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First US Terror Conspirator Arraignment

First US Terror Conspirator Arraignment

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January 2 (Day 2, Division):   Zacarias Moussaoui, 33, believed to be the 20th terrorist from the September 11th attack, was arraigned in US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.   He is charged with conspiracy with Osama bin Laden to murder thousands of people.  Moussaoui, a Frenchman of Moroccan descent, was the first person to be arraigned for the September 11th attack.  Although Moussaoui refused to enter a plea, a not guilty plea was accepted from his lawyer by US District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema.

A grand jury indicted Moussaoui December 11th, 2001 (Day 345) on six counts of conspiracy, four of which carry a possible death penalty.  He was jailed Aug. 16, 2001 (Day 228) in Minnesota after officials at a flying school convinced the FBI to do something.  Opening arguments in the trial are scheduled for October 14th, Day 287.

Euro Robberies

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Yesterday, in the Netherlands a 17-year-old boy was robbed at gun point of his first 100 euros, or $89, on the day the Euro took effect in Europe.  Today, Greece and Ireland suffered the first major Euro robberies since the new currency took effect in Europe yesterday.  In the northern Athens suburb of Holargos, a man robbed a post office savings branch of 76,000 euros, worth $68,400.  In Borrisokane, Ireland, three robbers, two of them armed with a hammer and a knife, robbed a branch of Allied Irish Banks where they grabbed about $1,800 worth of euros from a till.

Afghans Seek Mullah Omar Surrender

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Local Afghans are trying to negotiate a surrender with Mullah Muhammad Omar, the former Taliban leader, who is believed to be hiding in the mountains around Baghran about 100 miles northwest of Kandahar.  Mullah Omar is believed to be in Baghran district, in Helmand Province.  Baghran is at 31 N., for an evil king.  Mullah Omar represents one of the evil kings sought by the US.

Elephants, 1-2-02, 1915 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA overnight.  However, there were tornadoes and severe weather in the Miami, Florida area today, which will be in tomorrow's report.  The severe weather was associated with the weather elephants over Florida.

A weather elephant was over the west coast of the USA.  A group of three elephants were over Florida and the southeastern USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Cyclone Waka was in the southwest Pacific, and Cyclone Cyprien made landfall on Madagascar.

Cyclone Waka

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Cyclone Waka was named in the southwest Pacific.  Waka is northeast of Australia and moving south with 50 knot winds. Waka is a type of Japanese poetry.


A weather elephant was over the west coast in the region of Benjamin, the spoils of victory, and the double blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh.  This represents punishment related to Israel.  The US was sending Middle East envoy, Anthony Zinni back to Israel today, which will only bring more cursing.  And there were three elephants stacked over Florida and off the southeastern USA.  The three elephants represented Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon associated with Baal.  Severe weather associated with the elephants spun off tornadoes in Homestead, Florida, which was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew after President Bush (senior) entered the Middle East peace process.  Homestead is keyword for homeland, or the Land, which points to Israel.  Florida is in the region of Zebulun, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

However, Florida was also where many of the terrorists in the September 11th attack lived and trained.  Today the first terror conspirator indicted in the September 11 attack, Zacarias Moussaoui, 33, was arraigned in US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.  The number, 33, stands for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  Moussaoui was jailed Aug. 16, 2001 (Day 228) in Minnesota.  Day 228 stands for cursing (22) of a cosmic stronghold (28).  Minnesota is in the region of Dan, for the federal judiciary.  The FBI finally was convinced to lock up Moussaoui.  Opening arguments in the trial are scheduled for October 14th, Day 287.  The 14th stands for the Passover and 87 for a donkey, the symbol of Issachar, which covers the region of New York.  The hijacked planes with the terrorists passed over New York on September 11th.

Moussaoui is French of Moroccan descent.  France is in the region of Europe that corresponds to Israel, and Morocco corresponds to Asher.  The weather elephant over California corresponds to France, which is in the same relative geographic location in Europe as California in the USA.  The judge's name was Leonie, which is a variation of Leo, the lion.  A lion represents a Throne Angel.  But this would be a lioness, since the Judge is female.  The name, Ariel, means lioness of God.  Ariel Sharon is Prime Minister of Israel.

A boy was robbed in the Netherlands on the first day the euro became effective.  The Netherlands is in the region of Asher in Europe, which corresponds to Morocco in Africa.  Other robberies today were in Greece, in the region of Zebulun, and Ireland, in the region of Benjamin.  Three robbers in Ireland corresponded to Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  Two were armed with knives and hammers, the symbol of Babylon.  The terrorists of September 11 and Moussaoui were armed with knives.  The hammer (or war club) is a symbol of Babylon (Jeremiah 50:23).  The hammer is also a reminder of the Tent Peg Analogy:  Jael drove a tent peg through temple of the Canaanite commander who was fleeing from Barak (Judges 4:21).  The god, Thor, is symbolized with a war club.  The introduction of the euro is associated with the meaning of the year, 2002.  The robberies of the euro were punishment of European internationalism from the Sovereign Design of God.

Today was January 2nd, for divine division, or separation.  The arraignment of the first terrorist on the 1st month and 2nd day of 2002 is a graphic reminder of the Sovereign Design of history.  Moussaoui, 33, was separated (2) from the other terrorists by the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit (33).  He was separated from the other terrorists to stand trial in 2002 to demonstrate God's work of separation (2) in 2002.  If there had been 20 terrorists, it would have related to the military, but the 19 terrorists pointed to the federal judiciary.  Moussaoui was apprehended by the FBI (federal judiciary) in Minnesota, the region of Dan, which represents the federal judiciary.  Moussaoui has now been arraigned in federal court.  This is all divine design.

Author:  Larry Wood