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Andrea Yates Arraigned

Typhoon Man-yi

Andrea Yates Arraigned

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August 8 (Day 220, Cursing):   Andrea Pea Yates of Clear Lake City, Texas was arraigned on capital murder charges in Houston (Harris County).  She pled not guilty by reason of insanity.  The prosecutor plans to file paperwork to make the death penalty an option.  Meanwhile a competency hearing will be held with a jury to determine if Yates is competent to stand trial.

Yates was indicted on July 30th for the murder of 3 of her 5 children.  All 5 children were killed, but she was only charged with the deaths of three.  Five is the number for a giant, such as Baal.  The killings were inspired by Baal.  Yates' husband works for NASA at Johnson Space Center.  Tomorrow is the scheduled launch of the STS-105 Mission, which will carry the Expedition 3 crew to International Space Station.  The Expedition 3 Mission patch features a book that resembles the bloody Hebrew Bible left on the street in Jerusalem after the stabbing of an Israeli on the day of Yates' indictment. The Bible was open to Genesis 5:30, which describes the birth of Noah.  Yates' oldest son, Noah, is one of the children listed in the murder indictment.

Taliban Presents Evidence Against 24 Christians

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The Taliban in Afghanistan presented evidence that was seized against the 24 international aid workers who were accused of spreading Christianity (reference August 6).  The picture of the evidence resembles the Space Station Expedition 3 Mission patch.  The Expedition 3 crew is scheduled to be launched tomorrow on STS-105.

Romulus Alligator Captured

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The alligator that escaped for the Romulus, Michigan police (reference August 3) was finally captured August 6th.  He was spotted in a mud bottomed pond covered with algae.  Five gator hunter volunteers waded through the pond four times, but the gator didn't come up.  Then on the fifth pass, as he came up, animal control police officer, Al Ostrowski, saw him, jumped into the slimy water, scooped and tossed him and another one of the men caught the gator with its head under his arm.  The animal control officer had chased the gator for 5 days.  The Launch Countdown for STS-105 began on August 6th.  There are three groups of five stars on the mission patch.  Romulus is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  An alligator, like a crocodile, is a symbol of a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Sharon Visits Turkey - CIA Monitor Plans

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Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, visited Turkey today.  Although Turkey is on peaceful terms with Israel, the Prime Minister criticized Israel's unwillingness to negotiate under fire.  Turkey also has been working with the US State Department to be allowed to work as international monitors with the US CIA in Israel.  Plans for expanded US CIA monitors in Israel are due to be presented Monday, August 13th.  However, Sharon told US Secretary of State Colin Powell yesterday that Israel would not agree to international monitors.  Turkey is in the region of Benjamin, the wolf who ate the spoils of victory, in Asia.

CIA Headquarters Catches Fire

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The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters building in Washington, DC caught fire yesterday about 5:45 PM EDT.  The building was evacuated as smoke billowed out.  Although the fire was contained in about 30 minutes, smoke damage was estimated at $1 million.  The fire started when hot material from a torch that workers were using to do repairs on the top floor of the building fell through the ventilation system into a small utility closet where wooden shelves caught fire.  There were a lot of flames, and the smoke traveled through the ventilation system.

Cessna Pilot Returns from Cuba

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Milo John Reese, who hijacked a Cessna 172 and flew to Cuba on July 31st, was flown back to Miami today on a commercial jet charter flight.  He was promptly arrested by the police, who planned to turn him over to the FBI.   He faces grand theft charges for allegedly stealing the $60,000 plane.

Bush Bangs His Finger Building a House

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President Bush and Laura helped build a Habitat for Humanity house for a single mother, Gladys Evans, her daughter Destini, 16, and son Edwin, 14.  During the work, the President bumped his left index finger on a board and put a band aide on it.  The injury was to the outside of the finger near the base of the fingernail.

The left hand represents the Right Woman, who is the helping hand (Genesis 2:18, 20).  The index finger represents ego, which is how a person presents himself to the world.  The back of the hand, the location of the injury, represents how the person is seen by the world.  And the end joint of the finger represents the outward expression or sensory detection.  The blood on the finger, like the red cap of the President, represented suffering.  Putting all this together, the man suffered because of his Right Woman as seen by the world.  The specific meaning is a matter for the Holy Spirit to reveal to the President.

What is even more interesting is how the names of the children were fulfilled.  Destini, obviously, means destiny.  The destiny, which is sometimes called fate, is the Plan of God, the Father, for a person.  Destiny applies to believers and unbelievers.  Destini grew up to have the President of the USA work on her house.  Edwin means rich or blessed friend.  Edwin had a rich and blessed friend in President Bush.  Gladys is probably a variation of Claudia, which means lame or cripple.


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 6 hail and 43 wind damage reports.  Most of the severe weather was in North Dakota and Minnesota in the region of Dan, the judge and symbol of the federal judiciary.

Tropical Storms

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Tropical Storm Man-yi

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Man-yi was down graded to a tropical storm in the northwest Pacific.  It is east of Japan where it is traveling north with winds of 55 knots. Man-yi was at the bottom of the image of an elephant's trunk again today.  Man-yi (mun-yi) was originally the name of a strait.


Andrea Yates was arraigned for the murder of 3 of her 5 children.  The prosecutor will seek the death penalty.  Meanwhile a competency hearing will be held to determine if Yates is competent to stand trial.  The murders of the children were the work of Baal.  Yates' indictment on July 30th was linked to a blood stained Hebrew Bible from an Israeli who was stabbed in Jerusalem on the same day.  That Bible was opened to Genesis 5:30, which describes the birth of Noah.  Yates' oldest son was Noah.  The blood stained Hebrew Bible is also portrayed on the NASA Space Station Expedition 3 Mission patch.  Tomorrow is the scheduled launch of STS-105, which will carry the Expedition 3 crew to the Space Station.

Thus, the arraignment was also associated with STS-105.  The STS-105 Mission patch contains three groups of five stars.  Yates was indicted for killing 3 of her 5 children.  The International Space Station is like the Tower of Babel in that it is outside the Sovereign will of God.  The Space Station is under the power of Baal as NASA has teamed with the Russian.  Yates' husband works for NASA at Johnson Space Center.  Baal is the enemy of Marriage, children, Israel, and NASA.  Parents on jobs under the power of Baal may be the source of cursing for their family.

The alligator that escaped in Romulus, Michigan was captured by 5 people on the fifth pass through a pond on August 6th, the day the STS-105 Launch Countdown began.  The groups of five also correspond to the STS-105 Mission patch, which contains three groups of five stars.  Romulus is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  An alligator represents Baal.

The Afghanistan Taliban released evidence today to support its charges of spreading Christianity against 24 international aid workers that were arrested .  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel. The picture of the evidence resembles the Space Station Expedition 3 Mission patch.

Milo John Reese, who hijacked a Cessna 172 and flew to Cuba on July 31st, was flown back to Miami today.  The NASA STS-105 Mission patch portrays the US Cessna flying to Cuba and the boats of Cuban refugees traveling to the USA.

The US CIA headquarters caught fire yesterday and caused about $1 million in damage.  The CIA is planning to be international monitors in Israel.  A plan for Turkey to work with them is in work.  The fire at the CIA headquarters is the cursing of Abraham.  The CIA Tenet Truce has proven to be a farce.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).

The CIA fire and the Romulus alligator hunt are examples of sane people who lack objectivity, while the Andrea Yates case and the Milo John Reese case represent people with mental problems.  When people using a blow torch are so stupid that they don't consider safety, that is not normal regardless of what the fire marshall says.  And when people start a fire and don't attack it, that is cowardly and is not normal.  If people are using blow torches and don't have fire extinguishing equipment readily available, that is a sign of no management.  When people chase a 3 1/2 foot alligator for five days and wade through a pond to catch him bare-handed, that is not sane behavior.  There are animals raised up for dishonor, and animals raised up for honor (Romans 9:21).  Reptiles are not honorable creatures.  When such creatures become a nuisance, they should be killed.

Many of the lies about animals have been propogated by cartoons and people like Disney.  One of the motivations for the abnormal behavior of the animal police in Romulus was the people who made jokes about the alligator caper, as if it were "cute."  Rubber alligators were left in the animal control officer's car.  Why would a sane person even have a rubber alligator, which is an animal of dishonor?  The answer is because the person lacks objectivity and has been brainwashed by Baal.

Similarly dishonorable people who murder and steal should be executed per the principles of jurisprudence taught in the Mosaic Law.  It doesn't matter if they were insane.  Insanity is not an excuse.  They still wanted to do it, and the victim has been deprived of the right to life and freedom.  The only justice for the victim is to execute the criminal, who is a vessel of dishonor.

Today was August 8th, for the new birth.  And it was Day 220, for cursing.

Author:  Larry Wood