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Israel Strikes Gaza Security Compound

Israel Strikes Gaza Security Compound

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February 11 (Day 42, Baal, the Bear, Russia):  Israeli jets and helicopter gunships struck the main Palestinian security complex in Gaza City in retaliation for Kassam-2 rockets fired at Israel yesterday.  The Saraya security compound, which houses national security and military intelligence headquarters, was attacked.  Palestinians said nine missiles damaged Force 17 headquarters, the governor's building, and a prison.  Injuries were reported, but there were no fatalities because Israeli planes circled overhead and gave the occupants time to escape.  The US State Department, United Nations, and Europeans were in a tizzy.

Palestinians Storm Jail

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About 60 prisoners were freed when a Palestinian mob broke into the Hebron jail and turned loose prisoners, which included terrorists.  One of the terrorists released was Mohammed Sidr, 26, head of the Islamic Jihad movement in Hebron.

Israeli Political Justice

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An Israeli military court sentenced a Palestinian terrorist to 26 consecutive life terms today for planning suicide bombing attacks in Jerusalem in 1997 in which 21 Israelis were killed and 5 Palestinian suicide bombers.  Muaid Said, 31, the terrorist, was not given the death penalty for the attacks he planned at age 26.  The number, 26, stands for Political Babylon.

School Bus Crash Kills 4

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A car pulled out in front of school bus and was broad-sided in Utica, Minnesota yesterday about 5 PM CST.  Four occupants of the car were killed.  Although the bus was demolished, none of the occupants were seriously injured.  The rented bus was carrying 7 adults and 5 children on an unofficial ice skating trip from St. Charles to Winona when it was hit at the intersection of Highway 14 and County Road 33.  Those killed in the car were Donald Mercer, 63, his wife (31) son (33) and another woman (31).  They had been celebrating one of the men's birthdays.

Utica is at 43 N., for fulfillment, and 91 W., for a coup de grace.  

California Fire Storm Reaches Camp Pendleton

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A brush fire that has burned over 3,000 acres and destroyed 30 homes near San Diego reached the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base.  However, the base is not in any danger.
Elephants, 2-11-02, 1415 GMT, PSC Elephants, 2-11-02, 2315 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today a weather elephant off the west coast first appeared as a bear and then changed to an elephant.  Weather elephants were located over northern California, Minnesota, and off the east coast with trunk through Florida.  The three represented Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  An elephant as well as a bear represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Claudia

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Tropical Cyclone Claudia formed off the east coast of Australia.  It is traveling southeast with 65 knot winds.  Claudia means lame or crippled.

Cyclone Francesca

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Tropical Cyclone Francesca is in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling south with 35 knot winds.


Weather elephants were over northern California, Minnesota, and off the east coast with a trunk through Florida.  California is in the same location in the US as Israel in Asia, and Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The 3 elephants represented Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon and mean the USA was enslaved to the Cosmic System.  Israel launched attacks on the main Gaza security compound in retaliation for the firing of Kassam-2 missiles at Israel yesterday.

The US State Department was in a tizzy over the Israeli attacks, which is an indication of the degeneracy in the thinking of liberal wimps today.  People have a choice between the right side of history and the wrong side.  Israel and the Church split them down the middle.  The US State Department chose the side of Baal today, which was consistent with the 3 elephants.  Today was Day, 42, for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Today Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov warned the United States against expanding the war on terrorism without absolute proof of involvement in terror activities and approval from the UN Security Council.  This is an attempt to usurp the authority of Client Nation USA and substitute the international control of Satan.

The brush fire near Camp Pendleton was a curse on California, which represented Fire Testing.  The cursing was directly related to the failure of the US to back Israel.  Joshua could handle the problem of the lawless Palestinians in a day, but today, there are no politicians with the backbone of Joshua.

The school bus wreck yesterday in Utica, Minnesota represented the curse of the region of Dan, which stands for the federal judiciary.  The school bus wreck in Minnesota is also a reminder that Otto Nuss, the Birdsboro bus driver, was charged in federal court.  He was guilty of no crime, and this is yet another reminder that the Lord will defend him.  Today, a terrorist responsible for the deaths of 26 people was sentenced to 26 life terms by an Israeli military court.  The number, 26, stands for Political Babylon.  One of the Palestinian terrorists released by the mob today was Mohammed Sidr, 26.  The elephant over Minnesota today was in the middle, which represented Political Babylon.  There was no concept of justice in the Israeli sentence.  The US has yet to execute the first terrorist from the Afghan war.  And after continued terrorist attacks, the US State Department has rejected justice and freedom.  It has instead chosen the viewpoint of Baal.

Donald Mercer, the driver of the car that pulled out in front of the bus, was 63, for an outcast, which corresponds to the Gershonites and the location of Utah were the Olympics are being held and to Afghanistan.  Utah is named for the Utes, which means people of the mountains.  The Ute Indians were raiders, or terrorists.

Today was February 11th, for a witness, as in court.  A Palestinian mob let terrorists out of Jail in Hebron.  And it was Day 42, for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The reaction of the US State Department and others to Israeli retaliation for terrorist attacks is indicative of the viewpoint of Baal and subsequent slavery to the Cosmic System.

Author:  Larry Wood