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Color of Universe Agrees with Bible

Color of Universe Agrees with BibleHeavenly Control Room

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January 10 (Day 10, Laws of Establishment):   Astronomers have calculated the color of the Universe and found it to be a rainbow of mostly emerald green, which agrees with John's description in Revelation.  Johns Hopkins University researchers broke the visible light from over 200,000 galaxies in the Universe into a spectrum, or rainbow.  The picture of the rainbow was emerald green with a little red from the old ones and a little blue from the young ones.  This is precisely what John described when he saw the rainbow around the throne of God in the the Control Room in Heaven.
Revelation 4:2-3
2 Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne was standing in Heaven, and One sitting on the throne. 3 And He who was sitting was like the appearance of diamond stone and sardius; and there was a rainbow all around the throne, like emerald in appearance.
The dominant color of the rainbow around the Throne of God was the same as the picture of the rainbow produced by the the Johns Hopkins University researchers.  The rainbow was described as emerald green because that was the predominant color.  Of course the Johns Hopkins researchers mixed the colors of the rainbow together, which produced something slightly greener than pale turquoise, or a mint green, which proved that green was the dominant color.

Please compare the colors in the Johns Hopkins rainbow with the art work of the Heavenly Control Room.

Note:  The scientists later found an error and now say the color is off white (reference March 8, 2002).

First Taliban, al-Qa'eda Prisoners Leave for Cuba

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The first 20 Taliban and al-Qa'eda prisoner left Afghanistan on a C-17 transport enroute to the prison on the US Naval Base in Guantanamo, Cuba.  The prisoners were sedated, hooded, and chained to their seats.  The C-17 will stop in an undisclosed location, and the prisoners will be transferred to a C-141 for the rest of the flight.  Many of the 331 prisoners in Kandahar will be taken to Guantanamo.

Israel Destroys Palestinian Buildings

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In response to the killing of four Israeli soldiers by Palestinian Hamas terrorists, Israel bulldozed 10 buildings in Rafah.  The Palestinians claimed over 70 building were destroyed, which left 124 families and around 700 people homeless.

President Bush Continues to Sit on Fence

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After a week and special briefings by Israeli officials on the Iranian, Hizbullah, Palestinian terrorist links to the shipload of arms seized by the Israelis, President Bush said that he is now beginning to suspect the arms may have been headed to promote terror.  However, he refused to blame Arafat, or to separate from the Palestinian Authority.  He said that Zinni would remain engaged in the Middle East peace process.
Elephants, 1-11-01, 0300 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today two weather elephants were over the Atlantic.  One stretched across the northeastern USA to Texas, and the other reached Cuba with a trunk that resembled a snake.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The pair of weather elephants over the Atlantic represented a witness, as in court.  Today, the US began transporting the first 20 Taliban and al-Qa'eda prisoners to Guantanamo, Cuba.  The end of the trunk of one of the weather elephants extended across eastern Cuba over Guantanamo.  The end of the trunk resembled a snake.  The number, 20, stands for going out and coming in from war.  Guantanamo is at 20 N. and 75 W., for Sovereignty.  The prisoners were aboard a C-17, where 17 stands for lawlessness.  Today was January 10th, for the Laws of Establishment.  The prisoners must now face the rule of law.

An Israeli military spokesman said it destroyed 10 buildings in retaliation for the killing of four Israeli soldiers by the Palestinians.  Today was January 10th, for the Laws of Establishment.  The Palestinians put the number of homes destroyed much higher.

President Bush has decided to continue to sit on the fence between Israel and the Palestinians.  This is nothing new.  It is his style.  The problem with sitting on the fence is that attacks come from both sides.  Bush still maintains he supports the Middle East peace process, which is inspired by Baal.

Astronomers at Johns Hopkins University announced that the color of the rainbow spectrum of the Universe is mostly emerald green with some red and blue, which agrees with the description of the rainbow in the Heavenly Control Room by John in Revelation.

Author:  Larry Wood