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Tampa Teen Terrorist Suicide Note

Hong Kong Chicken Slaughter

Tampa Teen Terrorist Suicide Note

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February 6 (Day 37, Warrior):  The suicide note of the Tampa teen terrorist, Charles Bishop, 15, was finally released today by the Tampa, Florida Police Department.  Bishop crashed a Cessna into the 28th floor of the 42-story Bank of America Building in
Tampa on January 5th.  The suicide note is a very good explanation of what happened.  The photographs of the text reveal handwriting slanted downward, which is the sign of going down to destruction.  The letters are very short as if trying to crawl into a hole.  Nixon's handwriting was like this after his investigation.   There are large spaces in the text that precede the big lies.

Bishop begins, "I have prepared this statement in regards to the terrorist acts I am about to commit."  He struck through the word, "terrorist."  Even the 15 year old understood that he was committing an act of domestic terrorism.  However, the police investigation refused to call it terrorism.  Their investigation concluded, "Based on information obtained during this exhaustive investigation, there is no indication the plane crash was in any way an act of terrorism."1   They further concluded that it was an intentional act of suicide.

Bishop continued, "First of all, Osama bin Laden is absolutely justified in the terror he has caused on 9-11."  Thus, Osama bin Laden was his mentor.  He continued, "He has brought a mighty nation to its knees! God blesses him and the others who helped make September 11 happen."  The reference to God is a religious lie like the lies of bin Laden, who does not know God.  This young terrorist is taking the name of God in vain, i.e. using Him as a witness for a lie.  Bishop has become a follower of bin Laden and even accepted his warped belief that God was on bin Laden's side.

Bishop continues, "The U.S. will have to face the consequences for its horrific actions against the Palestinian people and Iraqis by its allegiance with the monstrous Israelis - who want nothing short of world domination!"  This is totally backward.  Islam and al-Qa'eda seek world domination.  Vilifying Israel is the anti-Semitism characteristic of a slave of Baal and Satan.  Bishop's indoctrination is very clearly understood.  He is hitting all the main points of the Islamic lie.

He concludes:  "Osama bin Laden is planning on blowing up the Super Bowl with an antiquated nuclear bomb left over from the 1967 Israeli-Syrian war."  There is a long space before antiquated, which symbolizes a lie.  His hand is still moving but his mind is conjuring the lie.  The mention of Syria is to call attention to Bishop's heritage.  His father had a Syrian name, and was apparently either from Syria or had family there.

Hong Kong Chicken Slaughter

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Hong Kong authorities continued to slaughter thousands of chickens in an attempt to eradicate this year's bird flu, which is mutating rapidly.  About 200,000 birds have been slaughtered at farms or markets since the weekend.   Poultry imports from China have been halted for two days.  Sales of live chickens will be suspended for a day on February 8th to allow shops and stalls to be disinfected. This year's virus does not affect humans.  An outbreak of avian bird flu killed 6 people at the end of 1997 and led to a massive slaughter of 1.2 million chickens.
Elephants, 2-6-02, 2315 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Weather elephants were over the southeastern USA and in the Pacific northwest.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Chris

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Tropical Cyclone Chris is over Western Australia after making landfall yesterday east of Port Hedland.  It is traveling southwest with 95 knot winds.

Cyclone Francesca

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Tropical Cyclone Francesca is in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling southeast with 85 knot winds.


A large weather elephant was over the southeastern USA, a region associated with the criminal justice system.  CIA Director, George Tenet, testified before Congress today on the terrorist threat.  And the suicide note of the Tampa teen terrorist was finally released by the Tampa PD after the Super Bowl.  Their conclusions were typical of the national psychosis.  They just couldn't brand little Johnny a terrorist even with the evidence staring them in the face.  When the police don't recognize a terrorist in the face of incontrovertible evidence, what hope is their for the average citizen who is sheltered from the scum of society on a daily basis.

A reality check can be made by comparing the evidence against Charles Bishop to the traits of a terrorist given in the conclusion on January 6th.  Bishop was not only arrogant.  He was a pathological liar.  Yet, his teachers never noticed this.  Lying is not only a character flaw and sign of mental and criminal behavior, it is the sign of the devil, who was the father of lies (John 8:44).  Bishop was going to school every day under the power of Satan, and his teachers and parents didn't recognize anything unusual.  His mother will not yet admit what he did.  And his father hasn't been seen in years.

Bishop was not a confused young man.  His explanation could not have been more clearly explained by bin Laden himself.  He made all the main points, even calling in God as his witness, which was a violation of the 3rd Commandment.

You shall not lift up the name of the LORD your God as a witness for a lie; because the LORD will not acquit him who uses His name for false pretext (Exodus 20:7).
Bishop clearly expressed his death wish, which was the arrogant ambition of Satan, who wanted to be like the Most High.  Bishop wanted to be on the news, and since bin Laden was famous, he would ride his coat tails and become a copycat suicide bomber.  Bishop was full of anti-Semitism, which is another sign of Satan.  And Bishop drew upon his Syrian roots to express his hatred for Israel and the US who is one of the only friends that Israel has in the world.

The Hong Kong chicken slaughter continued in a mad effort to eradicate this year's mutations of the bird flu.  Chickens represent male dominance as the rooster rules the roost.  Male dominance is characteristic of the Taliban who were the ultimate symbol in the world of male dominance.  Islamic law permits taking four wives, so the men can rule the roost like roosters.  Just as Baal is the enemy of Marriage Culture, the Islam religion is the worship of Baal.

Today was February 6th, for a man.  And it was Day 37, for a warrior.


1.  Reuters.  "15-year-old suicide pilot acted alone, police say," Bell Globemedia Interactive, Reuters, February 6, 2002.

Author:  Larry Wood