The Cycles of Personal Punishment are the outline of Divine punitive discipline upon individual believers and unbelievers.  The punishment of the unbeliever is due to rejection of the gift of Eternal Life.  The punishment of the believer is for failure to execute the unique Spiritual Life of all human history.

Cycles of Punishment

Executed by:
1.  Negative Volition Individual Jn 3:18; 1 Cor. 11:31 Tree in the Garden
2.  Scar Tissue of the Soul Lord Jesus Christ Rom. 9:18 "He hardens"
3.  Punishment Holy Spirit 1 Cor. 11:32; Heb. 12:6 Warning Punishment
4.  Weakness, Sickness Holy Spirit 1 Cor. 11:30 Intensified Punishment
5.  Grace Lord Jesus Christ Rom. 9:15 Helpless candidate for grace
6.  Metrics Hypostatic Union Humanity of Christ Rom. 5:1; Eph. 4:13;
1 Pet. 2:8
Life or death - God's Sovereign Decision
7.  Categorical Punishment Holy Spirit Dan 4:16, 23, 25, 32;
Rom. 5:2-5
Momentum, Stress, Endurance 

1.  Every individual believer or unbeliever operates under the Law of Volitional Responsibility.  He or she is free to make decisions and suffer the consequences.  The human race began in the Garden of Eden with a volitional test, which was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The volitional decisions in the Garden and every other decision in the human race is subject to the Justice of God.

2.  Negative volition to the Plan of God may bring the judgment of scar tissue of the soul.  The Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart in order to fulfill the Plan of God.  The Lord is the potter.  He may decide to have mercy or to harden.  The individual with scar tissue of the soul will make bad decisions due to the scar tissue.  Scar tissue of the soul is a Divine sentence imposed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

3.  The Lord punishes those He loves.  He punishes us so we will not be condemned with the world.  Mankind cannot know why God punishes because His purposes are higher than the created being.  Punishment begins as a warning and gets more intense when there is no response through changing the mind about Jesus Christ for the unbeliever or Rebound for the believer.  Warning punishment includes the initial phases of Reversionism:  Reaction, Frantic Search for Happiness, Blackout of the Soul, Emotional Revolt of the Soul, and Reverse Process Reversionism.

4.  Intensified punishment will make a person weak or sick.  Punishment may be related to health, failures, disasters, and other circumstances of life.

5.  The believer on his sick bed or in dire straits is helpless.  Only God can help Him.  So the Lord Jesus Christ must decide in grace what to do with the weak and sickly person.

6.  The Humanity of Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union set the standards for the Spiritual Life.  The unbeliever must believe in Jesus Christ for salvation or he will stumble and die the sin unto death.  The metrics of the believer are the standard of Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union.  In the 6th Cycle of Punishment, the individual must face the metrics of Christ.  The Lord Jesus Christ, as the personnel director, will decide whether he passes or fails.  Passing means more grace, blessing, promotion.  Failing means loss of reward for the believer or loss of salvation for the unbeliever.

7.  Categorical Punishment is also called Momentum, Stress, or Endurance Punishment.  Categorical Punishment includes a category of punishments - not just one type of punishment.  Categorical Punishment may be extended over a period of time and include a variety of types of punishment.  For example, the punishment may come from people, thought, the system, and disaster.


1.  Larry Wood.  "Scar Tissue of the Soul," September 1999.

Released December 7, 1999 - Revised Sept. 10, 2013

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