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Dog and Cat Dream

Dog and Cat Dream

July 13 (Day 194, Footstool):  After going to bed last night, I was accosted by a Cosmic System Counterattack, which I resisted with fellowship with Christ.  I thought as I went to bed that I would be disturbed by dreams as Pilate's wife, since the Zimmerman jury would convene in the morning to continue deliberations.  Shortly before dawn I dreamed I was running between the sidewalk and houses.  As I was running under some oaks with their roots protruding, I was thinking that I might trip over the roots.  I had just picked up a long rod.

As I looked over to my left, a large German shepherd dog with dark charcoal hair on the back and brownish hair underneath was sitting.  The dog saw me and bolted toward me.  He was bigger and stronger than me.  I clinched the rod, prepared to fight, and then woke up.

I thought about the dream briefly and then dozed back off to sleep.  It was before dawn.  Then I dreamed I was pulling out of a parking lot when a black pickup truck ahead of me passed by and a cat fell out of the wheel well.  The cat was a black Persian with some lighter cream colored fur underneath.  The cat, which was badly injured with some streaks of blood, curled up in a ball.  I knew the cat was dying and I couldn't help.  So I prepared to drive around the cat and leave it to someone else.

As I pulled onto the blacktop road, the cat suddenly rose straight up in the middle of my path, looked me in the eye, and began screaming, "Help!  Help!"  Although I could hear no sound, I could read the lips, which were the thin lips of George Zimmerman.  I realized the cat needed my help, so I decided to pick up the cat and take it to the vet.  Then I woke up.


The German shepherd attack dog symbolized a Gentile reversionist and male aggression (legalism).  The cat symbolized Baal and female lawlessness.  The screams with no sound symbolized Hardness of the Heart ears to hear, which do not hear (Matt 13:13).

The dream likely came from the Cosmic System - from a demon.  The interpretation is Divine viewpoint.

Released July 13, 2013 - 9:16 AM EDT (1316 GMT)

Author:  Larry Wood