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Tampa Teen Copycat Terrorist

Suicide Note Supported 9-11 Attack and bin Laden

Tampa Teen Copycat Terrorist

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January 6 (Day 6, Man):   A suicide note found on the body of the 15-year old terrorist who crashed a Cessna 172 into the Bank of America Building in Tampa, Florida "expressed support for what happened on 9-11, including support for bin Laden."1  The note also said that the teen had acted alone.  In a premeditated act of domestic terrorism, Charles J. Bishop, 15 of Palm Harbor, Florida was killed when he crashed a stolen Cessna into the 28th floor of the 42-story Bank of America Building in Tampa.  He flew the plane 100 feet over the runway of MacDill Air Force Base, rejected demands of a Coast Guard helicopter crew to land, and crashed into the law offices of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick.  The plane landed in the law office of partner Kevin Graham, who had left the office about an hour earlier.  Two F-15's were scrambled from Homestead Air Reserve Base, 200 miles away, about the time of the crash at 5:05 PM EST.

Bishop was born in Massachusetts and formerly lived in Norwell, Massachusetts, which is south of Boston, at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 70 W., for a pastor-teacher.  He lived in Atlanta from 1996 to 1998 before moving to Tampa.  He was described as a loner who sat in the front of the bus.  He was also an honor student, although not an honorable one.

This was not a poor, troubled teen.  It was domestic terrorism.

Zinni Leaves Israel in Failure

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US envoy, Anthony Zinni, left Israel tonight after another miserable failure.  His mission was overshadowed by the capture of a Palestinian ship hauling offensive arms while Arafat was preparing to talk peace.  Zinni was opposing the Abrahamic Covenant and common sense.  Nobody in his right mind would negotiate peace with a terrorist.   His mission not only brought cursing to the Middle East, it brought cursing to the USA.  The Tampa teen terrorist and the small plane crashes yesterday from Puerto Rico to California were examples.
Elephants, 1-6-01, 2215 GMT, PSC Elephant, 1-6-01, 1815 GMT, NOAa


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today there were weather elephants over the Pacific northwest and the northeastern USA.  The trunk of the northeastern elephant extended through Florida in the morning.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


In the morning a the trunk of the weather elephant over the northeastern USA reached around to Florida.  The elephant linked Boston to Florida.  The 15-year old Tampa terrorist was from Norwell south of Boston at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 70 W., for a pastor-teacher.  The word, bishop, means pastor-teacher as the overseer of the local church.  The boy crashed a Cessna into the 42-story Bank of America Building in Tampa.  The bizarre incident was a reminder of the September 11th terrorist attack of terrorist hijackers from Boston and Florida.  The Tampa boy carried a suicide note on his body that expressed support for the September 11th attack and bin Laden.

The large weather elephant over the Pacific northwest was in the region of Benjamin, which stands for the spoils of victory.  The US was not the winner in the second Baal terrorist attack on the USA.  The attack was on the 5th, for grace and a giant.  Baal is a giant.  The crash was clearly the work of Baal, and it was domestic terrorism regardless of what is being described as an accident by a troubled young man.  The troubled young man was under the power of Baal.  The people are so confused that they wouldn't know a terrorist if he stared them in the face.  There are tens of thousands of 15-year old terrorists in Florida, but a society that has long since lost sight of the truth wouldn't recognize them because the boys are just like their blinded parents, who gave their children no Spiritual heritage.  The problem isn't unique to the USA.  The fires in Australia were set by teen age arsonists.  The Palestinian teens throw rocks at any semblance of authority.  And US Sgt. Nathan R. Chapman was killed by a 14-year old Afghan boy on January 4th the day before the Tampa crash.

Neither government officials nor the press recognize terrorists.  Florida has sat around and let Israel be kicked around by terrorists, and now the buzzards are coming home to roost.  However, in spite of the total asininity of the incident as brought out by the 15-year old who flew through home security that was a farce and had never been validated, the Lord still controls human history.  There is a message here from the Lord.  Before young terrorists strike, they are coddled and led by parents and teachers who do not love God.  Then God hardens their hearts and turns them over to Baal where they do the devil's bidding.

This was Spiritual Warfare.  Elephants were overhead; 42's were all around, and the incident was the teen age version of the September 11th attack.  Charles Bishop espoused the same evil as the Islamic terrorists.  Their evil came from the same place, Baal.  Islam worships Baal; apostate Christians are enslaved to Baal out of ignorance; and the schools are full of teens who are slaves to Baal.  Only doctrinal Christians who Love God can combat the attacks of Baal upon the USA.  The answer is not education.  Charles Bishop was an A student.  The answer is not government regulations.  If the government leaders who were on high alert for terrorism had not even validated their security, are they smart enough to protect against an unseen enemy?

At the center of all this was Tampa Bay, the symbol of a female.  Bishop lived in Palm Harbor, another reference to a female.  The palm tree of the Bible symbolized a sexy female.  Women before the Fifth Cycle of Discipline in Israel were sacrificing their children to Baal.  Today, our nation has the highest divorce rate probably of human history.  In most cases, the women divorce the men.  The children are turned over to the mother.  The mother who usurped the authority of her husband takes over the children, which means the children are under the power of Baal.  The children of Baal are lawless and despise authority.  When God hardens their hearts and turns them over to Baal for the sin unto death, they attack.  If the children are still alive when the smoke clears, the parents will claim that their child was good and would never do anything bad.  The parents are liars just like the children.

The solution is for Christians to execute the greatest Spiritual Life of all history.  When terrorists strike, fight the good fight of faith.  The Christian must obey orders to fight and take the high ground.  The Lord will isolate the terrorist teens, and punish them severely.  It won't happen overnight, but in the course of weeks, the Lord will win the battles.  Teen terrorists have souls that want to do evil.  Since the parents won't discipline them, and law enforcement and the courts won't punish them, the only solution is let the Lord handle their discipline.  And when He gets hold of their hide, they will feel the pain.  The person who does evil will not go unpunished.

Assuredly (hand to hand), the evil man will not go unpunished,
But the descendants of the righteous will be delivered. (Proverbs 11:21)
The phrase, hand to hand, is a Hebrew idiom that means extending the hand to close a deal like our custom of shaking hands.  It means assuredly, you can count on it.  The Lord does not let anyone get away with anything.  If there is evil he will judge it.  If citizens of the USA are evil, he will judge the country and feed it to the vultures.  But those who execute the Spiritual Life will be delivered along with their children.

Here are some of the traits of teen terrorists:

  1. They are arrogant and despise authority.
  2. They are creeps, cowards, and liars.
  3. They do not respect people or property.
  4. They strike the weak and innocent.
  5. They run in gangs or are loners.
  6. Their mothers usurp authority and their fathers have no love.
  7. Their parents do not teach them to respect anything in this life, including authority.
  8. They may attend apostate churches where the Filling of the Holy Spirit is not known.
Today was January 6th, for a man.  Some of the contents of the suicide note found on the body of Charles Bishop were released today.


1.  "Student pilot sympathized with bin Laden, suicide note says," St. Petersburg Times, January 6, 2002.

Author:  Larry Wood