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Mullah Omar Reportedly Being Held

The End of the Taliban

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December 7 (Day 341, Happiness):  In the early hours of Day 62 of the Afghan war, the Taliban ran for their lives from their last two strongholds of Kandahar and Spin Boldak.  Taliban dictator, Mullah Omar, and Osama bin Laden appeared to have slipped away, but reports tonight from the UK Times are that Omar is being held captive by a local Afghan war lord who will turn him over in the morning.  After agreeing earlier to turn in their weapons today and surrender, the Taliban broke their word and took off as early as 1:00 AM and kept their weapons.  Gone were the cries of Jihad.  Gone were the Arab riots and demonstrations.  Gone are the bluffs of fighting to the death.  Gone are the arrogant lies of the al-Qa'eda-Taliban conspiracy.  Evil kings without their armies are silent.

The conflict began with the arrest of two US Christian air workers from Texas on August 3rd, led to the terrorist attack of September 11th, and escalated into a war with the United States.  The power of the Taliban came to an end on Day 62 of the Afghan war, where 62 stands for the end.  The war began on October 7th, Day 280, for a cosmic stronghold.  Today the last two Taliban strongholds collapsed.  Today was December 7th, for the completion of a category, and Day 341, for Justice (3) and Happiness (41).  The numbers always come true because the Lord Jesus Christ controls human history per the Sovereign Design of God.

The final assault of the Tora Bora caves is under way with US bombing support.  The main cave complex has been captured along with some of the Arab women that were left behind.  However, the cave complex has not been fully searched.  It is believed that bin Laden is still in the Tora Bora area.  A local anti-Taliban fighters claims to have seen him on a horse three days ago, and others report hearing radio traffic asking about "the sheikh," who is bin Laden.  The al-Qa'eda forces are still fighting in the area.

One Thing Arafat Cannot Provide

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As Israeli air strikes destroyed more Palestinian buildings, Yasser Arafat struggled for survival.  Whether a stroke of genius, or a lucky strike, Ariel Sharon has demanded the one thing Yasser Arafat cannot provide, law and order.  Israel and the US have demanded that Arafat honor the law and arrest terrorists.  The Palestinians are inherently lawless.  As females who reject the authority of their husbands, Palestinians have no respect for authority.  The Laws of Establishment are not respected.  Treaties are not respected.  And women are quick to condemn and spout venomous epithets.

The Palestinians have ridden a wave of lawlessness in the world that began with the rebellious female in the US.  With the highest divorce rate in the world, attributed to the American female, Client Nation USA has fed the fuel of Palestinian lawlessness.  The female usurpation of authority is as old as the Garden.  The Palestinians, as no other people in the world today, exhibit the persona of the lawless female.  They protest and riot and reject the Law in every form.  Many are murderers and liars, two characteristics of Satan, who runs the Palestinian rebellion under the name of Baal.

The US connection was seen today with Anthony Zinni's security meeting with the Israelis and Palestinians.  The three groups  represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon, which means slavery to the Cosmic System of Satan.  Less than a week after Palestinian terrorist bombings, Zinni is willing to forget the previous empty promises and trust Arafat again.  As a minimum this is lack of objectivity.  At worst, it is insanity.

Olympic Torch:  God of Fire - Goddess of Love

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The Olympic torch arrived in Orlando tonight for a special ceremony at Lake Eola.  The olympic torch represents the worship of Baal as the god of fire, which is equivalent to the god of war.  Lake Eola has a fountain in the middle, which represents the promiscuous female that represents Baal as the goddess of love.  Satan reveals himself as the god of war and goddess of love, the ultimate contradiction.  The Olympic torch was carried around Lake Eola (with its fountain in the middle) in a boat.  This was the ultimate symbol of Baal worship.  The Olympics, like many other international activities, are sponsored by Satan.
Elephant, 12-7-01, 2301 GMT, Navy Elephants, 12-7-01, 2330 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.  

Today, two huge weather elephants were near enough to kiss in the Atlantic.  One of the elephants ran through Great Britain and represented the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair's support for the US in the Afghan war.  The other elephant ran through Washington, DC and Texas, the home state of President Bush.  Tropical Storm Kajiki was west of the Philippines.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Storms

Ecumenical Babylon
Political Babylon
Cosmic Babylon
Tropical Storm Kajiki

Tropical Storm Kajiki

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Tropical Storm Kajiki was west of the Philippines.  It is moving west with 35 knot winds.  Kajiki is the name of the constellation Dorado, which is a called the goldfish but is the Hawaiian mahi-mahi and is erroneously called the swordfish.

Tropical Storms

Cosmic                  Ecumenical Babylon

TRACKS  East | West
Political Babylon


The two weather elephants over the Atlantic were close enough to kiss.  One elephant stretched through Texas and Washington, DC, the obvious sign of President Bush, who is from Texas.  And the other elephant ran through Great Britain.  They represented President Bush and Tony Blair who were both pleased with their war efforts today as the era of the Taliban ended.  The US and Great Britain are the major allies in the Afghan war.  There were some problems, however.  Elephants represent a demon Commander, such as Baal.  The Taliban rule ended, but it appeared that Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden had hidden.  And the entire Taliban army appears to have escaped.  Although the Taliban collapsed, the strategic objectives of the war have not yet been fulfilled.  The war is not over until the evil king is killed.

Another weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest in the region of Benjamin, the wolf who ate the spoils of victory.  This elephant represented the defeat of the Taliban.

In spite of the problems, the end of the Taliban came with little bloodshed.  The Taliban broke their agreement and ran away with their weapons rather than surrender.  However, their rule ended on Day 62 of the Afghan war, where 62 stands for the end.  This is yet another proof that the Lord Jesus Christ controls human history per the Sovereign Design of God.  The Afghan conflict began when two female Christian aid workers were arrested by the Taliban for spreading the gospel on August 3rd.  The gospel the power of God, and Christians are under divine protection.  The hallmark of the Taliban was male dominance just as the hallmark of the Palestinians is female dominance.  With the Palestinians the female dominance is so pervasive the men behave like rebellious women, with no respect for authority.

Ariel Sharon has demanded of Arafat the one thing he cannot produce, law and order.  Arafat's fall has paralleled the fall of the Taliban.  Arafat's loss of power can be seen as his former dupes no longer believe him.  This is due to the trend of human history.  Arafat rode a wave of lawlessness.  Lawless people were blind to his empty promises.  Now history has turned toward legalism, which is good for Israel and the Republicans, who are inherently legalistic.  Arafat hasn't changed.  History simply turned away from him.  He served a useful purpose.  He gave the lawless a champion, and, in so doing, exposed them for their feminine subjectivity.  Feminine subjectivity is thinking from the right lobe that is out of control, while masculine subjectivity is thinking from the left lobe that is out of control.

The end of the Taliban came on December 7th, for the completion of a category.  It was exactly two months since the beginning of the Afghan war on October 7th.  And it was Day 341 for Justice (3) and happiness (41).  There was happiness over the fall of the Taliban.  Although the rule of the Taliban has ended, the war is not over until the evil kings are killed.  This will require hand-to-hand combat.  Mullah Omar and bin Laden must be captured and executed.

Author:  Larry Wood