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Cheney's Bruised Lip

Weather Elephants in Triangular Formation

Cheney's Bruised Lip

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February 1 (Day 32, Conspiracy):  Today a federal judge ordered Vice President Dick Cheney to explain the constitutional argument behind his refusal to release details of his energy task force meetings.  The request was from a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch.  However, the GAO is also threatening to sue the Vice President for the same information.  Vice President Cheney showed up at his 61st birthday party on January 30th with a bruised lower lip (photos 1-3).  The story is that it was caused by one of his two Labrador retrievers when he was playing with them earlier in the week, which would have been January 28th or 29th.  On January 27th (photo 4), his lip was fine.  Is there a correlation between the lawsuits and his lip?

The lower lip symbolizes the Right Woman and the upper lip the Right Man.  Cheney was smacked in the lip by a dog, the symbol of a Gentile reversionist.  So the man was under an attack from a woman, who did not respect him.  On television on the 27th, Cheney announced that he had refused to divulge the contents of his private meetings with Enron to the GAO.  His lips were sealed, and his lower lip was bruised by an angel.  Senator Barbara Boxer of California had given an Enron letter to the GAO, which was published on the 30th in the San Francisco Chronicle.  The letter was part of what Cheney had referred to as the Democratic attempt to stir up the Enron mess, i.e. a power play.  On the 31st, the GAO announced it would sue Cheney for the secret information, but it had been saying that all week.

Earlier, both Dick and his wife, Lynne, had been through a critical biorhythm phase almost in synchronization.  Lynne, born August 14, 1941) had all four of her biorhythms go through critical January 23-25, three of them within about 24 hours of each other.  Three of Dick's (born January 30, 1941) biorhythms went through critical on January 24-25.  This was a critical time for the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  However, he wasn't smacked on the lip until January 28th or 29th, which was far enough after the critical period for it not to be the cause.  So his punishment came from another woman.

What's going on in federal court are lawsuits about Cheney's dealings with energy representatives.  However, what is being played out on the Stage of Life is a struggle rooted in Marriage Culture.  A bruised lower lip from a dog is indicative of a woman reversionist who disrespects her Right Man. In other words, what is really behind the flap over the Vice President's privacy has nothing to do with privacy or conflict of interest.  It is an issue of Marriage Culture.  Frustrated females who disrespect their own Right Man stir up strife to destroy the symbol of male authority.  So men are punished on the job by these female renegades.

Unconvicted Birdsboro Bus Driver Sent to Prison

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The Birdsboro, Pennsylvania bus driver who took his students to Washington, DC, was sent to federal prison in Butner, North Carolina for 30 to 60 days of evaluation.  At a hearing today, U.S. District Judge Charles Smith agreed to the recommendation of a psychiatrist who has been unable to determine if Nuss is competent to stand trial.  Nuss has committed no crime.  He has not been indicted.  He has not had a trial, and since the psychiatrist can find nothing wrong with him, he is being considered guilty until proven innocent.  That is contrary to the basic premise of US jurisprudence.

King Abdullah II Meets with President Bush

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King Abdullah II of Jordan met with President Bush at the White House.  He said while in Washington that he fully supported President Bush's war on terrorism, but he has taken similar positions before.

SLA Bail Hearing

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A Sacramento, California judge held a bail hearing for two former Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) domestic terrorists accused of killing a woman in a 1975 bank robbery.  Emily Montague, aka Emily Harris, and her ex-husband, Bill Harris, had bail set at $1 million.

World Economic Forum Meeting in New York

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The second day of the 32nd annual meeting of the World Economic Forum meeting in New York was peaceful.  US Secretary of State Colin Powell was there.  The weather elephant was overhead today.
Elephants, Triangle, 2-1-02, 1515 GMT, PSC Elephants, 2-1-02, 1515 GMT, PSC


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 7 wind damage reports.  All were along the Mississippi Valley associated with a weather elephant that has been crossing the country.  The first report was at Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 90 W., for a new order.

Today weather elephants were over the northeastern and off the southwestern and northwestern coasts of the USA.  The elephants were in the formation of an isosceles triangle.  A triangle is the symbol of metabolization or Fire Testing.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The weather elephants over the corners of the USA were in the formation of a triangle, which symbolizes metabolization or Fire Testing.   The triangle by itself is not necessarily a bad symbol, but a triangle of elephants represents a curse of Baal.  The angels have zeroed in on Client Nation USA and symbolized a triangular curse like Fire Testing.  The cursing appears to be aimed at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in New York, which is Satanic.  The triangle was aimed at the 32nd annual meeting of the Forum on Day 32, for a conspiracy.  There was previously Fire Testing in New York on September 11, 2001.

The wind damage reports were along the Mississippi Valley under the weather elephant yesterday.  The first report was at Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 90 W., for a new order.  The division of the land is associated with the Middle East peace process, and the new order represents Israel.  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, met today with some Palestinian official but not Arafat.  Jordan's King Abdullah II visited President Bush in the White House.  Abdullah said he supported Bush's policy in isolating Arafat and in the war on terrorism, which is not all bad; but Abdullah has a tendency to agree with the other side also at times.

Vice President Cheney revealed the signs of punishment in Spiritual Warfare from his bruised lip, which has surfaced in conjunction with the GAO attempt to get him to turn over private notes from his energy task force meetings.  The bruised lower lip symbolizes a counterattack from a reversionistic female, and from examination of the biorhythms of him and his wife, it wasn't his wife.  Marriage Culture is at the bottom of the attack on Cheney - not justice.  This is an example of how women who don't respect the authority of their Right Man, proceed to attack other men on the job.  They are full of bitterness toward the Right Man, whom they do not respect, and they vent their wrath on men at work.

A federal judge demanded today that Cheney explain the constitutional issue.  Cheney has said that the GAO has no right to audit him since his authority comes from the Constitution.  The GAO only has the right to audit agencies created by statute.  The judge's request came on Day 32, for a conspiracy.

The Birdsbiro bus driver, Otto Nuss, has been sent to a federal prison in North Carolina  for 30 to 60 days of psychiatric evaluation.  A psychiatrist examined him and could not determine whether he was competent to stand trial.  President Bush spoke at a Republican retreat in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia today.  West Virginia represents the prison system.  North Carolina represents the military.  Otto Nuss has committed no crime; yet he has been sent to prison.  He has not been arraigned, nor has he been convicted; yet he is being presumed guilty.  Guilty of what?  The Lord is absolute Justice, and He will surely punish those who are unjust to old people.  Bush's trip to West Virginia indicates that he may be the target of the Lord's justice.  Nuss intended to visit the White House, and President Bush has billed himself as the education President.  It happened on his watch, under his management; yet he has apparently failed to exercise any leadership in the case.

In contrast, in California, two former Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) domestic terrorists accused of murder, had their bond set at $1 million today.  A goofy old man who pointed out a hole in national school bus security and who had no criminal intent, was sent to prison; but terrorists accused of murder were given the opportunity to get out on bond.

Today was February 1st, for unity.

Author:  Larry Wood