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China Frees Bible Smuggler

China Frees Bible Smuggler {Answered Prayer }

Links:  | CNN | Reuters | AP | January 28, 2002 |
February 10 (Day 41, Happiness):  Yesterday, Chinese authorities freed Li Guangqiang, 38, who was accused of smuggling Bibles into China.  He returned to Hong Kong today after Chinese officials released him on medical grounds.  He is suffering from hepatitis B.  He thanked President Bush, who worked to secure his release.  President Bush has a summit scheduled with Chinese President Jiang Zemin on February 21-22, which appears to have influenced the decision to release Li, who is known as Lai Kwong-keung in Hong Kong.  Chinese mainlanders, Yu Zhudi and Lin Xifu, who were arrested with Li are still being held in China.

Two Israeli Female Soldiers Killed, Kassam Rockets Fired

Links:  | Jerusalem Post | Ha'aretz |
Two Palestinians attacked a pastry shop this afternoon near the Israeli Southern Command headquarters in Be'er Sheva and killed two female soldiers and wounded five.  Earlier, three Kassam-2 rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip but landed in fields.  Sharon has promised a harsh response to Kassam missile attacks.  Killed were Lt. Keren Rothstein, 20, of Ashkelon and Cpl. Aya Malachi, 18, of Moshav Ein Habesor.  In retaliation Israeli warplanes struck the Ansar-2 police complex in Gaza City and a metal shop believed used to make mortar shells.

Bacteria Infect Convention Near PhiladelphiaMystery Epidemics Around Birdsboro, PA

Links:  | Philadelphia Inquirer | CNN | Cherry Hill Hilton |
A woman died and 80 others were treated at a hospital with symptoms of a bacterial infection after becoming ill in a suburban Philadelphia hotel.  Doctors said the woman had symptoms of bacterial pneumonia and a rash associated with the bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis.  Joanne Hemstreet, 45, of Kingston, Massachusetts was among 500 people at Cendant Mortgage's annual meeting at the Cherry Hill, NJ Hilton when she became ill yesterday and died today.  Kingston is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 70 W., for a pastor-teacher.  This is yet another epidemic in the Philadelphia area associated with the Birdsboro bus driver incident.

Palestinian Teen Terrorists

Links:  | Jerusalem Post | 1 |
Members of a Palestinian teen terror cell, ages 14 to 16, stabbed a Jewish woman, Moran Amit, 25, February 8th in Jerusalem's Peace Forest.  She died of her wounds.  Four members of the six-member gang were apprehended after a police chase.  A 14-year old died from a gunshot wound to the rectum.  Two additional members of the gang were arrested today.

In the gang's nearby cave hideout, police found two knives, one of which was bloodstained, and tear gas grenades.  Gang members were behind a series of terrorist attacks, which included shootings and fire bombings of apartments as well as at least two stabbing attacks.  The gang also admitted stabbing Henry Weil, 62, of Jerusalem, who was stabbed in the abdomen January 11th.

Man Drowns Trying to Save Girlfriend

Links:  | Baltimore Sun |
A 25-year-old, Jeremy Baxley, of Baltimore drowned when he tried to save his girlfriend who had fallen into the bay at Fells Point in Baltimore.  Patricia Grimes, 24, fell into the water at the 900 block of South Broadway Avenue and Thames Street at about 1:15 AM EST.  Her boyfriend jumped in to save her, but he didn't know how to swim.

Snake Suffocates Owner

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A 10-foot-long Burmese python killed its owner by wrapping around him and suffocating him.  The owner was a big man in his 40's, but the 75 to 80 pound snake wrapped around his neck when he was showing him off to someone.  The man was from Aurora in suburban Denver.  Aurora is Latin for dawn.  A snake represents Satan.  Satan, as the son of the dawn, is represented by Venus, the goddess of love.
"How you have fallen from heaven,
You star of light (morning star), sun of the dawn!
You have been cut down to the earth,
You who have laid low the nations! (Isaiah 14:12)
The King James coins the word, Lucifer, for the Hebrew, helel, "star of light," but Lucifer is not in the original.  Snakes represent Cosmic Babylon and asphyxiation is a punishment associated with Cosmic Babylon.

Elephants, 2-11-02, 0115 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today weather elephants were located over the Pacific northwest, the northeast, and Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Francesca

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Tropical Cyclone Francesca is in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling south with 50 knot winds.


Weather elephants were over the Pacific northwest, northeast, and Florida.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  After an attack by two Palestinian terrorists that killed two female Israeli soldiers today, Israel launched attacks on Gaza.  The Pacific northwest represents the spoils of victory, and the northeast represents Issachar, the donkey and symbol of mobilization.  Both are associated with the Israeli counterattack.  Sharon promised a tough response.  The number, 2, stands for division and is associated with the meaning of the year 2002, for divine division.

A Christian, Li Guangqiang, accused of smuggling Bibles into China was released from prison yesterday and returned to Hong Kong today.  He was released on medical grounds due to having hepatitis B.  He thanked President Bush for working for his release.  The two mainland Chinese who ordered the Bibles are still imprisoned.  It is not a crime to transport Bibles under any law of mankind because the law of God is higher.  The Lord will defend His Word against any who would try to hinder its distribution.  One of the female soldiers killed in Israel was named Malachi, which means My messenger and refers to John the Baptist, who prepared the way for the Lord Jesus Christ, who brought Salvation to mankind.

Yet another epidemic has hit the Philadelphia area.  A woman died today after falling sick at a convention in Cherry Hill, NJ yesterday, and another 80 people were reported ill.  The woman was from Kingston, Massachusetts, at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 70 W., for a pastor-teacher.  Kingston means the King's town.  Evil kings must be killed before there can be victory.  This epidemic coincides with the mysterious rashes that hit elementary school students near Birdsboro.  Although the two epidemics have different symptoms, they are both divine punishment on the Philadelphia area for sending an innocent man to prison.  Otto Nuss, the Birdsboro bus driver may have violated authority (reference January 25th), but he committed no crime (reference February 1).  Now the Lord is handling his case, and Philadelphia is suffering.

A 25-year-old Baltimore man drowned when he tried to save his girlfriend who had fallen into the bay at Fells Point in Baltimore.  The 24-year-old woman survived, but the man died because he couldn't swim.  This is a case of the blind leading the blind.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 25 stands for Sovereignty.  Death is a Sovereign decision of God.  A bay represents a female.

The python suffocating its owner in Aurora, Colorado represents Satan as Venus, the goddess of love.  Colorado, the region of the summits, has been associated with the Middle East peace summits, which have destroyed the nation of Israel.  The asphyxiation of the python owner and the drowning of the man in Baltimore both represented punishment of Cosmic Babylon.

Today was February 10th, for the Laws of Establishment.  And it was Day 41, for happiness.  Chinese Christian, Li Guangqiang, was happy to be out of prison and return home to Hong Kong.  This is an example of what God is doing regarding divine division in 2002.  He is separating out Christians and using them to punish evil.

Author:  Larry Wood