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Scotland Bans Fox Hunting

Giuliani Knighted

Scotland Bans Fox Hunting

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February 13 (Day 44, Suffering):  The Scottish Parliament voted to ban hunting with dogs, which effectively outlaws fox hunting, fox baiting, and hare coursing.  The vote was 83 (high priest) to 36 (Ai) with 5 (giant) abstentions to pass the Protection of Wild Mammals Bill. The bill makes it an offense to use dogs to hunt wild mammals.  The bill will become law after receiving royal assent.  Scotland is in the region of Asher, royalty in Europe.  This event was heralded by the image of a rabbit running over Texas yesterday.Rabbit, 2-12-02, 2215 GMT, PSC

The passage of the bill represents the power of city slickers in Parliament, who don't hunt and wouldn't know a fox from a jack rabbit, over rural people who have sensitivities honed by the call of the wild.  Cruelty to animals is not to be condoned, but the laws that govern human behavior cannot be imposed on the wild.  Beyond the city, nature is not ruled by the laws of man.  Hunting with dogs is a tradition older than modern man.  It was practiced by prehistoric man, and Chapter 10 of the Star Gospel even portrays the hunt of the hare with dogs. The devil's attempt to manage nature got him thrown out of Heaven.

Now the Scottish Parliament has decided to manage the hunting of wild animals.  The vote was 83 in favor on one end with 5 abstentions on the other.  The number, 83, represents a high priest.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the High Priest in the Church Age.  He is in the head of the Supreme Court of Heaven, and He manages nature.  The number, 5, stands for a giant, such as Baal as the god of war, or the god of the hunt.  The numbers identify the players, the High Priest and Satan.  The only thing left to discern is which side the High Priest is on.  The High Priest already presides over nature and the hunt.  He doesn't need a law.  However, Satan does not, and he needs a law to legitimize his control in the eyes of mankind.

Giuliani Knighted

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Former New York mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, has received an honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth for his role in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. Giuliani was flanked by former New York Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, and former New York Fire Commissioner, Thomas von Essen, who received honorary Commanders of the British Empire.  The Queen presented each of the three a blue and red enameled cross on a red ribbon. Giuliani also received the Star of the Knight Commander, which was a jewel-encrusted silver medal.  The name, Rudolph, means fame wolf, or famous wolf.

Grave Robbers Caught Digging in Hell

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Three Palestinian grave robbers were caught digging in Hell.  They were caught robbing a Jewish tomb that dates to the time of Jesus Christ.  They were working in with picks and shovels in the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom, aka Gehinnom or Gehenna, which is translated Hell in the New Testament.  It circles the Old City of Jerusalem on the west and south.  It was the garbage dump and site of the sacrifice of children in the practice of the Phallic Cult in the Old Testament.  In the first century, many high-ranking people were believed to have been buried there, e.g. high priests from the second temple.

American Taliban Arraigned

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American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, 21, was arraigned on 10 counts in Federal District Court in Alexandria Virginia.  He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

President Bush Meets with Pakistan's Musharraf

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President Bush met with Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf, at the White House and greeted him as a key ally against terrorism.  Pakistan was established as a Muslim state in 1947, which stands for peace.

Waylon Jennings Dies at 64

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Country music star, Waylon Jennings, died at the age of 64.  He had been plagued with diabetes.  He was born June 15, 1937 (Day 166) in Littlefield, Texas.
Crocodile, 2-14-02, 0215 GMT, NOAA Crocodile, 2-14-02, 0200 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today the image of a crocodile was over Florida.  A crocodile represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A rabbit is the symbol of the goddess of love.

Cyclone Claudia

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Tropical Cyclone Claudia was off the east coast of Australia.  It is traveling southeast with 30 knot winds.  Claudia means lame or crippled.


The image of a crocodile was over Florida.  A crocodile is a creature of the swamp that represents Baal.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The lawlessness has reached a frenzy from Palestinian lawlessness as Israel made more incursions today and more arrests.  Israel killed 5 Palestinian policemen in Gaza.

However, the crocodile was also associated with the vote of the Scottish Parliament to ban fox hunting.  The crocodile is a symbol of the lawlessness of the swamp.  The Scottish Parliament attempted to create laws to manage the hunt.  God created greyhounds, foxhounds, rabbits, and foxes.  They behave according to the Sovereign Design of God.  Those who wish to forbid dogs chasing foxes have fallen into the devil's trap.  The crocodile represents the animal of the swamp, the call of the wild.  Yesterday, the image of a rabbit on the run was over Texas to herald the Scottish decision to ban hunting rabbits with dogs.

On the day the American Taliban, Johnnie Walker Lindh, was arraigned, former New York Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, received an honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth for his role in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks.  One man represented virtuous service to his country while the other represented the devil's hatred of Client Nation USA and the Church.  One represented the hunter and the other represented the victim.  Rudolph means famous wolf, a member of the dog family.  The other represented the hare, who looked forward to having four wives under Islam.  The rabbit is a symbol of the goddess of love.  Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whiskey.  The angels who provided the play today on the World Stage may receive an Academy Award.

President Bush met with Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf, at the White House.  Pakistan was established as a Muslim state in 1947, which stands for peace.  Pakistan is in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists, in Asia.  This correlates with the Palestinian terrorists in the Middle East.

Waylon Jennings, the country music star, died at 64.  In the battle between the country and the city, the country lost today in Scotland.

Today was February 13th, for the double blessing associated with Israel.  Rudolph Giuliani received two awards from the Queen.  And it was Day 44, for suffering.  The hunter was cursed in Scotland, and Giuliani was knighted for his devotion to the suffering of the people of New York.

Author:  Larry Wood