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Under the Double Eagle

Navy Court Report on USS Greeneville Given to Admiral

Eagles, 4-13-01, 1624 GMT, Navy Elephant, 4-13-01, 1215 GMT, Navy

Zemin in Cuba

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April 13 (Day 103, Production of the Justice of the Holy Spirit):  President Jiang Zemin during his visit to Cuba praised Fidel Castro.  In his remarks, Zemin paraphrased the principle of freedom through military victory.  He praised the Cuban people for "safeguarding state sovereignty and independence and fighting against outside interference and subversion."1  Of course, the lie is that freedom does not exist under a dictator.  Cuba was the first nation in the western hemisphere to establish diplomatic relations with China in 1959.  Cuba, one of the few Communist states left in the world, is the fifth stop on Zemin's Latin American tour. Cuba, which became communist in the revolution of 1959, has become the symbol of Simeon criminality.
Following a state banquet at which Jiang sang opera, accords were signed between Cuba and China formalizing $374 million of credits for Havana.

The photo of Zemin with his index finger pointed up is a sign of belligerence.  Of course, if one finger is bad, then two fingers pointed is worse as demonstrated by the second photo of Castro.  And two finger on two people, Zemin and Castro, is even worse.  The Castro thumb in palm with pointed finger in photo 3 is the contradiction of an introvert and an attacker, which could mean egocentricity.

Milosevic Examined in Hospital

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Former Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic, 59, went to the hospital on April 11 with chest pains.  It turned out to be high blood pressure, and he was sent back to prison.  Milosevic was arrested on April 1.

Elephant Kills Couple

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A man and his wife were killed by a wild elephant in Dungun, Malaysia.  The couple and their daughter were returning from a fishing trip when the elephant attacked.  It killed Ismail Abdul Rahman, 59 and his wife Aliah Ishak 59.  Their 36-year old daughter was injured and is recovering in the hospital.  Note, the name, Ismail, is a variation of Ishmael, who was a wild ass of a man.  Ishmael was the son of the bondwoman who persecuted the son of the free.  And the name Ishak is quite similar to the Hebrew Yitsechaq, or Isaac.  Dungun is about 270 miles northeast of Kuala Lumpur.  This is a symbol of Baal as the enemy of Marriage.  Malaysia is in the region of Zebulun, which corresponds to the Palestinians at Gaza.


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There were no severe weather reports yesterday.  Today the image of an elephant was appeared over Washington, DC.  The elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  And there were a pair of eagle heads over the Pacific.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel.  The double eagle refers to a US $20 gold piece minted in the 1850's, but it also refers to the famous of march, "Under the Double Eagle," of Josef Franz Wagner.  The title refers to the double eagle in the coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian double monarchy.  Two eagles can refer to a pair or to a witness.

Navy Admiral Receives USS Greeneville Report

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The Navy Commander of the Pacific Fleet received a Navy panel's report on the sinking of the Japanese Ehime Maru by the USS Greeneville submarine.  The three admirals who conducted the court of inquiry delivered the report to Admiral Thomas Fargo at Pearl Harbor Naval Base.  The report will be the basis for a decision of whether to court marshal any of the officers of the USS Greeneville.  Admiral Fargo had planned to receive the report in San Diego, but accepted it in Hawaii instead, since he was there for the return of the 24 crew of the EP-3 who arrived yesterday.


As the US Department of Defense came out swinging to blast China for the wrong version of events, China's President Jiang Zemin was hobnobbing with President Fidel Castro in Cuba.  Cuba, which became communist after the revolution in 1959, is associated with Simeon criminality as represented by the number, 59.  Slobodan Milosevic, 59, returned to prison from the hospital.  He was arrested on April 1, and went to the hospital with chest pains on April 11, the day China released the US crew, who landed in China on April 1.  The deterioration in US-China relations was stressed to the limit when the US blew up the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the Kosovo War.  The deterioration in US-China relations, along with the deterioration in US-Russian relations was directly linked to the Kosovo War, which was an act of evil by the US government.

Today, as Washington trotted out those selected to spin the press, a weather elephant was overhead.  The elephant is the symbol of a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A couple was killed by a wild elephant in Malaysia.  Both the man and his wife were 59.  Their names corresponded to Ishmael and Isaac, which emphasizes the Arab persecution of the the Jew.   Malaysia is in the region of Zebulun in Asia, which corresponds to Florida and the Palestinians at Gaza.  Thus, this incident is related to the Palestinian attacks on Israel.  This is also a good example of Baal (symbolized by the elephant) as the enemy of Marriage.

Admiral Fargo received the report from the Naval Court of Inquiry into the sinking of the Ehime Maru by the USS Greeneville.  The report will be the basis for the decision as to whether to court marshal any of the officers of the USS Greeneville.  There were no elephants over Hawaii.  They left before the Court of Inquiry ended.  However, there were two eagles heads over the Pacific.  Eagles are symbols of throne angels.

Hawaii is the 50th state, the number for the Church.  Today was April 13, which stands for the double blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh and is associated with California and Israel.  Fargo received the report in Hawaii rather than San Diego.  Hawaii is at 21 N., for Providential Preventative Suffering, and 157 W., for Zebulun, or Florida.  Florida is associated with ships and planes.  All of this must be taken in its entirety and not just to answer the question of whether there will be courts marshal.  For example, the Providential Preventative Suffering has been fulfilled since only 9 members of the crew of the Ehime Maru were lost.  Yet there may be more punishment for the officers of the USS Greeneville.  Divine Punishment associated with number 50 amounts to the Christian being judged under the Laws of Establishment.  An example would be a Christian arrested for a crime.  When this happens, the Christian still has freedom in Christ, but he may be punished by the world.  It appears that regardless of the outcome, the submarine's skipper, Commander Scott Waddle, can now start being the Christian he claims to be and forget about his Navy career.

The collision of the Ehime Maru and the USS Greeneville was related to the curse of Baal.  The collision of the EP-3 and the Chinese F-8 was also related to the curse of Baal.  Neither Fargo nor Rumsfeld can do anything to change the past.  And neither can do anything under the Laws of Establishment to solve the problems they now face.  While Rumsfeld was running his mouth today, an elephant was overhead.  Both the EP-3 and the USS Greeneville incidents involved the Navy.  And both were related to Hawaii where the USA got sucked into the last holocaust of Israel.  It was the Church that failed the Client Nation in 1941 and it is the Church that is failing the Client Nation in 2001.  The Lord has not forgotten.  Now history is repeating.


1.  "Chinese, Cuban Presidents Discuss Bilateral Ties,"  April 13, 2001, Xinhua News.

Author:  Larry Wood