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Israeli Forces Occupy Palestinian Town

Arafat's Death Wish

Israeli Forces Occupy Palestinian Town

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January 21 (Day 21, Providential Preventative Suffering):  Israeli forces occupied the West Bank town of Tulkarm.  For the first time since the Oslo Accords, Israeli forces occupied an entire Palestinian city.  Israeli forces went door-to-door rounding up terrorists and confiscating weapons.  Two Palestinians were killed and several injured.  Tulkarm has been a hotbed of terrorist activity and is the place from which last week's terrorist attack of the bat mitzvah celebration in Hadera came.

Meanwhile, Palestinian leader seized the moment to run off at the mouth and resist Israeli pressure to crack down on terrorism.  Arafat waved his finger and vowed to die a martyr to take Jerusalem.  This was not just an idle threat.  It was the real Arafat.  His hand was turned outward with the back facing the audience as he defiantly raised his forefinger into the air.  The outside of the hand is seen by the world, and the forefinger expresses the ego, which is what a person reveals to the world.  It was a defensive gesture - not an offensive one.  It is similar to raising the saber to salute.

Arafat, who has been identified with the death wish before, has been backed into a corner.  As Sun Tzu says, when there is no place to retreat, soldiers will fight to the death.  Arafat can be expected to do just the opposite of what is expected by Israel.  When it demands an end to terrorism, Arafat will escalate.  War could be next.  When Arafat raised his finger and showed the back of his hand, he was saying, "I will defy you to the death."  But, like a terrorist, he fights like a female and a coward.  He will lash out against the weak and kill the innocent.

Nations Pledge Afghan Aid

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The world's industrial nations meeting in Tokyo pledged over $3 Billion for rebuilding Afghanistan.  Interim Afghan government leader Hamid Karzai made an urgent plea for help.  US Secretary of State, Colin Powell pledged $296 million.

Goma Gas Station Explodes

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As many as 30 people may have been killed when a gas station exploded in Goma in the Congo.  As looters were stealing gasoline, some gasoline trickled down into the hot lava and triggered a massive explosion.  Most of the city's residents have returned to the lava covered city.  The volcanic eruptions appears to be over, although lava is still running into Lake Kivu.  Volcanoes represent the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the female.

Brazil Blackout

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A massive power blackout hit southern Brazil, home of most of the country's 170 million population.  The blackout hit at 11 of Brazil's 26 states across the south and central regions and the metropolitan areas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.  Some were stranded in subways for two hours.  The blackout lasted from about 1:30 to 4:00 PM local.  It was the middle of the hot, muggy summer in South America, and people were without air conditioning.  The blackout may have been caused by a broken transmission line, which made the electrical system unstable and triggered automatic shutdown of generators, such as the Itaipu Dam on the border with Paraguay, the world's largest hydroelectric plant.  A power blackout represents the judgment of Political Babylon.  Brazil is in the region that corresponds to Judah in South America.
Elephant, 1-21-02, 2315 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today weather elephants were over the Pacific northwest and off the east coast with trunk through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal..


A weather elephant was off the east coast of the USA with its trunk through Florida.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Israeli forces occupied the Palestinian town of Tulkarm to do what it had demanded that Arafat do.  It was the first Palestinian city to be occupied since the Oslo Accords were signed.  Israel was forced to take action against the hotbed of terrorism.  It was like the manager doing the work for an incompetent employee, or a husband doing the wife's chores.  Arafat, as no other, symbolized the Palestinian arrogance by raising his forefinger with the back of the hand to the audience.  In this gesture, he demonstrated the ultimate defiance.  Jezebel could not have done it any better.  With his raised finger, Arafat expressed his negative volition and vowed to defy Israel and the establishment to the death.  Arafat will now escalate the violence and attempt to start a war.

The other weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest.  Today the US pledged $296 million to rebuild Afghanistan.  The number, 96, stands for the spoils of victory.  The Pacific northwest is in the region of Benjamin, which represents the spoils of victory.  Industrial nations meeting in Tokyo pledged over $3 Billion for Afghan rebuilding.

Brazil was blacked out by a power failure in the middle of the hot, muggy summer.  The blackout hit at 11 of Brazil's 26 states, where 11 is for a witness and 26 is for Political Babylon.  A power blackout represents the judgment of Political Babylon.  Brazil is in the region of South America that corresponds to Judah and the military.  It is in the land to the South on the World Stage.

A group of about 30 Africans returning to Goma, which has been devastated by a volcano, were blown up today as they looted gasoline from a gas station.  After suffering awful punishment from God, these people returned to steal.  They were in intensified discipline from the volcano, but they continued to defy God even after witnessing the lake of fire.  So God burned them up.

This was God's message on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  He died at age 39, for the sin unto death.

Author:  Larry Wood