Lines of the Palm

Line of Intuition
Influence Lines
Simian Line
Outcast Line

Line of Intuition

The Line of Intuition appears outside the Line of the Body toward the edge of the Palm (reference illustration).  It stands apart from the Line of the Body and may curve out or in.  There may be one line or multiple lines that run out toward the percussion side of the hand or up toward the Destiny Line or the Life Line.  The origin of the line is in the region associated with the subconscious.  The longer the line the more pronounced the intuitive ability.  The direction of the line is a clue of its meaning.

The Line of Intuition represents thinking outside the normal cognitive process, such as in the spiritual realm, from instinct, or from subconscious subjectivity.  The spiritual realm includes Elect Angels (angels of God) and Fallen Angels (demons). The person may make decisions on hunches or instinct rather than logic and analysis and may have unaccountable knowledge and suspicions.   The person with this line may be clairvoyant and cognizant of the spiritual realm.  The person may have premonitions or prophetic dreams that predict the future.  If the line originates near the Mount of Instinct, it could even be called a Line of Instinct.

Lines of Intuition may indicate creative thinking, spiritual thinking (including doctrines of demons), intuition, or instinct.  Lines that run up toward the Destiny Line may indicate people with a strong sense of adventure who want to go where no one has gone before.  Lines on the right (dominant) hand indicate intuitive action or power, and lines on the left hand indicate passive reception or response.  For example, the person with lines on the right hand might have spiritual power over others while the person with lines on the left hand might respond to that spiritual power.


Elijah is an example of a believer with the abilities of a person with a Line of Intuition.  The prophets of Baal who opposed him were also examples of people with the Line of Intuition.  Both operated in the spiritual realm, but Elijah used Bible Doctrine and won a great victory over them (1 Kings 18:20-40).


Elisha, who was clairvoyant, undoubtedly had a Line of Intuition.  Elisha frustrated the terrorists of Aram by telling the King of Israel the troop movements and objectives before they arrived.  It was said that Elisha could tell what the king of Aram was saying in his bedroom (2 Kings 6:8-12).  The king sent a great army to Dothan to take Elisha captive.  Dothan means doublecross and is a sign of the double loop fingerprint.  Elisha's servant ran in and announced in a panic that the army was surrounding the city.  He cried out, "What shall we do?"  But Elijah told him not to worry "because those who are with us are more than those who are with them" (2 Kings 6:13-16).

Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. (2 Kings 6:17, NAS)
Elisha was clairvoyant and saw the Lord's angelic army that protected him.  Note that in order for Elisha to see this, the angels had to appear in symbolic form as horses and chariots to represent an army of protection.  In other words, Elisha is not seeing real angels but the symbolic war scene drawn by real angels.  The Elect Angels can make symbolic appearances, and so can the demons.  Thus, the clairvoyant is at the mercy of where he gets his information.  If he is doctrinal, the Lord will bless him with Elect Angels to give him truth.  If he is in the Cosmic System, the demons will lie to him and use him.

Elisha prayed for his servant to be able to perceive the spiritual realm.  The Lord answered the prayer, and let the servant see.  He did not see this with his eyes.  He saw it with his mind.  Light did not enter the eyes, but the Holy Spirit overrode the input from the optic nerve and fed spiritual data directly into the occipital lobe of the brain.  Also, note that the servant did not have the Line of Intuition, but the Lord allowed him to see with clairvoyance as if he had the natural ability.

The rest of the story is relevant to our day.  Elisha prayed to God to strike the enemy with blindness, which He did.  In this case, the Holy Spirit simply overrode the input from the optic nerve and blanked out the data in the occipital lobe.  Captives should always be blindfolded.  Elisha led the army to the capital of Samaria about 10 miles south and presented them to the king.  He prayed to God to open their eyes, and their blindness was removed.  The king asked Elisha if he should kill them, which is what is done in battle but not necessarily to captives.  Elijah said no.  Instead a feast was prepared for them.  Feed your enemies (Proverbs 25:21; Romans 12:20).  And then they were released and returned to their master.  And the Aram terrorists never attacked Israel again (2 Kings 6:18-23).  This was the Spiritual solution.

Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself was the greatest example of a person with the Line of Intuition.  Many of His miracles were demonstrations of the power of the Spiritual Life, which He tried to teach.  The Lord Jesus Christ was God, but He was also perfect humanity.  The two natures were separate and distinct without bleeding over of attributes.  Many of His miracles were not from His deity but simply demonstrations of the power of the Spiritual Life.  The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated the Spiritual Life in the incarnation.  The implication is that Christians should have many of the same Spiritual powers even if they don't have a Line of Intuition.  For example, when the Lord walked on water as a demonstration of levitation, Peter was also able to walk on water.  And the Lord didn't just do this once, it was a common means of transportation for him.  Elijah could also travel in the power of the Holy Spirit (1 Kings 18:11-12).

In His humanity, the Lord Jesus Christ was clairvoyant, which means He could see things in the Spiritual realm and see the future.  Of course, He had the power in His deity, but He also had the power in His humanity.  And it was from His humanity that He demonstrated the power.  His clairvoyance was illustrated when He saw Nathanael under the fig tree (John 1:47-50).

The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated the power of transfiguration, and even talked to dead people (Matthew 17:2-3; Mark 9:2-4).  He made water into wine, and fed multitudes from a few loaves and fish.  Angels can also do such things (1 Kings 19:5-8).  And He demonstrated miraculous powers of healing.  Yet, He would only eat what the Father provided in Logistical Grace (Matthew 4:2-4).


Christians with and without the Line of Intuition will eventually have problems in the Spiritual realm.  Scar tissue of the soul prevents most people from experiencing the Spiritual.  That may be a blessing in disguise because once the Spiritual realm is revealed, the only way to know the truth is with Bible Doctrine.  Demons and false teachers will lie.  The Bible has some strong prohibitions about both.  There is a difference between the Spiritual Life and demonism.  This section dealt only with legitimate Spirituality.  False teachings and prohibitions are covered in Divination.

Influence Lines

Influence Lines represent people who influence the life of a person.  The two primary types of influence lines are those that emanate from the family ring at the base of the thumb and those from the feminine mount.  The lines under the thumb are usually family members, and may also be relatives or friends.  Influence Lines from the feminine mount represent strangers entering the life and may often be associated with the Right Woman.  Sister lines which run in parallel with the Line of Life represent helping hands and support.  The closer the sister line to the Life Line the closer and greater the help.  Parents are quite often represented as sister lines.  A bow represents an especially strong support. The length of the relationship can be measured from time along the Life Line.  A bow on the left hand represents a relationship with the father, and a bow on the right hand represents a relationship with the mother.
Influence Lines
Influence lines under the thumb usually end before reaching the life line.  This means the person has control over the social relationships in life.  The thumb represents the will, or volition, and the second phalange of the thumb represents logic and control.  An influence line that crosses the Life Line, however, indicates that an individual's volition has been compromised.  Such influences alter the course of life.  The influence over the life can be discerned by where the Influence Line goes. For example, an influence line that reaches the Line of Destiny may influence realization of destiny.  A person may be influenced to pursue a different career, or a marriage partner may alter the direction in life.

Influence Lines can block, join, or run along beside other lines.  Blocking brings a path to an end.  Joining may represent a happy union.  Influence Lines running beside other lines may represent a helper but may also represent a distraction.


Lines of Influence reveal Right Man - Right Woman relationships and Marriage.  If the hand in the illustration is assumed to belong to the Right Man, then Line 1 in the illustration represents the Right Woman coming into the life.  The age of the man when she comes into the life is determined by measuring the point at which Line 1 reaches the Line of Destiny.  Line 2 in the illustration represents the influence of the same Right Woman upon the Right Man.  The age of the man when the Right Woman arrives would be measured along the Life Line or Head Line.

If Line 2 joins the Line of Destiny, a successful Marriage is foretold.  If Line 2 blocks the Line of Destiny, the Right Woman will cause major problems and alter the course of Destiny, but there will not be a successful Marriage.  If Line 2 runs along side the Line of Destiny, a frivolous romance is foretold.  If line 2 crosses the Destiny Line and runs along side it, there will not be harmonious bonding whether or not there is a Marriage.

Daughters of Jerusalem

The Daughters of Jerusalem in Song of Solomon sang a chorus:

“I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem,
By the gazelles or by the hinds of the field,
That you will not arouse or awaken my love,
Until she pleases.” (Song of Solomon 2:7, NAS)
The chorus warned that the volition of the woman must never be coerced.  This is precisely the meaning of Lines of Influence, which should remain inside the Line of Life and not break out to overpower another line.  True love must be freely given.  Seduction manipulates the volition of another, and rape overpowers it.  The Right Woman must have freedom to love the Right Man.  She must be free to respond, or free to reject.  Right Man and Right Woman will inevitably influence each other, but the influence must not compromise the volition.  Each one must be free to use the volition without coercion.  When the volition is violated, the Lines of Influence will reveal it.

Jacob and Esau

Jacob and Esau were twins with two separate destinies.  Jacob stole Esau's birthright through artful manipulation.  Esau's hand would have shown an influence line from Jacob.  Then Esau reacted and chased Jacob out of the country, which surely showed up as an Influence Line in Jacob's hand.  Jacob's life and destiny were altered because of the influence of Esau.


Joseph was sold into slavery by his evil brothers, which forever altered his destiny.  His hands undoubtedly bore testimony to the Lines of Influence from his brothers.  Joseph was in line to receive his father's inheritance, but instead he became Prime Minister of Egypt.

Youthful Lusts

Youthful LustsThe teen years from 15 to 20 are fraught with powerful upheavals of the soul associated youthful lusts (Ezek 23:8; 2 Tim 2:22).  As the young person grows into an adult, the issues of true love, sexuality, and morality must be sorted out.  The conflict is reflected in the lines in the bottom third of the palm.  There may be an island on the Life Line at age 15 to 20 measured from the base or age 60 from the beginning of the line.  Whether or not an island is present, this is the region of the center of the conflict.

The conflict is between the region of Masculine Lust shown in the illustration under the thumb and the region of  Feminine Response on the other side of the Life Line.  Lines of Influence are driven by the lust pattern by a person's will, or volition, associated with the thumb.  The Lines of Influence (or lust lines) may symbolize people or thoughts.  The Lines of Influence attempt to cross the Life Line in the region of the Island of Shame.

The Island of Shame corresponds to the genitals as the seat of shame.  Adam and the woman in the Garden made bikinis of fig leaves to cover their genitals after they sinned (Gen 3:7).  They did this because their guilt and shame were centered in the genitals.  The Island of Shame on the Life Line symbolizes the isolation, suffering, and devastation in the soul from intensified Divine punishment for some sin.  The sin results in carnality or reversionism.  It does not have to be sexual.  This can be like the punishment of a child by spanking where the pain in his buttocks is the seat of shame (Isa 20:4).

In response to the Lines of Influence, Lines of Lasciviousness and Instinct rise up.  The Line of Lasciviousness arises from the percussion side of the hand on the Feminine Mount in the region of subjectivity.  The Line of Lasciviousness indicates temptations to commit sins of lasciviousness and lawlessness.  The Line of Instinct arises from the region of the hand attached to the wrist called the Mount of Wisdom, which includes the region of Instinct.  The Line of Instinct is a variation of the Line of Intuition that connects to the instinct rather than spirituality.  The Line of Instinct picks up the carnal, sensual, animalistic desires from the subconscious (2 Pet 2:12; Jude 1:10).

Along with the Island of Shame on the Life Line, there will likely be an island on the Heart Line at age 15 to 20.  The island on the Heart Line indicates guilty romantic intrigues.  The island indicates isolation and guilt resulting from illicit love relationships (Prov 5:3-6).

Simian Line

Simian LineThe Simian Line, named after corresponding palm lines in primates, is a single line that crosses the palm.  It combines the Heart and Head Lines into a single line.  The Simian Line functions as both a Head and a Heart Line, and those who have it are known for being single minded and highly focused.  They are emotionally explosive thinkers as they concentrate on the object of their attention to the exclusion of everything else.   They may also be highly focused on their family and the mission at hand.  Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has a pure Simian Line on his left hand.

Simian Variant

Simian VariantThere are many variations of the Simian Line.  It occurs along with various configurations of the Heart and Head Lines.  The Heart and Head Lines may or may not be attached to the Simian Line.  These configurations are called Simian Variants.  The Simian Variant has a single line that traverses the palm along with complete, or parts of, Head and Heart Lines. The Simian Variant usually means a hidden compulsive individual.  An example is a lurking alligator with only its eyes visible above the water but with it mouth under the water and waiting to devour (Job 41:1-34).

The Simian Variant masks or hides the obsessiveness or single-minded focus that would be characteristic of a pure Simian personality.  The compulsive behavior of the pure Simian is hidden.  Hence, the Simian variant is characterized by hidden compulsive traits.  This in no way implies the traits are weakened by being hidden.  They are still a significant part of the personality.

The hidden compulsive traits are always competing with the active thought processes to influence and dominate.  Some examples of hidden compulsive traits include single-minded focus, which becomes preoccupied with one thing to the exclusion of all else.  The person may dash into traffic without looking both ways or jump into an ice-cold pool without checking the temperature.  The person may become preoccupied with a project, and not stop work on it until it is finished.  However, this excludes the need in some cases to handle interruptions. Sometimes the interruptions are important, such as avoiding an accident when driving.  The person may also become preoccupied with friends or children and exclude the spouse, which leaves the spouse wondering if he or she is still loved.

The pure Simian line combines the Heart and Head Line, which means the individual tends to flip-flop between all heart or all head without a smooth transition in between. The Simian variant has the same trait except it is hidden and compulsively seeking to take over.  Simians tend to like having children, and they are very devoted to them. Simians also appear to be designed for a tough role in life. For example, there are some situations that demand a bulldozer. Simians are equipped to handle such challenges.

In the Simian Variant the hidden compulsive traits are always competing with the active thought processes to influence and dominate. There is the discontinuity of single-minded focus that can't let go of some things while neglecting others. The Simian influence produces digital thinking without smooth transitions. For example, it is like rolling a block, or driving on square tires or tires that are out-of-round. Normal thinking should be smooth like rolling a ball or riding on a round tire, but the thinking of the Simian type is like riding on an out-of-round tire that bangs along between head and heart.

Outcast Line

Outcast LineThe Outcast Line is an offshoot of the Destiny Line that originates at the beginning of the Destiny Line and curves out onto the Feminine Mount or Mount of Defense.  The Outcast Line is an alternative Destiny Line that signifies an alternative destiny.  It is a distraction to the normal lifestyle, such as might occur in an outcast, a castaway, or a  fugitive.  It is found in people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and may be characterized by inattention, distraction, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity.

The Outcast Line may indicate various types of strong reaction and distraction or temptation.  The experiences could be beyond what normal people would ever encounter.   Since God provides destiny, the Outcast Line may be accompanied by Satanic and demonic influence, even though the person might not recognize the source.  The line may even throw out influence lines that radiate outward in opposition to influence lines from the Masculine Mount.  These influence lines may be contradictory alternatives to truth found in other lines of the hand.

The Outcast Line could also be called the curse of Moses.  Moses, Daniel, and Joseph had this problem.  Moses was left in a basket on the Nile when he was three months old and was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter (Ex 2:3-4, 5-9).  He grew up as an Egyptian prince rather than a Hebrew slave (Ex 2:10).  He had impulsive, uncontrollable anger.  He broke an Egyptian's back and buried him in the sand (Ex 2:11-12).  Then he fled as a fugitive into Midian, where he lived an alternative life as a shepherd (Ex 2:15).  In spite of being one of the greatest believers of Israel, he became angry at the people, disobeyed God, and died the Sin Leading to Death (Deut 32:50, 51).

Daniel's life changed drastically when he was taken as a captive into Babylon as a teen.  He had to contend with the daily distractions of the evil Babylonians.  He was probably made a eunuch.  However, he made the most of his new life.  Although he was tested severely, he became a great prophet, was recognized for his Spiritual wisdom, and was promoted by his captors.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers.  He served as a slave in Egypt rather than live among his people.  He was tested by sexual harassment from Potiphar's wife (Gen 39:7-18) and thrown into prison (Gen 39:19-20).  Later, he interpreted Pharaoh's dream and was promoted to Prime Minister of Egypt (Gen 41:1-37, 38-46).  In order to be promoted he had to hold to his Spiritual integrity in the face of worldly distraction on a daily basis.


Timing of Lines of Success, Destiny, and Body
Timing of Travel Lines
Marriage Lines


TimingTiming can be derived from the lines of the palm if the guidelines are understood.  Since relationships along the lines of the palm are not linear, reference points must be found to improve accuracy.  The best accuracy that will ever be accomplished is +/- 2 years.

Time begins at the point of origin of a line, which for the Life and Head Lines are at the top edge of the hand (thumb side); for the Heart Line is on the opposite (ulnar) edge; and for the Lines of Success, Destiny, and Health are from the base of the palm at the first line of the wrist.  Although each line covers the entire life, it is best to begin with the approximations shown in the illustrations.  The lines are estimated to run from 0 to 80 years.  The division between the first and second fingers is approximately age 20 on the Life and Head Lines.  Age 20 is approximately between the third and little fingers along the Heart Line.


The numbers in the illustration are only approximations.

The way to find the correct time is to look for an event that is already known.  For example, find a mark along the line that represents a known event, such as a traumatic experience.  Then use the known event as a reference to extrapolate forward and backward.  For example, if a known event happened at age 25, then the distance from 0 to that event is 25 years, regardless of how long the line is.  Then if another known event happened 10 years later, use the new scale for measuring age between ages 25 and 35.  The scale is not linear, but when known events are found, then timing can be derived with some accuracy.

Timing of Lines of Success, Destiny, and Body

Time of Line of DestinyTime along the Lines of Success, Destiny, and the Body begin at the wrist line at the base of the palm.  The Line of Destiny crosses the Head Line at approximately age 35 and crosses the Heart Line at approximately age 50.  The Lines of Success and the Body are measured similarly.  However, for a steeply sloping Head Line or Double Head Lines, Age 35 is better taken to be the point in the center of the hand where the extension of the beginning of the Life Line crosses the Destiny Line.

When a line crosses another line, there are two possible times.  For example, when the Line of Destiny crosses the Head Line at age 35, the measurement along the Head Line will be different.  Both measurements are right because they refer to two different things.  The time along the Destiny Line is related to destiny, whereas, the time measured along the Head Line is related to authority.  The Destiny Line crossing the Head Line may represent an authority problem along the Head Line.  The authority problem related to Destiny may reveal the age of the Right Man, for example, while the age along the Destiny Line may reveal the age of the Right Woman, who caused the authority problem.

Timing of Travel Lines

Timing of Travel and Marriage LinesTravel lines are located along the ulnar edge of the palm.  These lines represent significant trips that a person made.  Time is measured from the wrist ring at the base of the palm.  Age 60 is approximately where the Head Line would cross the ulnar edge of the palm.  This area is called the Mount of Defense.  Age 80 is approximately at the origin of the Heart Line.  The illustration shows a travel line at age 29.  The calculation is 29 = (t/d) x 60, where t is the distance from the base of the palm to the travel line, and d is the distance from the base of the palm to the extension of the Head Line.

Marriage Lines

The Marriage Lines are located beneath the base of the little finger on the ulnar side of the palm.  The Marriage Lines represent the Right Man - Right Woman relationship and other intimate relationships, but not necessarily Marriage.  If there is a marriage, the Marriage Line will be long and Marriage will represented elsewhere on the palm, such as a Line of Influence joining the Line of Destiny.  A Marriage Line should be straight, pink, well-etched, and without problematic markings such as spots, breaks, or drooping shoots.

The Right Man - Right Woman relationship is often represented by two Marriage Lines that send out shoots that grow together.  Shoots that grow upward symbolize a happy Marriage.  The shoots are analogous to passing the testing for Marriage, e.g. Identification and Compatibility Testing.  The shoots represent the growth of a person who is being prepared for a successful Marriage.  When the left and right hands are placed side-by-side, it may be noticed that the Marriage Lines on one hand are the mirror image of those on the other.  For example, a bold and a light Marriage Line on one hand will mirror a light and a bold Marriage Line on the other hand.  This is another sign of Right Man - Right Woman because the Right Woman is the reflected glory of the Right Man.  The right (dominant) hand represents the man and the left (helper) hand represents the woman.

An actual Marriage is usually indicated by an Influence Line that begins on the Feminine Mount and joins the Destiny Line as shown in the illustration.  If the Influence Line joins the Destiny Line, it signifies a close union.  If the line causes the Destiny Line to stop and move over into it, it signifies a person (usually the woman) moving in with her husband.  If the line overshoots the Destiny Line and continues, it signifies two people who are going down parallel paths in life.  They may or may not be married.


Timing of Marriage is best accomplished along the Destiny Line as shown in the illustration.  The location where the Influence Line from the Feminine Mount joins the Destiny Line at Age 26 is the time of Marriage.

Timing may also be discerned from the Marriage Lines but the meaning may be unique to the individual.  And if the individual has not yet identified the Right Man or Right Woman, the timing may be meaningless to the person, who has no basis for understanding the timeline anyway.  Now, if there are 3 lines on one hand and 2 on the other, that will be a total of 5 different ages.  The ages of Right Man and Right Woman when they met will likely be 2 of the 5.  The other 3 numbers may be more difficult to understand, but they will add validity to the couple.

To measure the time of Marriage Lines, the point of origin is taken as the outside edge of the palm.  The lines may descend on the back of the hand and rise on the palm, but the place to measure is along the edge of the palm.  The heart line is taken as zero and the line at the base of the little finger is approximately 60 years.  The line at the base of the little finger may also rise upward, and it is usually best to take the point near the center of the base of the little finger as the 60 year point.  In other words, it is best to err with the longer distance than the shorter.  The illustration shows the bottom Marriage Line at age 26.  The calculation is 26 = (m/d) x 60, were m is the distance from the heart line to the Marriage Line and d is the distance from the heart line to the base of the little finger.

For the purpose of timing, the right hand (or dominant hand) represents the person being analyzed and the other hand represents the soul mate.  The right hand of a right-handed woman represents herself, and the other hand represents her Right Man.  Similarly, the right hand of a right-handed man represents himself, and the other hand represents his Right Woman.  This means the ages on the dominant right hand should refer to the person being analyzed, and the ages on the other hand should represent the soul mate.  For left handed people, it is opposite.  Also, bear in mind that time can also be derived from other lines, such as Influence Line and the Line of Destiny.

A Marriage Line that is near the Heart Line and extends on the back of the hand near the extension of the Heart Line represents a relationship early in life at or before the early 20's.  A Marriage Line half way between the Heart Line and base of the little finger represents a relationship in the 30's.  And a line 3/4 of the distance between the Heart Line and the base of the little finger would represent a relationship in the 40's.  A relationship in the 40's may be like Ruth and Boaz with a generation gap in between.

Marriage Markings
Although markings are explained in the next section, the markings associated with the Marriage Lines will be included here.
Ascending Lines -  A Marriage Line that ascends indicates growth and success in passing the tests of the Marriage relationship.  A line that rises sharply, however, indicates an individual who is unlikely to marry.
Bar - A bar that crosses a Marriage Line indicates an obstacle that threatens the Marriage relationship.
Broken Lines - A line that is broken, frayed, or drooping indicates failing the tests of qualification for Marriage.  A broken line indicates a broken relationship.  If the broken lines overlap, the break, or separation, is repaired.
Cross - A cross near the Marriage Lines indicates Eclipse Testing1 or adultery of a mate.  A cross at the end of the Heart Line on the Mount of the Forefinger symbolizes Eclipse Testing and true love.
Drooping Lines - A Marriage Line that suddenly droops down toward the Heart Line (like a weeping willow branch) represents the death of a mate (e.g. a weeping widow).  A line that droops gradually represents disappointment in the Marriage.
Offshoots - Upward branches represent growth, happiness, and success in passing the tests of Marriage.  Drooping branches represent sorrow or disappointment in the Marriage relationship.
Parallel Line - a line beside a Marriage Line represents a relationship with a paramour or adulterer.
Pentagram - a pentagram, or five-pointed star represents a Baal counterattack.
Spots - spots along a Marriage Line represent a sin, adultery, or impurity in the relationship.


Markings on the Marriage Lines may indicate children.  The birth of the humanity of Jesus Chirst was metaphorically portrayed as a mark in the "shadow" of the Father's hand (Isaiah 49:2).  The shadow of the hand refers to the ulnar side, which is the side of the little finger.  Markings under the little finger symbolize the children of Sarah (1 Peter 3:6), who respected God and her Right Man.  Sarah had one line that crossed a Marriage Line.  Lines that cross the Marriage Lines at right angles represent children.  The line closest to the edge of the palm represents the firstborn.  A thick line indicates a male and a thin line represents a female.  Sometimes the female line is slanted.  A long line indicates a prominent child.  A line that forks like a "V" indicates twins.  Islands in the lower ring around the thumb also indicate the likelihood of children.  Child lines will appear even for a miscarriage, but the miscarriage will likely be marked to indicate a problem, for example, with a spot or island.  Child lines may also appear in people who work with children, such as teachers, even though the children are not their own.  Also Child lines may not even be reliable.

Markings of the Palm

Ancient Hebrew Markings
Dermatoglyphic Patterns


Events in the hand are recorded in symbolic markings.  At first glance it may appear that the hand is full of short lines, but on closer inspection various patterns will be apparent.  The markings in the palm are the vocabulary for hand analysis.  The meaning of the marking depends on both the definition of the marking as well as the location on the hand.  The definitions will be taken from the Bible.

In general the multitude of short lines in the hand apart from the lines of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit run lengthwise from the wrist toward the fingers.  This is the general direction of energy flow as a person reaches out to touch or feel with the fingers.  The short lines that cross at right angles (up and down) tend to block the energy flow.  So lines that run lengthwise are good, and lines that run at right angles (up and down), except for the lines of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are bad.  Lines that run lengthwise heighten positive qualities and assist in annulling any poor signs where they are located.

Ancient Hebrew Markings

The greatest feat of palm reading in history was accomplished by Jacob.  He not only read the hands of his sons and predicted their future, he also predicted the future of their descendants to the end of time.
Then Jacob summoned his sons and said, "Gather yourselves together that I may tell you that which shall befall you at the end of the days." (Genesis 49:1)
The phrase, "at the end of the days," which has been literally translated also means "in the last days."  Jacob looked into the hands and bodies of his sons and saw all the way to the end of time.  The sons of Jacob, or Israel, would survive all the way to the end of the Millennium.  Jacob understood when he read his sons' hands that he was seeing all future generations of Israel.  His predictions foresaw the Client Nation of Israel before it was ever mentioned.  His prophecies were in agreement with the Sovereign Design of God, yet they were based on the anatomy of his sons and the markings in their hands.

The markings of the hand used by the ancient Hebrews like Jacob were similar to those used in the Vedic Palmistry3 of India.  These symbols included:

Jacob named his son Benjamin upon the death of his mother in childbirth.  Benjamin means son of the right hand, which is the place of honor.  The descendants of Benjamin were noted for being left handed.  They were also fierce warriors.


Other markings in the hand that are more common may also be defined from scripture.  These include:

BreakA break may occur on any of the lines in the hand.  A break represents a disruption or blockage of the path.  A break on the Line of the Father or Line of the Body may represent an illness.  A break in the Line of the Son may indicate an authority problem.

Eli was warned of the sin unto death before he fell and broke his neck (1 Samuel 2:31-32).  The metaphor was breaking the arm, which represents a person's strength.  The break may have showed up on the Line of the Father.  Further, the curse of a short life for future generations would show up in the hands of 'Ichabod, and other descendants of Eli.Hand Markings

ChaffChaff represents deterioration and dead works that will be burned (Exodus 15:7; Psalm 1:4; Malachi 4:1; Matthew 3:12; 1 Corinthians 3:12).

ChainA chain represents bondage and slavery (2 Chronicles 33:11; Psalm 107:10; Ecclesiastes 7:26).

CrossA cross symbolizes crucifixion, or capital punishment (Luke 9:23; Acts 5:30; Ephesians 5:25; Philippians 2:8; 1 Peter 2:24).

ForkA fork symbolizes a separation in the path, or division (Genesis 32:7; 49:27; 1 Kings 16:21; Isaiah 34:17; 1 Corinthians 7:33-34).

IslandAn island represents a period of isolation or separation (Isaiah 49:1; Acts 28:1; Revelation 1:9), e.g. the stage of Spiritual growth of separation from the world may show up as an island on the Line of the Head.

PitA pit represents intensified discipline, the grave, and the sin unto death (Job 9:31; 33:18, 22-24, 28-30; Gen. 37:23-24; Psa. 7:15; 40:2; Prov. 23:37; Isa. 36:6; Jer. 18:22; 2 Pet. 2:4).

NetA net represents a trap, which enslaves and saps the life energy (Psalm 9:15; 10:9; 25:15; 31:4; 57:6; Eccl. 9:12; Ezek. 12:13; Job 19:5-6).  Nets are used for capturing fish, animals, or people.  Spiders weave nets.

RingA ring, or circle, represents a covenant; however, a ring may break a line (Gen. 41:42; Esther 8:8; Dan. 6:17; Luke 15:22).  Rings may not always be good signs.

Sister LinesSister lines are lines that run along beside other lines and bolster them, e.g. two threads are stronger than one (Eccl 4:9-12).  Sister lines along the Line of Life may represent a close relationship with a parent.  Sister lines are like a shield to protect the main line.

SpotA spot represents the impurity, guilt, or suffering from sin.  A spot represents adultery or that which adulterates, taints, stains, makes impure (Lev. 13:2, 4, 19, 23-28, 38-39; 14:56-57; Job 31:7; Isa. 59:3; Eph. 5:27; 1 Tim. 6:14; Heb. 12:15; Ja. 1:27; 1 Pet. 1:19; 2 Pet. 2:13; 3:14).  The color of the spot and location reveal its meaning.

StarThe star is a symbol of great and sudden brilliance in a person's life (Rev. 2:28; 22:16, 2 Pet. 1:19; Nu. 24:17; Matt. 2:2):  Jews - (Gen. 15:5; Heb. 11:12); Pastors - (Rev. 1:20); Resurrection Body - (1 Cor. 15:41; Dan. 12:3); Satan and angels - (Isa. 14:12-13; Rev. 12:4); Reversionists - (Jude 13, actually comets).  The brilliance may come from God or Satan, but is seldom due to personal ability.  The pentagram represents a giant, such as Baal (2 Samuel 21:20-22).

Rising ShootsRising shoots represent going up in the Bible, which means a period of success, prosperity, happiness (Gen. 35:1; 45:9; 49:22; Josh. 7:2-3; 2 Kings 19:30; Jer. 31:6).  The meaning is derived from the origin and destination of the shoot or where it is pointing.

Drooping Shoots: Drooping shoots represent going down in the Bible, which means failure, disappointment, defeat (Gen. 5:15; 11:7; 26:2; Deut. 28:43; Prov. 5:3-5).  Jared means going down.

SquareA square after problematic areas in a line signifies repair, e.g. back on a solid foundation.  All the articles of furniture in the Tabernacle were square or rectangular.  There were only right angles and no diagonals (Exodus 27:1; 28:15-16; 30:1-2; 37:25; 38:1; 39:8-9; Rev. 21:16).

Triangle A triangle, which stands as an independent mark not made of intersecting lines, symbolizes the fire triangle, which includes fire testing that reveals gold, silver, and precious stones; sexual love/fire; metabolization; corporate (meaning two or more people) production.  The triangle is not as potent as a star, but it is still success. (Brazen Altar, Ex. 27:1-5; John the Baptist, John 5:35; gold, silver, precious stones, 1 Cor. 3:12-13; sexual heat 7:9).

Trident The trident symbolizes fruit bearing (Psa. 1:3; Prov. 11:30).  The 3 stems symbolize the Justice of the Holy Spirit, which vindicates and produces fruit.  Fruit production is usually a beneficent sign, but there is also the fruit of the wayward, the wicked prosper, and people reap what they sow (Prov. 1:30-31; Jer. 6:19; 12:1-2; 32:19; Matt. 7:17-19).  Examples:  Fruit of Jesus Christ (Isa. 11:1); fruit of the remnant of Judah (Isa. 37:31);  fruit of Israel (Ezek. 17:23); levels of production (Mk. 4:20);  fruitful branches (John 15:1-8).

Wart, Cyst A wart or cyst represents spiritual impurity from touching an impure thing, e.g. a sensual relationship with an unbeliever (2 Cor. 6:14-17).  "Touching an impure thing" is a metaphor, which can be mental as well as physical.  The solution is to Rebound and get appropriate medical treatment.  The location of the wart or cyst is a clue of the problem - e.g. on the thumb represents what was grasped in intimacy; on the fingers represents touching associated with the meaning of the fingers; on the back of the hand represents what is seen by the world; on the knuckles represents idolatry (which may include fornication), or a sin against a pastor-teacher; near the finger nails represents sin that is not covered, unconfessed, or left exposed.  Warts or cysts are analogous to leprosy.  When Miriam maligned Moses' marriage to a Cushite (black woman) and decided that she could prophesy as well as Moses, God gave her leprosy.  She had not touched anything sacred.  She had only maligned holy matrimony and sought to usurp the authority of Moses (Numbers 12:1-15).
Healer, SamaritanStraight, vertical lines on the Mount of the Little Finger symbolize a healer or a Samaritan (Luk 10:33-35).

Dermatoglyphic Patterns

Hand LoopsDermatoglyphic patterns in the hand resemble loops, flames (elongated eyes), and eyes (also called whorls).  These patterns reveal special traits or gifts.  The order from least to greatest is:  loops, flames, and eyes.

Good Humor

The Loop of Good Humor lies beneath the space between the little and ring fingers.  It represents general good humor and a person with a sense of humor.  This type can lighten up and see the humor in things.


The Loop of Vanity also lies beneath the space between the little and ring fingers.  However, it points toward the thumb.  This is the sign a person who may be vain and does not appreciate being the brunt of jokes.  This type pays attention to coordination in dress and personal appearance and may have strong aesthetic tastes.

Serious Intent

The Loop of Serious Intent lies beneath the space between the ring and middle fingers.  It represents a serious person who takes responsibility for actions.  This type takes job assignments, projects, or other activities in life seriously.  The person will take extra time to prepare for activities rather than just take them as they come.


The Loop of Charisma lies beneath the space between the middle and fore fingers.  This represents a personal charisma or magnetism.  King Solomon was an example of a person with this gift.


The Nature Loop is located on the percussion side of the hand.  It signifies a person with a special rapport with nature, such as a person with a green thumb or rapport with animals.  It may include discernment of the energies emitted by chemical elements or compounds, such as the ability to find water.


An eye on the Feminine Mount is a sign of isolation and withdrawal into a person's own inner world to the exclusion of others.  The Feminine Mount is in the region of the subconscious, and the eye indicates an intensive preoccupation.  Thus, the person withdraws like a turtle into its shell.  The person may be secretive and disconnected from others and prefer to work alone.  However, the person can also see into the subconscious in the creative realm and be artistic.3


The Knowledge Loop lies beneath the Head Line and can begin anywhere from beneath the forefinger to the middle of the palm.  The loop can lengthwise in the palm or across the palm at a right angle to the length.  It represents the gift of knowledge.  It is the temporal counterpart to the Spiritual gift of knowledge (1 Corinthians 13:8), which is no longer extant. The gift includes a heightened sensitivity for special knowledge that would escape others, such as knowledge of hand reading or intuition.  This type would be able to collect a storehouse of knowledge in a specific area of interest.  Joseph, who interpreted dreams, was an example of a person with this gift.


The Loop of Inspiration lies beneath the Knowledge Loop and indicates a gift for inspiration or intuition.  The gift may include ability to access the imagination.


The Loop of Mystery lies on the Mount of Wisdom or a little higher, but under the location of the Nature Loop.  The Loop of Mystery indicates interest in mysteries, including hidden or esoteric knowledge, which is only available to the enlightened.  It can be an interest in getting to the bottom or root of things.  Since the Mount of Wisdom is associated with the subconscious, this loop could include interest in life and death or instincts.  And it could extend into the mysteries of Creation, the Universe, cults, or extra sensory perception.  It could include the deep things of Satan (Revelation 2:24).

A person with the Loop of Mystery is responsible for the decisions he makes to pursue his interests.  He is free to choose divine viewpoint or human viewpoint.  The Christian is expected to learn the mystery doctrine of the Church (1 Corinthians 2:9-10; Colossians 2:3).  The Holy Spirit provides equal opportunity for any believer to learn this doctrine.  The Loop of Mystery is a soulish, or psychological gift, and consequently not part of the Spiritual Life.

Music Loops

The Music Loops lie on the Masculine Mount under the thumb.  These loops represent appreciation for various types of music, but having the loops does not guarantee the ability to play.

Mobile Home

An eye on the Masculine Mount indicates a person who lives in a mobile dwelling, like a tent, motor home, or boat.  It is found in nomad types, who are always traveling.3  Abraham lived in a tent even though he was wealthy and could have lived in a castle (Hebrews 11:9-10).


The Loop of  Courage lies on the Mount of Offense and signifies a special gift of physical courage.2  David, Jonathan, and Samson were examples of people with this gift.



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Author: Larry Wood
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