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Royal Dutch Wedding

Royal Dutch Wedding

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February 2 (Day 33, Purifying Judgment of Holy Spirit):  Dutch Crown Prince, Willem-Alexander, married Argentine, Maxima Zorreguieta,  in a regal ceremony in Amsterdam that drew royalty and nobility from around the world.  The 34-year-old  Prince of Orange (the royal color) and heir to the Dutch throne married Maxima Zorreguieta, 30.  The bride wore an ivory-colored silk gown, and the groom wore his dark blue Navy dress uniform.

Noticeably absent was the bride's father, Jorge Zorreguieta, who was Agricultural Minister in Argentina's Baal-backed, 1976-83 dictatorship of Jorge Videla.  He was specifically told to stay away from the ceremony.  The antipathy between the Dutch and Argentines goes back decades.  The bride has renounced all ties to the former evil dictatorship, although she hasn't renounced her father.

Royal supporters camped out in orange sleeping bags the night before to get a good vantage point.  During the ceremony the Prince had trouble getting the ring on the bride's finger.  After the ceremonies, the couple rode through Amsterdam in a 104 year old golden coach, escorted by police and royal grenadiers on foot and horseback.  At one point (reference BBC video) a white paint bomb was thrown against the back right widow of the coach, but was quickly wiped off by a uniformed footman.  The paint dripping down the window is the sign of a disaster.  The streets were lined with a mass of orange of about 80,000 spectators who stood in the sunshine of the winter day.

The location of The Netherlands corresponds to the region of Asher, royalty, in Europe.  Argentina corresponds to Simeon, criminality, in South America.  The color, orange, represents separation, which corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2002, for divine division, or separation.

French Couple Ages 95 and 96 Marry

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A 96-year-old Frenchman married his 95-year-old fiancee yesterday.   Francois Fernandez exchanged wedding vows with Madeleine Francineau in what may be a record for the world's oldest newly-weds.  The ceremony took place at the Romarins Rest Home in Clapiers, 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Montpellier, where the two live.  Many of the home's 95 residents attended.  The couple will continue to live in separate rooms, but have been moved to the same floor.

Storms Pound Great Britain

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Violent storms continued to pound Great Britain.  The crews of two ships had to be airlifted to safety off Scotland and England.  Northern Ireland and northwest Scotland had winds of up to 85 mph (136 kmph).  In East Sussex, on the south coast, a man was swept out to sea yesterday and has not been found.  Crickhowell, in central Wales, was cut off by rising flood waters from the River Usk.
Elephants, 2-2-02, 2315 GMT, PSC


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One waterspout was reported in the USA.  The waterspout was 1 mile north of Long Key, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 80 W., for strength.

Today two weather elephants were over the Pacific northwest and over Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and the central USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The big news of the day was the royal Dutch wedding of the Prince of Orange and his Argentine bride in Amsterdam.  However, the wedding in the modern Sodom and homosexual capital of decadent Europe was not a classic love story, nor even an apparent Right Man - Right Woman story.  Yet, it was a part of the history of 2002 from Divine Design.  Orange is the color for divine separation, which corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2002.  The wedding was in the region of Asher, royalty, in Europe.

The wedding was obviously destined from the Sovereign Design of God; yet it was not necessarily in the will of God.  The Sovereignty of God, which includes destiny, combines with the free will of man to make human history.  People are free to marry wrong man or woman.  Such marriages may be destiny and in the permissive will of God, but they are not in the directive will of God.  In the permissive will of God people reap what they sow.  "They sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind" (Hosea 8:7).

A royal wedding on 2-2-02 is obviously a sign of division as is the sea of orange.  The groom was 34, for the division of the land, which relates to the the Middle East peace process.  The bride was from Argentina, the region of Simeon, the criminal.  And she is the daughter of a former minister of the former Baal-backed dictator of Argentina.  The bride is a former banker, and Argentina is in the midst of a banking crisis.  It has been predicted that she will wear the pants in the family.  How long will the marriage last?  2 days, two months, two years?  Every day it lasts will be a tribute to the grace of God.

There are two things the world cannot manufacture and money cannot buy:  Love and respect.  Without these two ingredients, marriages die on the vine.  True love and respect are not found in the world but are the traits of doctrinal believers in the Royal Family of God.  Slaves of the Cosmic System cannot hope to be true to anyone.

With all its contradictions, the royal Dutch wedding was part of the Sovereign Design of 2002.  A woman who symbolized Simeon was separated out to marry the Prince of Orange.  The woman's father was a minister of a Baal-backed dictator.  Having good parents is not a prerequisite for a good marriage.  The couple are supposed to leave their parents to live with each other.  In this case, it appears the woman has done a much better job of leaving home than the man; but that is required of a foreign bride.  The Dutch royal family has a history of marrying foreigners, who have often been from hated countries.  Solomon did the same thing.  It got him nowhere, not because his wives were foreigners but because they were not the Right Woman.

What God is going to demonstrate with the Dutch royal marriage remains to be seen.  Perhaps He is going to use it as intensified discipline for the Prince or The Netherlands.  The wedding anniversary, if it lasts that long, will be a classic - Prince of Orange in 2-2-02.  It was obviously destiny, but not obviously designed for blessing.  This was a marriage made in Heaven, but for what purpose?  Marriages can be a source of cursing or blessing.  Most are cursing.

The large weather elephant moving up from Mexico covered Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and the central USA.  This is the region of Gad, the raiding band, and Reuben, the adulterer.  A waterspout was in the Florida Keys at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The communist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the second largest Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) faction, broke off top-level ties with Palestinian leadership today.  This split in Arafat's coalition was blamed on Arafat's arrest of the PFLP leader.  However, it was because the PFLP is more strongly allied with Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  In addition, the Sharon administration is holding talks with Palestinian moderate leaders, excluding Arafat.

Another weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest, the region of Benjamin.  A French couple, ages 95 and 96, married.  The number, 96, corresponds to Benjamin.  The location of France in Europe corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  All these signs indicate that the problem in the Middle East is rooted in Marriage Culture just as it was in the time of Samson.

Today was February 2nd, for divine division.  And it was Day 33, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.

Author:  Larry Wood