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Birdsboro School Bus Driver in Court

Birdsboro School Bus Driver in Court

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January 25 (Day 25, Sovereignty):  Birdsboro, Pennsylvania school bus driver, Otto Nuss, 63, who took his students on an unauthorized field trip to Washington, DC yesterday, faced the full wrath of the Law today.  He was first paraded in front of a court and charged with kidnapping and firearms violations where the prosecutor was ready to put him away for life.  According to CNN, "The prosecuting attorney said Friday he would seek the maximum penalty, life in prison."1  The legal system, which is controlled by either God or Satan, was mobilized against Nuss.  The insinuations and half-truths are characteristic of a conspiracy like the Lord Jesus Christ faced before His crucifixion.  This is a good reason why Christians should try to stay out of court.

The police work in Pennsylvania and surrounding states had failed to apprehend the runaway bus.  Nuss never used or intended to use the M-1 to assist his lark with the students.  The gun was actually a good idea.  All school bus drivers should be armed, especially when the police are unable to help.

Nuss waived his right to a hearing in Maryland, and was extradited to Pennsylvania where he later appeared in a federal court in Philadelphia.  In Philadelphia, US Magistrate, Judge M. Faith Angell ordered Nuss to undergo psychiatric testing before a bail and detention hearing on kidnapping and firearms violations February 1st, Day 32, for a conspiracy.

Nuss reportedly graduated from Boyertown Area High School in 1957, where 57 represents Zebulun and Florida.  There are 202 students in the Berks Christian School where the 13 students were headed.  The number 202 stands for divine division, which corresponds to the meaning of the year 2002.  The police car parked next to the bus yesterday when Nuss gave himself up was number 4084, which stands for maximum divine discipline (40) and the weakness of the Church (84).  All this means that this the Sovereign Design of God.  God has separated out Otto to allow the Philadelphia lawyers to have their day in court.  God will be watching, and He will have the last word.

Hockey Dad Sentenced

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Thomas Junta, who beat his son's hockey coach to death, was sentenced to 6-10 years.  Junta was 42 at the time of the fight.  The sentencing was in Cambridge, Massachusetts at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.

Bush Administration Reviews Palestinian Policy

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President Bush met with his Security Council today to decide what to do about Arafat, who has been apparently caught red-handed buying arms from Iran.  Cheney and Rumsfeld are reportedly in favor of breaking relations while Powell is in favor of maintaining relations and incrementally applying more pressure.  Powell said the moment of truth had arisen for Arafat.

In Israel another Palestinian suicide bomber injured 25 near south Tel Aviv's old central bus station at 11:16 AM local.

Elephants, 1-25-02, 1415 GMT, PSC


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 3 hail and 37 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was distributed in three groups in Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Today a weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest and northern California.  Another one was off the east coast with trunk through Florida. An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal..


Severe weather was in three groups in Texas, Mississippi, and eastern Tennessee.  Texas represents Reuben adultery.  Mississippi represents law enforcement associated with the police, and Tennessee represents the criminal justice system.  Today, the Enron investigation was proceeding in Texas.  The hockey dad who beat his son's coach to death was sentenced to 6 to 10 years.  He was sentenced in the region of Cambridge, Massachusetts at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  In another court, the Birdsboro bus driver, Otto Nuss, was hauled into court in Maryland with the intent of putting him away for life.  Nuss had no criminal intent and was not guilty of the half-truths insinuated by prosecutors.

This is the result of fear, and God's Sovereign Design in the year 2002.  The parents of the children were afraid.  Fear is a sin.  The prosecutors, police, Philadelphia lawyers, and other law enforcement agencies were afraid.  It was a pitiful job of police work.  When a big yellow school bus can travel across the country for seven hours headed for Washington, DC and the White House and not be stopped, it is a first class disgrace to law enforcement.  If it had been a real kidnapping from a terrorist who could easily hijack a school bus and drive it to the White House, it could have been a fiasco.  Homeland security is a farce.  It has never been verified.  Then the prosecutors picked up all the half truths to support their warped, frightened viewpoint.  When truth is not honored by the courts, there will be no justice.  When half-truths are presented as truth, it is the sign of the devil.

Nuss realized it was a conspiracy, or "set up," in his words.  Law enforcement and the courts are groping for the truth, but they will never find it.  Nuss is not insane.  He may be the only sane one of the whole bunch.  This case is all about the truth.  It strikes at the very foundation of the legal system, which is controlled by either God or Satan.  God will defend the truth, and Satan will sponsor the lie.  A 15-year old boy from Tampa and a 63-year old man from Pennsylvania have now demonstrated that they were smarter than homeland security.  The President said he was for education.  Doesn't this relate to education?  The director of the National Association of Pupil Transportation, Mike Martin, has required no security on the nation's school buses, and the director of Homeland Security apparently doesn't care.  There was no security on the airlines before September 11th.  And there is still no security on the nation's school buses.  Bungling bureaucrats don't understand the connection.  Nuss understood it, and demonstrated it.  The Washington bureaucrats think the airlines are the problem.  No, security is the problem!

Weather elephants were over the Pacific northwest and off the east coast with trunk extended through Florida.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Otto Nuss graduated in 1957, where 57 is for Zebulun and Florida.  At least he has a cheering section in Florida who understands his contribution to homeland security.  Who knows, Otto may be in a hit song some day?  Today the Palestinians exploded another suicide bomb in Tel Aviv.  And the Bush Administration is finally becoming aware of Palestinian terrorism.  It took buckets of Israeli blood before they even got to the point of considering that Arafat might be sponsoring terrorism.  Arafat, after all, won the Nobel Prize for peace.  Colin Powell communicated the oxymoron of the day, i.e. that the moment of truth has arisen for Arafat.

Today was January 25th, for the Sovereignty of God.  Who said God didn't have a sense of humor?


1.  CNN.  "School bus driver says he was 'set up',"  CNN, January 25, 2001.

Author:  Larry Wood