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US Bombs Al-Qa'eda Meeting

Zinni Returns to Middle East

US Bombs Al-Qa'eda Meeting

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January 3 (Day 3, Trinity):   US planes unleashed their wrath on what was believed to be a meeting of the al-Qa'eda leadership, possibly involving bin Laden at a compound near Khowst south of Tora Bora.  Four Navy FA-18s and four B-1 bombers dropped as many as a hundred 2,000-pound bombs before an AC-130 gunship moved in.  The attack at 1500-1600 GMT was at the same base which was struck by US cruise missiles in 1998 after attacks on two US embassies in Africa.

Zinni Returns to Middle East

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Special US envoy, Anthony Zinni, returned to the Middle East to try to forge a cease-fire between the Palestinians and Israel.  His last trip to the Middle East was marked by an escalation in terrorism that drove him home in failure.

Afghanistan Earthquake

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A strong earthquake hit northeast Afghanistan at 12:05:27 PM local (07:05:27 GMT) 65 miles (110 km) south of Feyzabad, Afghanistan at 36 N., for Ai, and 70 E., for a pastor-teacher.  Pakistan recorded the quake as 5.8 magnitude and USGS 6.1.

Elephants, 1-2-02, 1915 GMT, PSC


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Cyclone Bernie, 1-3-02, 0502 GMT, NOAAFour tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All were in or around Homestead, Florida at 25 N., for Sovereignty, and 80 W., for strength.  There was also a hail report in Homestead.  The severe weather was associated with the weather elephants over Florida.

Cyclone Bernie made landfall in Australia's Northern Territory with winds of 45 knots.


Four tornados were reported in Homestead, Florida at 25 N., for Sovereignty, and 80 W., for strength.  The tornadoes were under the three elephants stacked over Florida yesterday.  The three elephants represented Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon associated with Baal.  Homestead, Florida was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew after former President Bush (senior) entered the Middle East peace process.  Homestead is a keyword for homeland, or the Land, which points to Israel.  Florida is in the region of Zebulun, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Homestead tornadoes were related to the arraignment of Zacarias Moussaoui yesterday, and they heralded the return of US envoy Anthony Zinni to the Middle East.  Hurricane Andrew began as a tropical depression on August 16, 1992.  Zacarias Moussaoui was incarcerated August 16, 2001.

Zinni's last trip to the Middle East was a disaster, but the diplomats of peace have a short memory.  Zinni has shown nothing to indicate that he represents justice, freedom, or God's side of history.  The peace process and the Mitchell Plan are evil counterattacks on the Abrahamic Covenant.  Those who opposed the Abrahamic Covenant are guaranteed cursing.  The Homestead tornadoes were at 25 N., for Sovereignty.  The central issue in the land for peace deal is national sovereignty.  Giving the Palestinians a nation violates God's Sovereign Design as explained by the Abrahamic Covenant.

The US resumed bombing in Afghanistan after halting on December 28th.  A ferocious attack was launched on a suspected al-Qa'eda leadership meeting that may have included bin Laden.  The end game for the capture of Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, may also be near.

The earthquake in northeast Afghanistan was a sign of divine judgment associated with the land and Ecumenical Babylon.  The earthquake was at 36 N., and 70 E., for a pastor-teacher, who teaches Bible Doctrine to destroy Ecumenical Babylon.  The earthquake on the 3rd was a sign of the Trinity and the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.

Cyclone Bernie struck Australia's Northern Territory, which is in the region of Dan, who represents the federal judiciary.  While Sydney in New South Wales, corresponding to Zebulun, is fighting fires, the Northern Territory is having a cyclone.  This is a replay of the last two sentences in the first paragraph that linked Hurricane Andrew, which hit Homestead, Florida in the region of Zebulun, to Zacarias Moussaoui, who was incarcerated by the FBI in Minnesota in the region of Dan.


Author:  Larry Wood