5:4-5; 7:22-23, 27; Eccl 7:26; 1 Cor 6:18).  Masturbation, genital manipulation, or fornication cannot satisfy sexually.  Bodies are required the right bodies under the right circumstances of Marriage.  The bodies must be one male and one female only.  They must be pure and sanctified, set apart for each other, forsaking all others (Rom 6:12; 1 Cor 7:14; Tit 1:15; 2:14; Heb 10:22; Eph 5:26).  They must be sanctified from the Cosmic System and not under the power of Satan and his demons, e.g. the Prostitute of Babylon.

The man and woman view sex from opposite perspectives.  The woman needs to be filled, or fulfilled, and the man needs to be completed.  He needs to give, and she needs to receive even though both can initiate and respond.  The man relieves frustration, and the woman receives pleasure.  Harmony replaces dissonance and friction.  Soul Love flows freely, unhindered by physical or psychological distractions.

Just as the genitals and womb of the woman are jointed together, sex is linked to the genital and womb pressure points.  Sexual fulfillment includes the sense of fulfillment from the womb pressure point.

Song of Solomon 7:2
Your navel is a well-rounded basin
Which never lacks mixed wine;
Your belly is like a heap of wheat
Encircled about with lilies.
The navel is the pressure point of the womb, or belly, which is the fulfillment of sex by means of the genitals.  Sex is an expression of conjugal love, but it must be completed in order to satisfy the opposites of the male and female.  The reversionist who pursues sex as the goal can never be satisfied because illicit sex is incomplete and unfulfilling.  Good sex must include the soul and body.  True Love from the soul must precede conjugal love in the body.  The soul pressure point is as much a part of sex as the genital pressure point.  Therefore, the unimpeded, unobstructed spiritual body is necessary for good sex.  That is only possible by executing the Spiritual life according to the will of God.

Illicit sex in the Cosmic System is fraught with frustration and tribulation.  The lure of lust and illusion of thrills are cheap substitutes.  They are stumbling blocks and traps that plunge people into slavery to the Cosmic System.  Balaam counseled Balak to use the Midianite women as stumbling blocks to lure the men of Israel into idolatry with the Prostitute of Babylon and forsake their inheritance (Rev 2:14).2  Satan offers sexual temptation to lure people into slavery to the Cosmic System.  Satan and his demons attack the pressure points of the genitals and belly to upset the balance of the spiritual body and lure a person into sexual sins through loss of self-control (1 Cor 7:5).

The adulteress invited the teen paramour for a night of sex.

Proverbs 7:18
Come, let us have our fill of sex until morning
And delight ourselves in making love.
"Sex" is the Hebrew doD (dod), for sexual love or sex.  The word is only used in the plural.  "Have our fill" is the Hebrew hw*r* (ravah), meaning to be saturated; drink one's fill; sate (sexually).  Sex is compared to drinking.  Drinking one's fill corresponds to being sexually fulfilled or sated.  Fulfillment includes association of the womb or belly with the genitals.  "Making love" begins in the soul, which is the source of love that is expressed by the body and genitals.  "Making love" also means reciprocity.   Both the man and the woman initiate and respond.  Capacity for love requires sensitivity.
Song of Solomon 5:1 Consummation of Marriage
"I have come into my garden, my sister-bride; I have gathered my myrrh along with my balsam;  I have eaten my honeycomb and my honey; I have drunk my wine and my milk.  Eat, friends; drink and get drunk celebrating."
Solomon expressed his exhilaration with the sexual consummation of his marriage to the Shulamite.  Coming into the garden means entering the bedroom.  The "garden" refers to the female pubic area (SOS 4:12).  Gathering myrrh and balsam refer to using perfume and spices to arouse the senses.  Myrrh was a high-quality aromatic oil used in women's cosmetics (Esth. 2:12) and as a perfume (Prov 7:17).  Balsam was a spice used to make fragrance (Esth 2:12; Ezek 27:22).  Eating the honeycomb and honey refers to sex with the female.  Wine refers to the intoxication of sex in its beginning, and milk is associated with male sexual expression in its culmination.  Solomon invited the wedding guests to continue celebrating and get drunk on the second day of the wedding feast.

Although Solomon's marriage to the Shulamite was a great conquest, it was short-lived.  She was not his Right Woman, and she was in love with someone else.  She left him shortly for her shepherd lover.

After the Flood Noah got drunk and lay down in his tent with his genitals uncovered (Gen 9:21).  The Hebrew hl*G* (galah) means to uncover oneself (one's nakedness) (2 Sam 6:20); be uncovered (one's nakedness) (Ex 20:26 Is 47:3 Ezek 16:36; 23:29, Je 13:22).  Alcohol causes a person to lose his inhibitions.  In his inebriated state Noah was lying naked in his tent when his younger son, Ham, saw him and went inside (Gen 9:22).  Ham did more than just look at his father.  Nudity is not a sin.  He apparently committed some kind of homosexuality with Noah because when Noah awoke, he pronounced a curse on Ham (Gen 5:24, 25).  Ham and his descendants, including the Canaanites, Blacks, Chinese, and Egyptians, would be servants of the Jews and Caucasians.

Noah was drunk with a belly full of wine.  He was in the Cosmic System as was Ham, who performed some kind of homosexual act with him.  The belly was tied to the genitals.  Noah was bitter afterward.  Bitterness is associated with the back side.  Noah cursed Ham, and Ham's descendants became slaves.  The curse due to illicit sex resulted in slavery of the generations that followed.  Thus, the sin associated with the belly and genitals resulted in a very bad curse.

Punishment for Adultery

Adultery results in intensified punishment followed by the Sin Leading to Death.
Proverbs 7:22 Judgment for Adultery
He (the adulterer) goes after her all at once.
As an ox to the slaughter, he goes.
Or one in leg irons to the bondage of a fool.
This is the story of a teenage boy seduced by a young woman whose husband was away on a business trip.  As a typical teen with sex on the brain, he was easy prey for the smooth talking adulteress.  He accepted her invitation "as an ox to the slaughter."  Slaughter is a metaphor for the Sin Leading to Death.  Slaughter, which includes cutting the throat and bleeding an animal to death, is associated with the circulatory system.  Thus, slaughter corresponds to Judgment of the Throat and Breast (associated with the heart) pressure points.

The Judgment of the adulterer includes bondage in leg irons.  This is a metaphor for being a prisoner.  The prisoner is called a fool because rejecting the Law was foolish.  In Israel the Mosaic Law required capital punishment for adultery.  In the Church Age committing adultery is foolish because it is a violation of Marriage Culture that brings intensified Divine punishment and the Sin unto Death.

Since the Bible is the Word of God, more can be gleaned from the analogy of leg irons.  Being in leg irons symbolizes a prisoner with weak legs, including hips, knees, ankles, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or lameness (Heb 12:13).  The person is a prisoner of the Cosmic System.   Legs are extensions of the Genital pressure point.  That's why women use their legs to attract sexual attention.  The punishment for violation of the Genital bond between Right Man and Right Woman includes weakness in the legs from various causes.

Proverbs 7:23 Liver Failure
Until an arrow pierces his liver,
As a sparrow hastens to a trap,
And he does not know that his life is at stake.
An arrow piercing the liver is a mortal wound corresponding to the Sin Leading to Death (Job 16:13; Psa 141:7, plow).  The liver, which is the Hebrew kabed, was regarded as the location of sorrowful and melancholy feelings.  The liver removes impurities from the body, and fornication pollutes (Jer. 3:1-9).  The liver was considered the seat of the emotions.  It is located in the region of the Solar Plexus, which is symbolically associated with all types of balance, including emotional swings.  Gall from the gall bladder was associated with bitterness, anger, and wrath (Job 16:13; 20:24-25).

Jeremiah described his grief upon observing the suffering in the fall of Jerusalem in terms of his liver and bowels.

Lamentations 2:11
My eyes fade with tears; my bowels are boiling;
My liver is poured out on the ground,
Because of the destruction of the daughter of my people;
Because the young child and suckling babe faint in the streets of the city.
The bowels are associated with the suffering of the Womb, or Belly, pressure point.  Jeremiah described his emotional upheaval as having his bowels boiling and his liver poured out.  Pouring out the liver is a metaphor for the death blow.
Ecclesiastes 7:26
And I discovered more bitter than death the woman whose heart is  snares and nets and whose hands are chains.  The man who  pleases God will escape from her, but the sinner will be snared by her.
Being caught in the trap of the adulteress is "more bitter than death."  The one who is taken in by her will be trapped and taken prisoner.  He will have chains on his hands.  The person with doctrine will reject her, but the sinner will be trapped by her.  Sanctification from sin is required to remain free from her clutches.

The adulterer is further described in Proverbs 7:23 as a sparrow hastening into a trap.  A sparrow symbolizes a child, who is naïve and immature.  The teenager in this passage, who entered into adultery, was naïve and immature.  Like a sparrow preoccupied with the bait, he was oblivious to the trap.  The adulterer is like a prisoner caught in a trap and facing death.  When he took the bait, he didn't know his life was at stake.  Adultery results in intensified punishment, like being caught in a trap, followed by death.

The Judgment for adultery weakens the Light in the spiritual body.  Bodily functions associated with various pressure points will be affected.  Therefore, a man should stay away from the house of an adulteress (Prov 5:8).  Otherwise, his health could be affected.

Proverbs 5:9 Masculine Splendor
Lest you give your masculine splendor to others
And your years to the cruel one;
"Masculine splendor" is the Hebrew doh (hod), meaning fulness of splendor, pomp, magnificence; fulness of sound (Job 39:20).  It is the splendor of the Light of the Spirit of human, plant, and animal life.  It is the splendor of Divine Light in the spiritual body.   When Daniel saw a vision of the Lord (Dan 10:5-6), he turned pale and fainted.
Daniel 10:8
So I was left alone and saw this great vision; yet strength was not left in me, for my natural color turned to a deathly pallor, and I retained no strength.
His splendor turned to pallor.  Here the Hebrew doh (hod), splendor, is the same as the Chaldean wyz! (ziv) (Dan 7:28; 5:6, 9).  However, Daniel didn't turn pale from fear but from spiritual pressure on his brain stem which cut off his blood circulation.  The spiritual pressure came from the pre-incarnate manifestation of the Lord.  Later Daniel was weak in the presence of the powerful angel Gabriel (Dan 10:16, 17).

Solomon was commanded not to give his "masculine splendor to others"  by committing adultery.   The Divine Light in the pressure points of the spiritual body will be weakened due to Judgment for adultery.  Sin in the physical body of those committing adultery interferes with Light in the pressure points of the spiritual body.  In addition, Divine punishment further weakens the Light in the spiritual body.

"And your years to the cruel one" this refers to dying at the hand of the grim reaper or cruel people who will drive a person to his grave.   Adulterers fall into disrespect and shame.  Adultery is a death sentence.

1 Corinthians 6:18 Flee Fornication
Flee fornication.  Every other sin which a person may commit is outside the body, but the person who fornicates sins in one's own body.
This is a command to avoid fornication and involvement in sexual sins.  "Fornication" is the Greek porneiva (porneia), meaning fornication; illicit sexual intercourse; prostitution.  Prostitution refers to sex with a person who is under the power of a demon and, therefore, the Prostitute of Babylon.  Fornication refers to sexual sins outside of marriage.

Every sin a person commits is outside the body except fornication.  Mental attitude sins, sins of the tongue, and overt sins are directed outside the body.  However, fornication and the sexual sins are in the body.  Sex requires the body, and the sin of fornication is in the body.  The sins in one's own body interfere with the Light in the spiritual body and lead to weakness and loss of health.

Sexual sins should be avoided because they bring intensified punishment followed by the Sin Leading to Death.  However, it is worse because Right Man and Right Woman are a system.  Their bodies belong to each other (1 Cor 7:4, 11:11).  What happens to one happens to the other.  Half of the system is not judged apart from the other half.  Both get the same punishment.

Therefore, if one commits adultery, the other will also be punished for adultery.  If one is dying the Sin Leading to Death, so will the other.  However, it is always possible to ride out the discipline with Bible Doctrine by applying the Problem Solving Devices.  A person with doctrine will be able to survive the punishment, which will sanctify the relationship and lead to promotion.  If one is negative to doctrine as Rachel was, God may remove that one via the Sin Leading to Death when the other is promoted to Spiritual Rapport.

Feet - Earth, Last Adam Planet

(Isa 1:6; 11:15; Rom 16:20; Eph 6:15)  See Last Adam Planet for the image of a foot in the planet.

Sanctification, Stand, Foundation, Walk, Victory, Falling, Defeat

Feet symbolize a person's stand and his walk.  Believers should stand on God's side on Holy ground (Ex 3:5), corresponding to Sanctification and the color white.  Jesus washed the disciples' feet (Jn 13:5-14).  Believers should stand with Jesus Christ on the foundation of the Rock (Psa 40:2).  They should take the Gospel of Peace to the world (Eph 6:15).  They should oppose Satan (Eph 6:11; Jas 4:7).

The feet symbolize the believer's walk.  After Salvation the believer should strategically advance to Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport as symbolized by the Tabernacle.  The believer-priest must function daily as a priest in the Holy Place.  He must walk in the Light, in Love, in the Faith, and in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Otherwise, he will drift off course into the Cosmic System in Reversionism.

Standing corresponds to victory and falling to defeat (Jer 49:19; Nah 1:6; Rom 14:4; Jude 1:24).  The believer must choose to stand on Mt. Gerizim, the place of blessing, or on Mt. Ebal, the place of cursing (Deut 27:12-13).  God's side is the place of blessing, and Satan's side is the place of cursing.

A slip of the foot leads to a fall (Deut 32:35; Ps 38:16; 94:18; 121:3).

The feet may trip over a stumbling stone (Isa 8:14; Rom 9:33; 1 Pet 2:8), be caught in a trap (Psa 58:6; 140:5), or fall into a pit (Ps 35:7).

The Lord strengthens the feet in Grace (Hab 3:19).

The feet of the adulteress go down to the Sin Leading to Death (Prov 5:4-5).  They wander away from the true path of life (Prov 5:6).


Astrological Signs in the HandThe pressure points of the spiritual body are also in the hand.  The Spirit of human life that enters the top of the head comes out the hands and feet.  So the pressure points of the spiritual body also exist in the hands and feet.
Colossians 3:12
Therefore, as elect of God, saints and beloved, clothe yourselves with affections of compassion, Divine Good, genuine humility, thoughtfulness of others, endurance;
This verse is addressed to believers, who are related to God on three axes.
  1. Z-axis Elect chosen ones; chosen on the basis of God's Sovereign Design and foreknowledge.
  2. X-axis Saints sanctified ones; set apart to God with Divine Righteousness.
  3. Y-axis Beloved loved ones; God's intimate Divine Love for his children.
Believers are commanded to clothe themselves.  The clothing is for the spiritual body.  There are five articles of clothing here, corresponding to the five fingers of the hand, which in turn correspond to pressure points of the spiritual body.

Pressure Points of the Hand 

Pressure Point
1-Forefinger Thoughtfulness of others Genitals (root) Morning Star
2-Middle Finger Divine Good Crown Almighty God
3-Ring Finger Affections of compassion Belly, Throat God of Covenants
4-Little Finger Genuine humility Soul Savior Planet
5-Thumb Endurance Belly Red Planet

  1. "Affections of compassion" Greek splavgcnon (splagchnon), meaning literally, entrails, and figuratively, affection Belly + Greek oi*ktirmov" (oiktirmos), meaning compassion, mercy Ring Finger, Throat, God of Covenants Planet.
  2. "Divine Good" Greek crhstovth" (chrestotes), meaning goodness, Divine Good, kindness Middle Finger, Crown, Almighty God Planet.
  3. "Genuine humility" Greek tapeinofrosuvnh (tapeinosphrosune), from (tapeinov", lowly, undistinguished) + (fronevw, think) = genuine humility, - Little Finger, Soul, Savior Planet.  This refers to a person's true, unvarnished identify.
  4. "Thoughtfulness of others" Greek prau>vth" (prautes), meaning humility,  thoughtfulness of others Forefinger, Genitals, Morning Star.  This is a person's ego, the light he reveals to others, and the expression of leadership and authority.  Rather than point the finger, he can be thoughtful and back off.  The Genital pressure point is not just a sexual connection but includes the loins, the root, or foundation, of the body.
  5. "Endurance" Greek makroqumiva (makrothumia), from (makrov", long) + (qumov", suffering) = endurance  Thumb, Belly, Red Planet.
Colossians 3:13
Bearing with one another and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you.
"Bearing with one another" means holding yourself in check, tolerating injustice.  This corresponds to the Mount of Defense on the hand which is associated with Scorpius.  "Forgiving each other" is a function of the Mediator Planet on the Mount of Evangelism, corresponding to the Solar Plexus.  Upon receiving an injustice and having a legitimate complaint, the Christian must mediate the conflict by forgiving the wrong.  Having a complaint corresponds to pointing the forefinger.

We should forgive others just as Christ forgave us.  He did this by providing the Redemption solution for our sins, corresponding to the Redeemer Planet on the Mount of Wisdom.  He was the Mediator between God the Father and us.  The Lord Jesus Christ forgave our sins, and God the Father forgave our sins at Salvation when we accepted the Redemption solution and believed in Jesus Christ (Eph 1:7; Col 1:14).

Colossians 3:14 Love
And beyond all these things put on love, which is the uniting bond of completion.
Putting on love refers to love in the Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS).  Love is expressed from the integrity of the ECS (1 Cor 13).  Love from the ECS is Divine virtue love - not personal love (1 Jn 4:10).  Reciprocal Love binds the believer to God and the Lord Jesus.

Love is "the uniting bond of completion."  Reciprocal Love is the bond that unites the believer with God and fills the ECS with Divine Love for all mankind.  So the hand connects to God through the head and reaches out to others from the fingers.  Expression of love from the Masculine Mount is symbolized by the Sun, and response to love from the Feminine Mount is symbolized by the Moon.

Colossians 3:15 Peace of Christ in Spiritual Rapport
And let the Peace of Christ preside in your hearts, into which Peace you also have been called into one Body; and keep on being thankful.
"Peace" is the Greek ei*rhvnh (eirene), meaning peace, tranquility and harmony (John 14:27; 16:33; 20:19; Phil. 4:7; Gal 5:22).  This corresponds to the Hebrew shalom.  The believer has been called into this Peace into "one Body."  "One Body" is the Body of Christ.  The spiritual body of the believer enters the Body of Christ.  This requires peace (harmony) in the spiritual body of the individual.  So, the believer who has Peace with Christ (Spiritual Rapport) will have tranquility in his spiritual body.  This tranquility in the spiritual body extends to the Right Man and Right Woman relationship.

Spiritual CoupleAlthough "one Body" refers to the Body of Christ, the concept may also be applied to "one body" of Right Man and Right Woman.  One body defines the Right Man Right Woman system (Gen 2:24; Eph 5:31).3  When the man and woman have Reciprocal Love for God, they also have Divine Love for each other.  Their two bodies are bound together into one body by the genitals in sex.  Because Right Man and Right Woman are a system, they cannot be separated (1 Cor 7:4).  What happens to one impacts the other.  The Judgment of one includes the Judgment of the other.  If one is sanctified, both are sanctified (1 Cor 7:14).  From the time of identification (Gen 2:23) they are inseparable until death.

Demon Induced Infirmities

Demon oppression causes physical illness and infirmity (Acts 10:38).  In such cases healing is accomplished by getting rid of the demon.  Jesus and his disciples healed people by casting out demons (Matt 10:1; 17:18; Mk 1:32-34; 6:13; Acts 8:7; 19:12).  In the Church Age demon oppression must be handled in Grace - not by casting the demons out.  Maladies caused by demons as documented in scripture include the following:

Demon Induced Maladies

Pressure Point
Soul Blindness and muteness (Matt 9:32; 12:22; Luk 11:14)
Blindness (Elect Angel) (Gen 19:11)
Deafness (Mk 9:25)
Mental illness (Matt 17:15; Mk 5:2-20; Lk 8:27-39)
Seizures (Mk 9:17-18)
Throat Muteness (ref. Soul); caused by Elect Angel (Dan 10:15)
Breast Hunchback (Bent double) (Luk 13:11)
Loss of breath (Demon or Elect Angel, Dan 10:17)
Womb/Belly Herod Agrippa I struck by Elect Angel (Acts 12:23)

Paralysis and lameness are associated with the pressure point of the feet.  Although demons can cause these infirmities, they are not the only cause (Acts 8:7).  Elect Angels can also cause bodily weakness and pain (Dan 10:16).

In addition to these cases, residence in the Cosmic System weakens the spiritual body and causes people to succumb to additional ailments.  However, God is ultimately responsible for all illness and infirmity.  He orders or allows it in dealing with the individual.  Furthermore, weaknesses in the spiritual body occur long before physical infirmity appears.  Relationships with demons, angels, and people are constantly exerting spiritual pressure on the spiritual body.  The spiritual body faces spiritual warfare daily.  Success or failure depends upon executing the Spiritual life and the Grace of God.

Resurrection Body

Resurrection BodyThe pressure points of the spiritual body will be associated with crowns and eternal rewards for the Resurrection Body.  The crowns are the highest decoration.  They are to be worn on the head with the resurrection body uniform of glory.  There are four crowns:  The crown of Life, Righteousness, Happiness, and Glory.  Although the crowns are worn on the head, they are associated with pressure points below the Crown.  For example, the Crown of Glory for a Pastor-Teacher is associated with the Soul, the Crown of Righteousness with the Breast, the Crown of Happiness with the Solar Plexus, and the Crown of Life with the Womb or Belly.  Colored sashes on the resurrection robe may correspond to these crowns.  Precious stones may indicate other rewards, such as the Order of the Morning Star, which is associated with the Genitals (or root).

Rewards in Resurrection Body

Pressure Point
Crown Crowns of Life, Righteousness, Glory, Happiness; Royal Family of God (1 Pet 2:9), Kings (Rev 1:6; 5:10), Authority over Nations (Rom 5:17; 2 Tim 2:12; Rev 2:26-27; 3:21; 20:6), Title (Rev 2:17) 
Soul Crown of Glory (Prov 16:31; Phil 4:1; 1 Pet 5:4); Winner Believer (Rev 2:7, 11, 17; 3:5); Divine Good production, Edification Complex of the Soul (1 Cor 3:12-14)
Throat Hidden manna (Rev 2:17); Eating from Tree of Life (Rev 2:7)
Breast Crown of Righteousness (2 Tim 4:8), Robe of +R (Isa 61:10; Rev 19:8); White Uniform (Rev 3:4-5)
Solar Plexus Crown of Happiness, Exultation (1 Thess 2:19)
Womb Crown of Life (Jas 1:12; Rev 2:10; 3:11), White Pebble (vote of confidence, Love) (Rev 2:17), Inheritance of Double Blessing (Acts 26:18; Rom 8:16-17; Eph 1:14; Col 1:12)
Genitals Order of Morning Star (Rev 2:28; Rev 22:16)
Feet Pillar (historical impact) (Rev 3:12); Open door (Rev 3:8); Members of Synagogue of Satan will bow at feet of winners (Rev 3:9)

Tabernacle Spiritual Body

TabernacleThe Tabernacle was the plan for the Spiritual life of Israel.4  The plan of the Tabernacle also corresponds to the Spiritual Body of Jesus Christ, the God-Man in Hypostatic Union who would pay for the sins of the world (Jn 2:21).  The wall of linen around the Tabernacle symbolizes the robe of Righteousness, corresponding to the clothing of the Spiritual Body (Job 29:14; Isa 61:10; Rev 19:8).  The clothing is Light.

The Tabernacle is divided into three parts corresponding to three parts of the body.

  1. Holy of Holies Head
  2. Holy Place Breast, Solar Plexus
  3. Outer Court Womb/Belly, Genitals
Entrance to the three areas of the Tabernacle is through veils of blue, purple, scarlet, and fine twined linen (white).  The three entrances are:
  1. Veil of Holy of Holies
  2. Door of Holy Place
  3. Gate of Outer Court

Tabernacle Spiritual Body

Tabernacle Section Body Part Tabernacle Part Planet
Holy of Holies Head Mercy Seat Almighty God
Ark of Covenant Savior
Throat Veil God of the Covenants
Holy Place Solar Plexus Altar of Incense Mediator
Breast Table of Shewbread Redeemer
Cells Golden Lampstand Moon
Arms, Hands Door
Outer Court Womb Laver Red Planet
Genitals Brazen Altar Morning Star
Feet Gate Last Adam

The Holy of Holies contains the Ark of the Covenant with the Mercy Seat.  The Mercy Seat corresponds to the Throne of Grace and crown of the head.  It is symbolized by the Almighty God Planet.  The Ark of the Covenant corresponds to the soul, which is made in the image of God with Life and Light (Gen 1:26-27).  The Ark is a storage chest analogous to the Edification Complex of the Soul.  The Ark is symbolized by the Savior Planet, the Son of Light.

The Veil separates the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place.  The Veil corresponds to the covering of the Throat as symbolized by the God of the Covenants.  The Throat contains the vocal cords for swearing oaths, or covenants.

The Holy Place contains the Table of Shewbread, Altar of incense, and Golden Lampstand.  The Table of Shewbread corresponds to the Breast for feeding the infant with the milk of the Word.  This is the Bread of Life and Bible Doctrine symbolized by the Redeemer Planet.  The Altar of Incense corresponds to the Solar Plexus and the Mediator Planet.  It symbolizes the prayer life of the priest.  The incense rising corresponds to the function of the lungs.  The Golden Lampstand symbolizes the Spiritual Light in the body and corresponds to the Moon.  The burning of the olive oil corresponds to metabolism in the body which converts food to energy.  Light is associated with production of Divine Good.

The entrance into the Holy Place is through the Door, which symbolizes Grace Orientation.  The Door also symbolizes the function of the arms and hands of the priest in service.

The Outer Court contains the Brazen Altar and Laver.  The Laver is a basin shaped like a bowl.  The Laver corresponds to the Womb or Belly as symbolized by the Red Planet (ref. SOS 7:2), although the water in the Laver is symbolized by the Redeemer Planet.  Animals were sacrificed in the Outer Court on the North side of the Brazen Altar.  The blood of the animal was collected and poured on the Brazen Altar.  Parts of the animal were burned on the Brazen Altar to purify from sins.  The offering on the Brazen Altar symbolized Reconciliation.  Thus, the Brazen Altar symbolized Salvation, which is the beginning, basis, or foundation of Eternal Life.  The Brazen Altar corresponds to a seed from which a branch grows and therefore corresponds to the Genitals.

The Brazen Altar is symbolized by the Morning Star, which is the herald of the dawn.  The Tabernacle was pitched toward the East, toward the rising Sun.  Thus, the Brazen Altar was the first item of furniture in the light of the dawn.  The Morning Star symbolizes the battlefield royalty of Jesus Christ as Conqueror at the Second Advent (Rev 22:16).  He is also the root of David corresponding to the Genitals and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah at the Second Advent (Rev 5:5; Rom 15:12).

The entrance to the Outer Court is the Gate, which corresponds to the Feet and the walk.  The Gate is symbolized by the Last Adam Planet, which is covered with ice, corresponding to sanctification.

Wisdom from Above

The wisdom of God is reflected as Light in the spiritual body, but the wisdom of the world is reflected as darkness in the spiritual body.  Divine Light strengthens the spiritual body, but darkness from the Cosmic System weakens it.  The wisdom of the world includes "bitter jealousy and inordinate ambition" (Jas 3:14).  This is not the wisdom from Heaven but is "earthly, soulish, demonic" (Jas 3:15).
James 3:17 Wisdom from Above
But the wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceful, reasonable, obedient, full of mercy and Divine Good production, impartial, without hypocrisy;
"Wisdom from above" is the thinking of God that comes from Heaven (1 Cor 2:7).  God's wisdom is communicated to man through Bible Doctrine.  Thus, "wisdom from above" refers to Bible Doctrine in the heart, Truth, Divine Viewpoint.  Eight characteristics of this wisdom are listed, plus one in the next verse.  These nine items are associated with the pressure points of the spiritual body.

1.  Pure Soul

The wisdom from above is "first of all pure."  Here the Greek protos means first in the list; first in importance from which the other qualities follow.  "Pure" is the Greek a&gnov" (hagnos), meaning pure, holy (Phil 4:8; 2 Cor 11:2; Tit 2:5; 1 Pet 3:2).  "Pure" corresponds to Sunlight; not shaded (Jas 1:17).  "Pure" means the soul is full of Light and without any sin.

2.  Peaceful Throat

"Then peaceful" means that "peaceful" follows "pure" in sequence.  "Peaceful" is the absence of conflict, antagonism, or opposition to others (Rom 14:19; Heb 12:14).  This is in contrast to the strife and inordinate ambition of the wisdom of the world.   "Peaceful" is associated with the Throat pressure point.  The throat contains the vocal cords for swearing allegiance to covenants, such as the "Covenant of Peace" of the Millennium.

3.  Reasonable Solar Plexus

"Reasonable" is the Greek e*pieikhv" (epieikes), which means reasonable, fair, equitable, not according to the letter of the law (Phil 4:5).  "Reasonable" means avoiding the extremes of legalism or lawlessness; residing in the Divine Dynasphere with graciousness and humility.  "Reasonable" is associated with the balance of the Solar Plexus.

4.  Obedient Crown

"Obedient" is the Greek eu*peiqhv" (eupeithes), meaning obedient, compliant.  This means obedient to Bible Doctrine, obeying Divine authority (Rom 1:5).  "Obedient" is associated with the Crown pressure point.

5.  Mercy Womb

"Full of mercy" means practicing the principle of live and let live; not taking one's own revenge (Mt 9:13; 12:7; Rom 12:19), respecting the privacy of others.  "Mercy" is associated with the Womb pressure point.  The Hebrew verb for having mercy is based on the Hebrew noun <j#r# (rechem), for womb.

6.  Divine Good Production Genitals, Solar Plexus

"Divine Good production" is literally "the fruit of Good" in the Greek.  "Fruit" is associated with the Genitals.  It is also associated with the Solar Plexus since "fruit" means production.  "Good" is the Greek agathos, which is Good of intrinsic value, or Divine Good (Rom 12:9).  This is God's production in contrast to Evil.  "Full of mercy and Divine Good production" is another construction that ties the womb and genitals together.

7.  Impartial Solar Plexus

"Impartial" refers to true justice, without playing favorites or taking bribes.  This is associated with the balance of the Solar Plexus.

8.  Without Hypocrisy Breast

"Without hypocrisy" is the Greek a*nupovkrito" (anupokritos), from (a*, not) + (u&povkrito", hypocrite, pretender) = without hypocrisy, genuine; unfeigned, unpretentious (Rom 12:9; 2 Cor 6:6; 1 Pt 1:22; 1 Ti 1:5; 2 Ti 1:5, Jas 3:17).  This corresponds to Divine Love in the heart.  The one who does not have this Love covers it with hypocrisy, a self-righteous façade, or arrogant pretension like the Pharisees.  "Without hypocrisy" is a negative characteristic associated with the Breast.

James 3:18 Fruit of Righteousness
And the fruit of Righteousness is sown in Peace by those who make Peace.
"Righteousness" is the Greek dikaiosuvnh (dikaiosune), meaning Righteousness that demands Justice, or Divine Righteousness (+R).   "The fruit of Righteousness" is Eternal Life.  "Sown in Peace" means giving the Gospel (Prov 11:30).  Giving the Gospel is done in peace (Eph 6:15).

"By those who make peace" these are the peacemakers who mediate peace between contending parties (Matt 5:9).  Making peace between people symbolizes Reconciliation, which was accomplished by Jesus Christ, the Mediator.  The Gospel of peace and the peace of the peacemakers is associated with the Feet pressure point.



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