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China Jails Bible Smuggler for 2 Years

The Lord Defends His Logos

China Jails Bible Smuggler - Prayers Answered

Links: | BBC News | AP | January 7, 2002 |
January 28 (Day 28, Cosmic Stronghold):  China sentenced Li Guangqiang to 2 years for smuggling Bibles into China.  He had earlier been charged under anti-cult laws, which could carry the death penalty, but after President Bush stood up for the Word, the charge was changed to an "illegal operation," which is like running an illegal business.  Bush's approaching Summit with China at the end of next month was used by the Lord to bring about the reduced sentence.  China only allows state approved churches and state approved Bibles.  Li Guangqiang (aka Lai Kwong-keung), 38, was charged with smuggling 33,080 Bibles to the Shouters Christian group in April and May of last year.  Two Shouters members, Yu Zhudi and Lin Xifu, who had requested the Bibles, were also convicted with Lai and sentenced to three years.  All three were fined $18,100 each.

{Prayer Request}
In another case, two Shouters in the Chinese eastern province of Anhui were indicted January 25th on charges of "using a cult to undermine enforcement of the law."   Wang Xuexiao and Liu Xishu were charged with recruiting 30 high school and college students as church members.  Wang, 55, and Liu, 50, were detained at a church meeting held at a farm in Anhui last August 22 with 11 other worshippers.  In 1995 the Shouters were banned as an "aberrant religious organization".

Ecuador Plane Crash

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An Ecuadorian plane crashed in the fog in the mountains across the border near Ipiales, Columbia, just across the border from the plane's destination, the Ecuadorian city of Tulcan.  There were 83 passengers, including 7 children, and 9 crew onboard.  The crash was at 10:23 AM local, and there is no word yet on survivors.  The crash was in the dense jungle of the Andes Mountains.  Ipiales is at 0 N. and 77 W., for Reverse Process Reversionism.  Ecuador is in the region of Benjamin in South America.

Chinese Mine Explosions

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Two explosions in a mine in Hebei Province in northern China killed at least 27.  The first explosion on January 26th killed 19, and another explosion yesterday killed 8 as miners were trying to recover the bodies.

Afghan Interim Leader Meets with President Bush

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Afghan Interim Leader, Hamid Karzai, 44, met with President Bush at the White House.  He also promised US training for a national military for Afghanistan.  Karzai was born December 24, 1957, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 57 stands for Zebulun.

Angelic Calling Card

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Ella Huffin, 63, of Milwaukee has seen an image in a tree and claims it is the image of Jesus.  It's not the image of Jesus.  Jesus didn't have long hair, and His hair is now white.  Anyway, this is not uncommon in the woods.  It is angelic artwork, or an angelic calling card.  Angels draw pictures in the clouds, and in the trees to help us understand Bible Doctrine.  The picture resembles a young woman with a baby.  And the picture of Hamid Karzai appears on the right side beneath the hair.  Karzai waited until he was 41 to get married.  He got married when his dying mother expressed the wish to see him settled before she died.  His wife Zinat is an obstetrician gynecologist.  Today Karzai in his lambskin cap and flowing green robe resembled a tree.  Ella Huffin is 63, which stands for an outcast.  Afghanistan is in the region of the outcasts, Gershonites, in Asia.

Elephant, 1-29-02, 0015 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or  tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today a weather elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Arizona and New Mexico.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


As angry citizens of Logos, Nigeria picked up the dead, many of whom died after running panic stricken into a canal, China sentenced a Bible smuggler, Li Guangqiang to 2 years.  He had been charged with anti-cult violations earlier for smuggling 33,080 Bibles into China for the Shouters.  He was in danger of being sentenced to death, when President Bush stepped up and defended the Word.  Two members of the shouters were sentenced to 3 years, and all were fined $18,100 each. Yesterday, 81-year old Pinhas Tokatli was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber.  The number, 81, appears in the number, $18,100.  And last night an ammunition dump in Logos, Nigeria exploded for hours and sent as many as 600 to their deaths.  Logos means the word in Greek.

The fireworks in Logos last night heralded China's conviction of Li Guangqiang for smuggling Bibles and the two Shouters for ordering them.  The Lord will defend His Word.  The Lord reduced the possible death sentence to 2 years, but that is wrong.  China, like the Taliban, has decided to challenge the Living Word.  In the year, 2002, two Shouters were convicted for ordering Bibles.  That is not a crime regardless of what the evil Chinese communists say.  The message that lit up the night sky in Logos was very clear.  China has now crossed the Supreme Court of Heaven.

If these men go to prison, they aren't the first, and they won't be the last.  But the Lord will defend them and use them to punish the Chinese communists.  China has arrested two more Shouters, Wang, 55, and Liu, 50, and charged them with anti-cult violations.  They were arrested on August 22, 2001 with 11 others.  The number, 55, stands for grace in the midst of suffering; 50 stands for the Church; 22 is for cursing; and 11 is for a true witness.  These people need our prayers.  The Lord will defend them, and He will punish all the government officials who lift a finger against them.  This is the Christian battlefield of 2002.

The Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan challenged the Church when it arrested two US Christian aid workers.  The Taliban are no more.  Their holy war, Jihad, has gone to hell.  China has now started the same thing.  The arrest of two people at a time symbolizes the meaning of the number, 2, which is divine division.  When the groups of two were arrested, the Lord had separated them out so that He could exercise His Justice to defend His Word.

The weather elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Arizona and New Mexico.  The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, while Arizona and New Mexico are in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  Today, Yasser Arafat tried to deflect criticism from the Bush Administration by arresting a finance minister in connection with the shipload of arms being smuggled by the Palestinians.  As the weather elephant said, the peace process is linked to terrorists.  The Bush Administration didn't buy his token arrest either.  Islamic terrorists are the enemies of freedom.

Today was January 28th, for a cosmic stronghold.  And today was the full Moon.  The Moon symbolizes the Church, which has no light of its own but reflects the light of the Sun.  The full Moon stands for the fulness of blessing from Christ, which is symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant and is the highest stage of Spiritual Maturity (Ephesians 1:23; 3:19; 4:13; Romans 15:29; John 1:16-17).

Author:  Larry Wood