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Sharon Meets with President Bush

US Airline Security Still Uses Hatchet

Sharon Meets with President Bush

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February 7 (Day 38, Dying in the Wilderness):  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, met with President George Bush at the White House.  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict was discussed.  Bush refused to cut diplomatic relations with Palestinian terrorists but followed Colin Powell's suggestion of trying to pressure Arafat to change his spots.  Bush also said that he had allocated $300 million to help the Palestinian civilians who are under hardship because of their rebellion.

US Airline Security Still Uses Hatchet

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A Uruguayan passenger kicked in the cockpit door on United Airlines Flight 855 from Miami to Buenos Aires.  Because the new cockpit doors are only partially protected by barriers, Pablo Moreira, 28, a Uruguay banker, was able to kick in the door and insert himself through the broken door panel.  The co-pilot promptly hit him over the head with the fire hatchet.  The pilot was off on break, but showed up in time to help restrain the man with the help of other passengers.  The man was restrained, and the flight with 142 passengers and 15 crew proceeded safely to Buenos Aires.   The numbers mean:  855 - grace blessing (55); 28 - cosmic stronghold; 142 - the production of Baal, the bear, or Russia; 15 - a covering; and 157 (total) - Florida (57).  Argentina represents Simeon criminality, and Uruguay represents Zebulun, which corresponds to the location of Florida in South America.

Bush Applies Geneva Conventions to Taliban Prisoners

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President Bush has decided to apply Geneva Conventions to Taliban prisoners; however, al-Qa'eda prisoners will not have such a designation.  According to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, this will not change the treatment given to either Taliban or al-Qa'eda prisoners in US custody.  The decision was made in hopes that US prisoners would receive the same treatment.

Elephants, 2-7-02, 2215 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today a weather elephant was off the eastern coast of the USA with trunk through Florida, and another one was over the Pacific northwest and northern California.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Francesca

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Tropical Cyclone Francesca is in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling southeast with 85 knot winds.


A large weather elephant was off the eastern coast of the USA with trunk through Florida.  Another weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest with trunk through northern California.  Today, Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon was in Washington, DC to try to convince President Bush that Arafat was a terrorist.  However, Bush would have none of it, but relied upon the advice of Colin Powell that Arafat should be pressured to change his spots.  The leopard will not change his spots.  Arafat will always be Arafat.  Florida has been identified with the Palestinians at Gaza, and the weather elephant's trunk passed through Florida today like a FLOT (Forward Line of Troops) Line.  California is in the same location in the US as Israel in Asia.

The man who broke through the cockpit door of United Airlines Flight 855 was on a flight out of Miami with 142 passengers onboard.  The number 142 stands for the production of Baal, the bear, or Russia.  The total onboard was 157, where 57 stands for Florida.  The number 855 stands for grace blessing in the midst of suffering.  The man was 28, for a cosmic stronghold as represented by the incident in the airplane.  This episode proved two things:  the enemy, Baal, is still alive, and homeland security is a total farce.  If quality comes from the top, then the director of the agency should be kicked in the butt.

The inability to manage in the US bureaucracy is worse than the subjectivity of a flakey-headed female.  The airlines are inept.  The US government doesn't take security seriously.  After all that has happened, the Director of Homeland Security should have personally taken charge of implementing airline security.  He flunked.  The doors to the cockpit were kicked in.  That means the doors were never tested.  The pilots are still armed only with fire hatchets.  The pilots are still wandering around the plane.  There are no marshals onboard.  All this is after the Congress and the President assured the US citizens that they had implemented a security plan.  The only word that fits this fiasco is ineptizoid!

The Lord had a reason for demonstrating how United Airlines has begun to manage after September 11th.  The scenario was related to Florida, which is associated with the Palestinians, and Argentina, which represents Simeon criminality and is also associated with Palestinian lawlessness.  Uruguay represents Zebulun, or Florida.  The problem demonstrated from all this symbolism is the Palestinians, who are the number 1 terrorist organization in the world.  The problem in the USA is that it continues to line up on the wrong side of history.  Those who oppose Israel will be cursed per the Abrahamic Covenant.  Anybody that can look at Arafat and not associate him with terrorism, is lacking in masculine objectivity.  But this is the test that the Lord has given to demonstrate that the USA is going down.

Today was February 7th, for a category, such as categorical punishment.  And it was Day 38, for dying in the wilderness.  A demon inspired terrorist tried to take down an airliner over the jungles of Brazil.  The investigators have already concluded that he wasn't a terrorist.

Author:  Larry Wood