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Ice and Snow Storm

President Visits Florida

Ice and Snow Storm

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January 31 (Day 31, Evil King):  In the shadow of the weather elephant over the Great Lakes, a powerful winter ice and snow storm belted the US from Kansas to New York.  The ice and snow was especially fierce along the whirlwind on the left ear of the weather elephant in Kansas City.  As ice knocked out power in Kansas City, Missouri, a power company spokesman proclaimed it easily the worst in the city's history.  Schools were closed in Kansas and Missouri along with most businesses.  Chicago got a foot of snow.  And heavy snow was forecast all the way to New York.  Kansas City is at 39 N., for the sin unto death, and 94 W.

President Bush in Daytona

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After his morning jog along Daytona Beach, President Bush visited the Volusia County Fire Services Center.  He appealed to the nation's senior citizens to lend the wisdom of their years to the fight against terrorism.  He was a big hit with the old people, who are elated at the opportunity to serve.   He called for retired doctors, teachers, police officers, or anyone who wants to help through the USA Freedom Corps.  He told the crowd that "we were fighting evil" and "the best way to fight evil is with acts of kindness."1

King Abdullah II Meets with Colin Powell

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King Abdullah II of Jordan met with US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, in Washington, DC.  He is to meet with President Bush for breakfast tomorrow.

World Economic Forum Begins in New York

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The first day of the World Economic Forum meeting in New York was peaceful.  But will it last?  It rained on the protesters, and heavy snow is forecast from the weather elephant.
Elephants, 1-31-02, 1915 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or  tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today the weather elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to the northern Louisiana border.  Another weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The weather elephant associated with a cold front stretched from the Great Lakes to the northern Louisiana border today.  The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  Jordan's King Abdullah II met with US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, about Arafat's predicament.  Today was January 31st, for an evil king.  President Bush was in Florida this morning.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

The ice and snow storm associated with the weather elephant belted the northern plains Great Lakes area all the way to New York.  The ice and snow knocked out power in Kansas City, Missouri in what is being called the area's worst storm ever.  The ice storm associated with the weather elephant symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the frigid female.  The loss of power is the judgment of Political Babylon.  The weather elephant symbolized a demon Commander, such as Baal.

The evil king, Mullah Omar, and his supporter, Osama bin Laden, have not yet been killed.  Therefore, victory is not yet complete.  Ariel Sharon recognized a strategic mistake of the war in Lebanon when he let Arafat get away in 1982.  This shows that Sharon is still sane in spite of all the fear-mongers and whiners, including the US State Department.  The battle is not won until the evil king is killed.  Sharon is living with the misery of having failed to win complete victory.  Of course, victory is in the hands of the Lord.  "The battle is the Lord's."

The World Economic Forum, which is another Satanic international organization, began meeting in New York.  The weather elephant has already rained on the demonstrators and snow is forecast.  Activism and internationalism are incompatible with Bible Doctrine.


1.  Sonya Ross.  "President appealing to senior citizens to help fight terrorism by volunteering,"  Daytona Beach News-Journal, AP, January 31, 2002.

Author:  Larry Wood