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Texas Woman Kills Her 5 Children

Pit Bulls Maul California Boy

Texas Woman Kills Her 5 Children

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June 20 (Day 171, Strait):  Andrea Yates, 36, killed her 5 children this morning in Clear Lake City, Texas.  The children, who were drowned in the bath tub, were:  Mary, 6 months, Luke, 2, Paul, 3, John, 5, and Noah, 7.  The names indicate a Christian family.  Yates, who was said to be suffering from postpartum depression since the birth of the fourth child, called police to her home at 942 Beachcomber Lane shortly before 10:00 AM CDT and confessed.  The number, 42, in the address stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The woman's husband, Russell Yates, works for NASA at nearby Johnson Space Center in the Shuttle Program, which is under the influence of Baal due to NASA's partnership with Russia on Space Station.

The photos show the Roman arch architecture in the Yates home, which correlates to the arch in Brdo Castle where Presidents Bush and Putin met on June 16.

California Pit Bulls Maul Boy

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Shawn Jones, 10, of Richmond, California was savagely attacked by three pit bulls yesterday as he was riding his new bike.  The dogs mauled him and left him for dead. His ears were torn off, and he was seriously wounded on his head, face and arms.  The owner, Benjamin Moore, 27, returned home about 7:30 PM to find the dogs out shortly after the incident.  He loaded them up and took them away.  Police have arrested him and his girlfriend, Jacinda Lynn Knight, 33, but the dogs have not been found.

Powell Going to Israel

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President Bush called Arafat and urged him to comply with the Tenet Truce.  He also called Mubarak, and Sharon.  Sharon is due in Washington, DC June 26th for meetings with President Bush and Colin Powell.  Powell will also travel to the Middle East toward the end of next week to try to shore up the dysfunctional Tenet Truce.  In the mean time US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) William Burns is being sent back to the region to lay the groundwork for Powell diplomacy.

Ilya Kirivitz, 62, of Homesh in Samaria, was murdered by a Palestinian.  He was shot in the head at close range.  The name, Ilya, is a Slavic form of Elijah, which means the LORD is my God.  The LORD, who is the Jehovah of the Old Testament, is the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament.  The number, 62, stands for the end.

An Israeli soldier was slightly injured when a bomb exploded near him.  And the killers of Georgios Tsibukakis, the Greek monk who was killed last week, were apprehended by Jerusalem police.  They were members of Arafat's Force 17.

Arafat's Trouble

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Yasser Arafat met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at the Mediterranean summer resort of Borg el Arab.  The photos reveal a defiant Arafat seated at the foot of the table.  Defiance, or at least over confidence, is revealed with the right hand over the left and clasped hands like a bird cage on the table.  Mubarak is running the meeting, not Arafat; therefore, Arafat is at the foot of the table.  The foot of the table is the place for being stepped on (Matthew 5:13).  The two are also meeting under the green tree, the symbol of a reversionist (Jeremiah 3:6; Psalm 37:35).

Eagle, 6-19-01, 2145 GMT, NOAA


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There were no tornadoes reported in the USA.  However, there was plenty of hail and wind damage.  There were at least 60 hail and 38 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was in three areas, Florida, Indiana, and the central USA.  The first hail and wind damage was reported in Florida's Osceola County #26, for Political Babylon.

Tropical Storm Barbara

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Tropical Storm Barbara formed in the eastern Pacific.  It has 35 knot winds and was moving toward Hawaii.

Tropical Storm Chebi

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Tropical Storm Chebi formed east of the Philippines.  It has 35 knot winds and is moving northwest.  A chebi (je-bi) is a swallow, which has a forked tail and visits Korea in the Spring.


There was severe weather with hail and wind damage in the USA.  The first hail and wind damage was reported in Florida's Osceola County #26, for Political Babylon.  Osceola was a Seminole Indian chief who fought against the US Army in Florida.  Osceola means Black Drink Singer.  During purification rites, a Seminole warrior drank black tea brewed from holly leaves and cried out "Assin-ye-o-la" as he drank.  The problem that the Seminoles posed to Florida civilization as lawless savages is similar to what Yasser Arafat is doing in the Middle East.

Today President George Bush called Arafat and urged him to stop the violence and abide by the Tenet Truce.  Bush set up another round of diplomacy.  Sharon will come to the US next week on the 26th, for Political Babylon, and Colin Powell will go to the Middle East.

Last night at 7:30 PM a vicious pit bull attack in California almost killed a 10-year old boy.  There were 3 pit bulls, the number for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  The owner of the dogs was 27, for a horn, which gores.  There were puncture wounds from the dog bites.  The owner's girlfriend, who was arrested with the owner, was 33, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit for a male child.  Note that 3 is a factor of 3, 27, and 33.  The boy was 10, which represents the Laws of Establishment.  Dogs represent Gentile reversionists.  The dogs were wild, which means they were raised in the Cosmic System outside of true authority.  Contrary to what some people believe, domestic dogs are not supposed to be wild.  They aren't supposed to bark bite the neighbors.  It doesn't matter that they were pit bulls.  The problem is spiritual.  When the owner is under the power of Baal, the dog will be too.  The attack on the boy was the work of Baal.  The attack was in Richmond, which means burial mound for rich people.  California is the region of the double blessing, which is in the same location in the USA as Israel in Asia.

Today, California Governor, Gray Davis, was on Capitol Hill demanding a refund from the federal government for not preventing the incompetence of the California government.  And the chairman of the committee was Joseph Lieberman.

A woman in Clear Lake City, Texas killed her five children.  The number, 5, stands for a giant, such as Baal.  The address was 942 Beachcomber, where 42 stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  In Israel before the Fifth Cycle of Discipline, the women sacrificed their children to Baal (Jeremiah 7:31; Ezekiel 16:20-21).  The problem in Clear Lake was Baal.  Christian stragglers who reject Bible Doctrine will be eaten by Baal for lunch.  The parents provide Spiritual blessing or cursing for the family.

Today was June 20th, for the military.  Lori Berenson, 31, a US citizen, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after conviction for helping plan an attack on Peru's congress building by Peru's Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Forces. And it was Day 171, for a strait.

Author:  Larry Wood