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Princess Margaret Dies

Mystery Rash in Philadelphia Area Schools

Princess Margaret Dies

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February 9 (Day 40, Maximum Discipline):  Britain's Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, died at 6:30 AM this morning after suffering another stroke.  She was 71.  Princess Margaret Rose of York was born at Glamis Castle between 9 and 9.30 PM on August 21, 1930, Day 233.  She died on February 9th, 2002, where 9 stands for the Plagues of Egypt.  Her biorhythms showed her life line (23-day cycle) and 38-day cycle both critical.

Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones May 6, 1960, where 6 stands for a man and 60 for worldly production.  They were separated in all but name when she met Roddy Llewellyn in September, 1973, who accompanied her to the Caribbean five months later.  Although that romance didn't work out, she was divorced May 24, 1978, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 78 for sexual abuse.

Princess Margaret had part of her lung removed in 1985 for a non-malignant cancer.  Her health began to fail in 1993, which stands for guilt, when she was 62, for the end.  She went to the hospital that year with suspected pneumonia.  She had a stroke in 1998, for the glory has departed.  In 1999 she burned her feet after stepping into a scalding bath.

Winds Delay Olympics Start

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Winds of 50 mph with light snow delayed the start of the Olympics.  Officials were forced to postpone the qualifying round of the K90 ski jump at Utah Olympic Park, as well as the men's and women's downhill training at Snowbasin.  Later in the afternoon, the women's competition began.  The first Winter Olympics gold medal was won by Stefania Belmondo of Italy who won the women's 15-kilometer freestyle cross-country race in 39 minutes, 54.4 seconds.  The number, 39, stands for the sin unto death, and 54 stands for redemption.  The Olympics are a violation of national sovereignty and authority.  They are Satanic internationalism.

Mystery PA Rash Near BirdsboroMystery Epidemics Around Birdsboro, PA

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A mysterious rash in school children in the Philadelphia area has now showed up in the Royersford area, which is only about 12 miles from Birdsboro.  Health officials have not yet identified the cause of the rash, which has now affected over 200 students and teachers in the Qakertown and Royersford areas of Pennsylvania.

Europeans Working on Peace Plan

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The European Union is working on another Middle East peace plan.  The Plan calls for immediate establishment of a Palestinian state recognized by the United Nations.  The proposal is an attempt to get Arafat out of the mess that he is in.  French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine presented the plan for debate at a European Union meeting in Spain.  Agreement has not been reached on the plan, but it is expected to be considered February 18th at a meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

The plan breaks with the US and Israeli demands for freedom and security that demand a crackdown on terrorism.  It also creates a division between Europe and the US.  The plan is born of fear.  Cowards don't want to fight terrorism, which gives the terrorists a victory.

Elephants, 2-9-02, 2131 GMT, Navy


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 3 hail and 2 wind damage reports in Idaho and Oregon.  The severe weather was associated with weather elephants.

Today a weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest and another stretched from the Great Lakes into Wyoming and Colorado.  Snow drifts forced closure of major highways in Colorado and Wyoming, and blizzards cause traffic fatalities in Colorado.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone FrancescaCyclone Francesca, 2-9-02, 1630 GMT, Navy

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Tropical Cyclone Francesca is in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling south with 70 knot winds.  The satellite image revealed the weather angel making a face today.


A large weather elephant moved into the Pacific northwest as high winds delayed the start of the Winter Olympics in Utah.  Severe weather was over Oregon and Idaho.  Idaho is in the region of Asher, for royalty.

Princess Margaret of Great Britain died this morning at 71, for a strait.  She had a stroke yesterday.  The word that is translated, plague, associated with the Nine Plagues of Egypt can also be translated, stroke, as in striking.  Princess Margaret was born between 9 and 9.30 PM on August 21, 1930, Day 233.  She died on February 9th, 2002, where 9 stands for the Plagues of Egypt. She squandered her life in failed attempts at finding happiness with men.  Men don't make happiness.  Only God gives happiness.  She is a testimony of failure in Marriage Culture.  With her stroke in 1998, for the glory has departed, she headed for the grave.

Princess Margaret was born in a royal castle into a stable family, the daughter of an apparent Right Man - Right Woman marriage.  She had everything going for her, but she chose to live the Christian life without Rebound.  She consequently squandered her inheritance on wine and men.  She had a miserable life and died a miserable death.  Her death is a testimony to Christians who are born into the Royal Family of God with everything going for them.  However, for those who chose to live without Rebound, they will be no better than unbelievers and will be die the sin unto death after squandering their Spiritual heritage.

Another large weather elephant was over the Great Lakes with a trunk that extended down the Mississippi Valley.  The elephant stretched back to Colorado and Wyoming where blizzards closed highways and caused traffic fatalities.  Colorado is in the region of the summits.  The European Union is proposing another Middle East peace plan.  France submitted it in Spain.  The plan calls for a Palestinian state now and working out the details later.  It is a bold attempt to defy the Sovereignty of God, who decides national boundaries.  It is a violation of the Abrahamic Covenant, which will bring cursing upon those who submitted it.  The blizzards in Colorado, in the region of the summits, were directly related to this.

More Pennsylvania schools in the Royersford area, even nearer to Birdsboro, had cases of the mysterious rash on students.  The Royersford area is about 12 miles from Birdsboro.  Birdsboro is the location of the Christian school where Otto Nuss was supposed to take the students when he carried them to Washington, DC instead (reference January 25th).  Nuss was send to prison for psychiatric evaluation when a psychiatrist could find nothing wrong with him and when he had broken no law (reference February 1).  The outbreaks of the rash even closer to Birdsboro is more evidence that the cursing is related to the Nuss incident.  Sickness is punishment from God.

The weather angels delayed the start of the Winter Olympics with 50 mph winds that made it impossible to start the ski-jump competition.  Later, the first gold medal was won by Stefania Belmondo, who won the women's 15-kilometer freestyle cross-country race in 39 minutes, 54.4 seconds.  The number, 39, stands for the sin unto death, and 54 stands for redemption.

Today was February 9th, for the Plagues of Egypt.  And it was Day 40, for maximum divine discipline.  The Pennsylvania school children with the mystery rash live at 40 N.

Author:  Larry Wood