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Jetliners Crash into NY World Trade Center and Pentagon

Airliners Crashed and Targets

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Passengers & Crew
08:48 AM AA Flight 11 Boston - LA NY World Trade C. N. 81 - 11
09:04 AM UA Flight 175 Boston - LA NY World Trade C. S. 56 - 9
09:38 AM AA Flight 77 DC, Dulles - LA DC, Pentagon 58 - 6
10:20 AM UA Flight 93 Newark - San Francisco Somerset, PA 38 - 7

Terrorism Strikes USA

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September 11 (Day 254, Redemption):  The USA was hit with a major terrorist attack this morning when airliners were hijacked and crashed into the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon in a day that will live in infamy like the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The twin towers of the 110 story World Trade Center later collapsed.  Four airliners, loaded with fuel, on cross country flights to California were hijacked.  Two of the airliners, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were crashed into the twin World Trade Center towers in New York City.  American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  And United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near Somerset, Pennsylvania apparently enroute to Washington, DC.

The US Government immediately went on alert.  President Bush, who went jogging in the morning and was talking to an elementary class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida when the attacks occurred, went to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, and then departed for the Strategic Command Center in Nebraska.  Louisiana corresponds to Simeon criminality, while Nebraska is associated with the Merarites and Fire Testing.  The Vice President was sent to a separate location; the Pentagon was evacuated; and Congress was removed to safe locations.  All air transportation in the USA was grounded.  Other government installations like Kennedy Space Center went on the highest state of alert and were evacuated in preparations for defense against terrorist threat.

All of the airliners diverted were headed to California, which corresponds in the USA to the location of Israel in Asia.  Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles was the first to strike the north tower of the World Trade Center.  Flight 11 struck the 110 story tower on September 11th, where 11 stands for a witness, as in court.  Boston is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The south tower of the World Trade Center was struck by United Airlines Flight 175, where 75 stands for Sovereignty, which means the terrorist strikes were scheduled as cursing from the Sovereignty of God.  The other two flights were Flight 77, for Reverse Process Reversionism, and Flight 93, for guilt.

Among the nations of the world who offered support and solidarity for the USA in the crisis were Great Britain and Israel.  Tony Blair made an impressive speech.  And Ariel Sharon said that all Israelis were one with the American people.  Among those who cheered our suffering were the Palestinians.  President Bush was in Florida at the time of the attack.  He was at Emma E. Booker Elementary, where Emma means universal, or sovereignty.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

Palestinians Celebrate NY Terrorist Attack

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Palestinians in the West Bank danced in the streets, passed out sweets, and fired their rifles into the air in celebration of the terrorist attack on the USA.


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There were no severe weather reports in the USA.
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 Tropical Storm Ivo
Hurricane Erin
Tropical Storm Danas
Tropical Storm Felix
Typhoon Nari
Hurricane Erin, 9-11-01, 2100 GMT, NOAA

Hurricane ErinHurricane Erin, 9-11-01, 1300 GMT, Navy

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Hurricane Erin, 9-11-01, 1415 GMT, NOAAHurricane Erin sat off the east coast of the USA opposite Washington, DC today with its eye watching.  Then it finally turned northeast and began its departure out to sea.  The track of Erin formed an angular point, which is the symbol for an the point of an attack.  The point was formed during the terrorist attacks today as Erin sat off the coast.  The weather elephant hooked up with Erin today.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Erin is moving northeast with 80 knot winds.  Erin is a form of the female name, Éire, which means Ireland.

Tropical Storm Danas in Japan

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Danas (19W) weakened to a tropical storm as it traveled up the eastern coast of Japan through Tokyo after making landfall yesterday at Minamiizu.  Today it decreased to 50 knot winds.  Danas (Dah-nas) is a Philippine name that means to experience, to feel.

Tropical Storm Felix

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Tropical Storm Felix was named in the Atlantic.  Felix is traveling northwest with 35 knot winds.  The name, Felix, is from a Russian name that means successful or lucky.

Tropical Storm Ivo

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Tropical Storm Ivo was named in the Pacific off Mexico.  It is traveling northwest with 35 knot winds.  Ivo means yew, an evergreen tree or shrub.  Green trees often symbolize reversionists.

Typhoon Nari

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Typhoon Nari continued to drift around in a loop and intensified in the northwestern Pacific north of Taiwan.  It has 95 knot winds and is drifting east after looping back for the second time.  A loop is the sign of a crook, who returns to the scene of the crime.  Nari is the name of a Korean lily.

Tropical Storms

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The terrorist attack upon the United States of America, Client Nation to God, was the worst in the history of the world.  Many people were shocked into outrage and others seemed willing to listen to Bible Doctrine.  People usually run back to church in a crisis.  However, the crisis today in the USA was not from an enemy that can be easily found and destroyed.  Even Sandy Berger figured that out.  Everyone wants to know what happened and why.  The why will have to be answered by God, but the Spiritual analysis of what happened is simple.  It was punishment from the Sovereignty of God.  When God orders the punishment, it will not be stopped by man.

The attack upon the USA was upon the twin towers of the World Trade Center, where the twin towers stand for a witness.  The first strike was by Flight 11 on September 11 on a building 110 stories tall.  The number, 11, is the number for a witness and the number of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas.  The other strike against the south tower of the World Trade Center was from Flight 175, where 75 stands for Sovereignty.  President Bush was in Florida at Emma E. Booker Elementary, where Emma means sovereign, or universal.  Terrorists may have planned the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but only God in His Sovereign Design could have lined up all the numbers to explain what really happened.

The Doctrine of Sovereignty is not going to be understood by the beginner.  It is taught by very few pastors and understood by even fewer.  Yet, it explains the worst terrorist attack in history, which happened today.  The Sovereignty of God ordered a similar attack against Job and another against Joseph.  Job lost all he had in a day, except his wife; and it took her a few days before she left.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his evil brothers, but God ordered it in His Sovereign Design.  Joseph wasn't bitter at his rotten brothers because he realized it was from the Sovereignty of God.

The evil that was exposed today is the same evil that has been obvious almost every day.  The two flights that hit the World Trade Center both originated in Boston, which is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Baal is the enemy of children.  He is the problem in the schools, not the federal government.  Baal is the enemy of Marriage and the enemy of Israel.  Israel suffered terribly Sunday from terrorism.  And the Pentagon, is a five-sided figure shaped like a Cosmic stronghold of a giant, or demon Commander, such as Baal.  The problem in the US military is Baal.

The news agencies, which do an excellent job of packaging the news but are usually lacking in insight, reported that the attack came out of the blue and that we were blindsided.  That is bull!  Christians who were executing the Spiritual Life were into this fight from the time Erin popped up and before - not that the news agencies would know anything about that.  Hurricane Erin was literally sitting off the coast of Washington, DC during all the attacks.  Of course, no one was concerned, because the weather service had good model data that said that Erin would turn and go out to sea.  When God cranks up a 100 knot hurricane with an eye on Washington, DC and it is totally ignored as even an omen by the likes of President Bush, who was pretending he was a kindergarten teacher again, then people are divorced from reality.  These are the same people who are going to retaliate against an act of God.  The terrorists should have been annihilated long ago.  Maybe these people will do it now, but it's not likely.

For those who recognize that God may be trying to get them to wake up, as long as a person is alive, God still has a purpose for his life.  It's never too late to Rebound and start the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine.  That is the only way to execute the Spiritual Life.

Today was Day 254, for Redemption.  The Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed us through His substitutionary Spiritual death in our behalf on the Cross.  The door is open for all who will accept the gift of Eternal Life.  Salvation is obtained by believing in Jesus Christ.  He is the only Savior.  There is salvation in none other.

Author:  Larry Wood