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American Taliban Indicted

Cyclone Chris Landfall Australia

American Taliban Indicted

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February 5 (Day 36, Ai):  A federal grand jury indicted American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, on 10 charges.  The charges allege he was trained by Osama bin Laden's terrorist network and conspired with the Taliban to kill Americans.  The indictment indicates that in May or June last year, Lindh agreed to attend an al-Qa'eda training camp.  And after September 11th, he remained loyal to the Taliban and al-Qa'eda.  He chose to go to the front line to oppose the US military.  His maximum sentence could be life in prison.

Mexico's Colima Volcano Erupting

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Evacuations were ordered from the base of western Mexico's Volcán Fuego (Volcano of Fire)  in the Colima volcano complex.  The volcano is now spewing fiery rocks and lava.  About 216 villagers were evacuated.  The volcano has been active since 1998, but activity has increased dramatically in the last week with about 120 small earthquakes a day.

Palestinian Terrorists Lynch 3 in Court

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A Palestinian mob burst into a Palestinian court in Jenin and killed 3 men who has just been convicted of killing a member of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service.  In a court session of less than an hour, the men confessed to murder and all three were given 15 year sentences.  Two of the men were promptly sentenced to death, but because of their ages, 17 and 18, their sentences were reduced to 15 years each.  When the mob outside the courtroom heard the sentences, it burst in, shot all three, and dragged them through the street.  Members of the mob killed the men because they didn't like the verdict.

Hong Kong Kills 67,000 Chickens

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Hong Kong authorities slaughtered 67,000 chickens today to stop the spread of a bird flu.  In addition, a second poultry farm was shut down and another 3,000 birds at a local market were also being destroyed after the virus spread across stalls.  Over the weekend about 110,000 birds were destroyed.  This year's virus did not affect humans.  An outbreak of avian bird flu killed 6 people at the end of 1997 and led to a massive slaughter of 1.2 million chickens.
Elephants, 2-6-02, 0115 GMT, PSC Elephants, 2-6-02, 0200 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Weather elephants were over the Louisiana and the southeastern USA and in the Atlantic.  Another elephant was off the Pacific northwest.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Chris, 2-5-02, 0449 GMT, NOAA Cyclone Chris Landfall, 2-5-02, 1731 GMT, Navy

Cyclone Chris Landfall

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Tropical Cyclone Chris made landfall east of Port Hedland, Western Australia with 125 knot winds around 1730 GMT at 19.9 S. and 120.1 E.  It is traveling south.

Cyclone Francesca

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Tropical Cyclone Francesca is in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling southeast with 100 knot winds.


A large weather elephant was over Louisiana and the southeastern USA while a large weather elephant over the Atlantic appeared to be watching the first elephant.  This combo represented the indictment of US Taliban, John Lindh, today by a federal grand jury on 10 charges.  The number, 10, stands for the Laws of Establishment.  Louisiana represents Simeon criminality and the states of the southeastern USA represent the criminal justice system and law enforcement.  The elephant over the Atlantic is a symbol that has recurred throughout the Afghan war.  It represents the US in Political Babylon in the war.  The elephant over Louisiana represented John Lindh. 

Evacuations were ordered today in Mexico due to the eruption of the Volcán Fuego (Volcano of Fire), which began erupting in 1998, a year that meant the glory has departed.  It is at 19 N., for the federal judiciary.  At 19 S., Cyclone Chris made landfall in Western Australia, which corresponds to the region of Benjamin.  A weather elephant was off the Pacific northwest, the region of Benjamin.  Cyclones Chris and Francesca were in parallel in the southern hemisphere.  The pair was the symbol of a witness, as in court.  The federal judiciary brought the indictment against John Walker Linh.

Today, the American Taliban was indicted and Palestinian terrorists killed three defendants in a court shortly after they were sentenced to 15 years for murder.  Both the sentence and the terrorism made a mockery out of justice.  The trial of the American Taliban also makes a mockery out of justice.  This is an evil enemy of the USA, who has been hauled back to the the US to be locked up, where he can practice his evil worship of Baal, perhaps for life.  Who in their right mind would extradite such a person back to the US?

In Hong Kong, another great chicken slaughter brought back memories of the great chicken slaughter of 1997.  The chicken slaughter of 2002 was a link to point out continuing judgment since 1997 for the same problem.  Chickens represent male dominance as the rooster rules the roost.  The Taliban were the ultimate symbol in the world of male dominance.  They are the destroyers of Marriage Culture.  Just as Baal is the enemy of Marriage Culture, the Islam religion is the worship of Baal.

Today was February 5th, for grace or a giant, such as Baal.  The American Taliban, represented as an elephant of Baal over Louisiana, was indicted by a US government represented by the elephant of Baal in the Atlantic .  And it was Day 36, for Ai.

Author:  Larry Wood