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Watkins Heralded Enron Collapse

Watkins Heralded Enron Collapse

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February 14 (Day 45, Victory Over the Stronghold):  Enron Executive, Sherron Watkins, testified to the Senate Commerce
Committee how she heralded the collapse of Enron last August in a meeting with CEO, Kenneth Lay.  Watkins who is Vice President of Corporate Development at Houtson-based Enron first wrote an anonymous memo that predicted that Enron would implode due to accounting failures.  Later on August 22nd, 2001, she met with CEO Kenneth Lay to advise him of balance sheets that didn't add up.

Former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, abruptly resigned on August 14th.  Enron filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on December 2, 2001.

Lion, 2-14-02, 1915 GMT, NOAA Lion, 2-14-02, 1915 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today an image that resembled a male lion with exposed phallus appeared over east Texas and Louisiana.  A lion represents a Throne Angel.


The image of the lion over east Texas and Louisiana corresponded to the testimony of the star witness in the Enron debacle before Congress.  Enron Executive Sherron Watkins explained her part as the herald of the collapse of Enron.  Before Enron imploded due to accounting failures, she predicted it in August of last year.  This is one of the reasons that women exist - to go where no man has gone.  They are on the spiritual side of history in front of the men.  They are up front but not the leaders.  The leader handles the rudder in the back of the boat.  The women are always put on point because they are such good indicators.  She was a herald.

The weather angels did not tell the same story as anyone else.  When Enron CEO, Kenneth Lay, testified and took the Fifth on February 12th, for authority, a rabbit appeared over Texas.  The rabbit was subsequently explained by the Scottish ban on fox hunting and rabbit coursing.  The rabbit is the symbol of the goddess of love.  That was how the angels portrayed Lay's testimony.  Today, Sherron Watkins' testimony was portrayed by a male lion.  The exposed phallus on the image proves it wasn't an eagle or hawk.  It was something like a lion, which represents a Throne Angel.  But a lion can also represent Satan as the roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).   It does appear that Satan had them for lunch.

Enron was a house of cards before September 11th, although it collapsed in the wake of September 11th.  Thus, Enron's demise was part of divine punishment of the USA along with the terrorist attack.  Enron filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on December 2nd, which stands for divine division.  It is being investigated in 2002, which stands for divine division.  Sherron Watkins met with CEO, Kenneth Lay, on August 22, for cursing, Day 234, for the division of the land, which links the herald of the fall of Enron to the Middle East peace process.  This is called the cursing of Abraham.

The testimony of a woman today was portrayed by the weather angels as a lion with exposed phallus.  The symbol was not feminine.  The woman exposed the male leaders of Enron, but the weather angels exposed them even more while also pointing out the problem in the Angelic Conflict.  The rabbit and lion portrayed by the weather angels were phallic symbols to point out the breakdown of Marriage Culture that precipitated the Enron collapse.  Satan as the roaring lion devoured Enron.  The image of the lion was over east Texas, which points to Houston, the home of Enron.  The image was also over Louisiana, which represents Simeon criminality.  There were implications in today's testimony of criminal mischief.

Today was February 14th, for the Passover.  And it was Day 45, for victory over the stronghold.  God will not bless a business that is a cosmic stronghold.  Only Christians can reach the high ground of victory over the stronghold.  The collapse of Enron was due to spiritual warfare.

Author:  Larry Wood