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Hurricane Iris Jamaica

Elephants, 10-7-01, 1624 GMT, Navy Elephants, 10-7-01, 1745 GMT, Navy Elephant, 10-7-01, 1630 GMT, Navy

US Attacks Afghanistan

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October 7 (Day 280, Cosmic Stronghold):  The US military with assistance from Great Britain launched an attack on Afghanistan to wipe out terrorist strongholds.  The attack came 26 days after the terrorist attack on the USA on September 11.  The attack began about 8:45 PM local (1615 GMT, 12:15 PM EDT) and targeted the Taliban's air defense installations, defense ministry, airport-based command centers, airfields, electrical grids and other energy production facilities.  The attack included about 15 land-based bombers, and 25 strike aircraft; and US and British ships and submarines fired about 50 Tomahawk missiles against terrorist targets.

After the attack began, Arab television played a video of bin Laden, which was made after September 11th.  He wagged his forefinger, the sign of belligerency, and voiced his support for other Arabs like Iraq and the Palestinians.  He called for a war between Islam and the West.

Barry Bonds Hits Homer #73

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Barry Bonds hit his 73rd home run this season in the first inning against Los Angeles.  The number, 73, stands for freedom.  He hit a knuckle ball on a full count to give him a career-high 137 RBIs, where 37 is the number for a warrior.  Bonds was wearing #25, for sovereignty.  Bonds is 37, for a warrior.  He was born July 24, 1964, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

Rickey Henderson Gets Hit #3,000

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Rickey Henderson, 42, got his 3,000th hit on the final day of the season.  He hit a blooper to right field for a double on the first pitch against Colorado.  Henderson of the San Diego Padres, wearing #24, became the  25th member of the 3,000-hit club.  Henderson left the game after the first inning.  He has been playing with a bruised left knee from a ball he fouled off it on October 4th.

WeatherElephant, 10-7-01, 1845 GMT, NOAA

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There were no tornadoes reported in the USA and no severe weather reports.

The image of a weather elephant moved off the east coast of the USA along the advancing cold front.  However, the trunk of the elephant, which formed the FLOT (Forward Line of Troops) Line, was across central Florida today during the Afghan attack.  Another weather elephant was over Great Britain.  There was a whirlwind over the Great Lakes and southern Canada and a large whirlwind west of Great Britain.  Hurricane Iris was in the Atlantic southwest of Jamaica; Tropical Storm Jerry followed in the Atlantic; and Typhoon Krosa was in the northwest Pacific.

Tropical Storms

Ecumenical Babylon
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Cosmic Babylon
Hurricane Iris
Typhoon Krosa
Tropical Storm Jerry

Hurricane Iris Rakes JamaicaHurricane Iris, Jamaica,  10-7-01, 1145 GMT, Navy

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Hurricane Iris rolled past Jamaica as the northern edge of the eye reached the southern side of the Island about 1145 GMT about 17 N., for lawlessness, and 77 W., for Reverse Process Reversionism.  It had 75 knot winds at the time.  It is now traveling west with 80 knot winds.  Iris is Greek for a rainbow, which symbolizes the end of judgment.

Tropical Storm Jerry

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Tropical Storm Jerry was in the Atlantic.  It is moving west with 45 knot winds.  Jerry is a short form of Jeremiah, which means Jehovah raises up, stabilizes, or promotes.  Jeremiah was the prophet of Israel prior to the Fifth Cycle of Discipline in 586 BC.

Typhoon Krosa

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Typhoon Krosa was in the northwest Pacific.  It is moving north northeast with 85 knot winds.  Krosa is a Cambodian name for a crane (bird).

Tropical Storms

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TRACKS  East | West
Political Babylon


The US military and Great Britain attacked Afghanistan in retaliation for the terrorist attack on the US.  It was 26 days since the September 11th terrorist attack, where 26 stands for Political Babylon.  The attack was against Taliban infrastructure and terrorist training camps.  Today was October 7th, for Categorical Punishment.  And it was Day 280, for a cosmic stronghold.  The terrorist training camps in Afghanistan represent a cosmic stronghold.

The attack was explained by the weather map.  There was a weather elephant off the east coast of the US with its trunk through central Florida.  The trunk represented the FLOT line.  Tampa, in central Florida, is one of the command headquarters for the Afghan attack.  And Florida is responsible for air and sea defense in the Spiritual realm.  The attack on Afghanistan used both planes and sea launched cruise missiles.  There was another weather elephant over Great Britain, which joined the US in the attacks.  And there were elephants over the northwestern USA in the region of Benjamin, the wolf who ate the spoils of victory.  The elephants represented a demon Commander, such as Baal.

The elephants mean that Baal was the enemy of the USA in the Spiritual War that accompanied the temporal war.  The blessing or cursing of troops in the field is related to the Christian defense network.

A horse is a false hope for victory;
Nor does it deliver anyone by its great strength. (Psalm 33:17, NAS)
The horse symbolizes military transportation systems, such as tanks, helicopters, and airplanes.  The success of the military depends upon the remnant of doctrinal believers in the nation.  Apostate believers bring cursing in spite of their good intentions.

The baseball records set today reveal how the Sovereign Design of God relates to other events of history, such as the US attack on Afghanistan.  Barry Bonds, 37, for a warrior, hit home run #73, for freedom.  Notice that 73 is 37 reversed.  This is God's way of saying the beginning and the end.  The Lord Jesus Christ will return at the end of the Tribulation to conquer the enemies of Israel.  His title will the the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  Bonds was born July 24th, 1964, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  Islam has played into the devil's hand because it is trying to usher in the millennium without Jesus Christ.

And today, Rickey Henderson, 42, got his 3,000th hit on the final day of the season.  The number, 42, stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  This corresponds to the elephants on the weather map.  He hit a blooper to right field for a double on the first pitch he got against Colorado.  Colorado is the region of the summits that corresponds to the Middle East peace process, which is responsible for our nation's cursing.  Henderson, wearing #24, became the  25th member of the 3,000-hit club.  Here's the number, 24, again.  And 25 stands for God's Sovereignty.  The weather elephants represented punishment from the Sovereignty of God just as did the September 11th attack.  The whirlwinds beside the elephants represented the free will of man.  The number, 3,000, means the Justice of the Holy Spirit, but it also is a number for Judgment, like the number, 300, for the length of Noah's Ark (300 cubits).  Barry Bonds' 3,000th hit was in the Sovereign Design of God.  It was not an act of free will.  Most players would like to have 3,000 hits, but they can't get them.

Hurricane Iris passed by Jamaica today without doing major damage.  Jamaica is shaped like a large bird, such as an eagle, the symbol of a Throne Angel.  The bird correlated to the US air strikes.  Iris means rainbow in Greek.  A rainbow is the sign of the end of judgment.  Iris was followed by Tropical Storm Jerry, which stands for Jeremiah, who was the prophet to Israel before the end of judgment on Client Nation Israel in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  This is the same combination as the 37 - 73.  Israel went out under the Fifth Cycle of Discipline following the Roman invasion of 70 AD.  The end of Judgment was after the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  At the Second Advent at the end of the Jewish Age, the order will be reversed as symbolized by the rainbow of Iris followed by Jeremiah.  At the Second Advent, Israel will not be destroyed but delivered.

The terrorist attack on the US was an attempt to start a war between Islam and Christianity to destroy Israel, conquer the world, and set up the millennium without fulfilling the unconditional promises to Israel.  Was bin Laden this smart?  He is a lot closer to the truth than President Bush, and he is a lot closer to death.  In his video bin Laden called for a war between Muslim believers and unbelievers in the world.  He divided the world into two halves, the Muslims and the infidels, which is what he calls the Christians.  This is nothing less than an attempt at world domination.  However, President Bush's coalition of 40 nations is closer to world domination than bin Laden's 3,000 followers.  There is a Holy War going on, and that war will not be won by military might, which does not mean that terrorists should not be destroyed.  The West is a breeding ground for terrorists due to the lack of the rule of law.  Criminality rules the West.  The only hope for this nation is Christians who will execute the Spiritual life.  God brought the curse of terrorism, and He is the only one who can remove it.

Author:  Larry Wood