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Burton Wins Daytona 500

President Bush Visits Japanese Shrine of the Dead

Burton Wins Daytona 500

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February 17 (Day 48, Inheritance of the Levites):  In the pall over last year's death of Dale Earnhardt, Ward Burton, driving car #22, for cursing, won the 44th Daytona 500 to give Dodge its first Daytona 500 victory since 1974.  The number, 44, stands for suffering, and 1974, for Spiritual freedom (74).  Sterling Marlin was in the lead until he was penalized after trying to fix his bent fender while the race was stopped under a red flag with 6 laps remaining.  Elliott Sadler finished second in car #21.  And Geoffrey Bodine finished third in car #9.  It was a race full of cursing.

Tony Stewart's Pontiac blew an engine on the 3rd lap.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was running second when he ran over debris from beneath teammate Michael Waltrip's car on lap 21. It shredded his right front tire, which caused him to hit the wall and damage his car.  Later when he returned to the track, he blew a rear tire and ruptured a brake line, which put him out of the race on the 96th lap.

Shawna Robinson, the second woman ever to race at Daytona and the first since 1980, finished 24th,.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  Dave Marcis, 60, ended his long career with a 42nd-place finish in his record 33rd Daytona 500 start.  The number, 42, stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 33 stands for the purifying punishment of the Holy Spirit.

There was an 18-car wreck on Lap 149 where Bobby Hamilton's #55 was engulfed in flames.  The number, 149, stands for the length of time before Pentecost, or the Church.  NASCAR races on Sunday and competes with Church services.  The number, 55, stands for grace in the midst of suffering.  Hamilton was not hurt.

Hong Kong Chicken Slaughter

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Hong Kong authorities will slaughter another 192,000 chickens in an attempt to stop the spread of an avian virus.  Five more farms found to be infected with the virus have been quarantined.  The exact strain of the H5 virus has not yet been isolated.  Scientists fear the virus could mutate like the one which killed six people in 1997.

Israel Foils Terror Attacks

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Israeli police foiled a suicide bombing attempt when they stopped the car occupied by two terrorists because the front and rear license plates did not match.  One of the terrorists got out shooting and was killed by police.  As his accomplice fled in the car, it exploded and killed him.

Bush Visits Japanese Shrine of the Dead

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President Bush began a two-day visit to Japan on his three-nation Asian tour on February 18 Japanese time.  He began the day with a visit to the Meiji Shrine where ruling emperors were once worshipped as divine.  The shrine was built to house the souls of the Meiji Emperor and his wife.  Of course, that is a lie because their souls likely went to Hell.  There the President watched a display of horseback archery.

Dead Bodies Around Georgia Crematory

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Authorities are trying to identify dead bodies around a crematory in Noble, Georgia south of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  They have recovered 97 bodies from storage sheds and scattered in woods behind Tri-State Crematory.  The final toll is expected to be at least 200.  The corpses were stacked like cordwood.  Some of the dead were believed to be 15 years old.
Elephants, 2-18-02, 0245 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today weather elephants were scattered over the USA.  A large one was over Texas.  Another was over Arizona and Utah.  One was over Minnesota.  And a large one with a baby was off the east coast.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Guillaume

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Tropical Cyclone Guillaume was off Madagascar in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling east southeast with 90 knot winds.  Guillaume is French for William.


Today a large weather elephant appeared over Arizona and Utah.  Arizona is in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists while Utah is in the region of the Gershonites, the outcasts.  Another weather elephant with a baby was off the east coast.  That combo appears to be a reminder of the racing of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in today's Daytona 500.  The Daytona 500 was run in the pall of the death of legend, Dale Earnhardt, in last year's race.  Safety measures instituted by NASCAR appeared to have made an even bigger mess.  It was like the classical Deming exercise of tampering with a system.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had a bad day with two blown tires, front and rear.  The front tire stands for the right man and the back for the right woman.  Tires also stand for soldiers' boots in a symbol of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline (Isaiah 9:5).

The Daytona 500 was won by Ward Burton in car #22, for cursing.  The Daytona 500 began in 1959, which stands for Simeon criminality.  Today's race was the 44th Daytona 500, where 44 stands for suffering.  Fans who returned with the memory of the death of Dale Earnhardt were still suffering.  His death caused new safety standards to be adopted.  Among the results were a slower race with drivers looking in their rear-view mirrors to block and riding the drafts of others more than before.  There was an 18-car wreck.  However, no one was seriously injured, although cars were scattered everywhere.  The big wreck was on lap 149, which means the time before Pentecost, or the Church.  It was a reminder that the Daytona 500 competes with Church on Sunday.  The people at the track should have been in Church.

A large weather elephant was over Texas with trunk that reached far out into the Pacific.  That elephant represented President Bush who is from Texas and who crossed the Pacific yesterday.  Today he visited a Shinto shrine, which is where the dead Japanese emperors are worshipped.  It is equivalent to the high places of Baal, or altars to the devil, in the Old Testament.  The Japanese Prime Minister and other Japanese pray in these shrines to the dead in Hell.  Israel had only one legitimate Altar, which was in the Tabernacle, and later in the Temple.  The Altar represented Jesus Christ, our sacrifice, the only way of Salvation.

In Georgia, the grounds around a crematory were being searched for dead bodies that were stacked like cordwood.  A skull was found two days ago by a dog, which led to the investigation.  The corpses stacked like cordwood is a sign of a major disaster like the Flood or the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.

Speak, “Thus declares the LORD, ‘The corpses of men will fall like dung on the open field,
And like the sheaf after the reaper,
But no one will gather them.’” (Jeremiah 9:22, NAS)
Today, is the anniversary of the beginning of the Noahic Flood which began on the 17th day of the second month.

In Hong Kong, 192,000 more chickens are scheduled for slaughter to try to prevent the spread of the avian bird virus.  The chicken is a symbol of male dominance.  Today's Daytona 500 was infiltrated by a woman, who finished 24th, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The first woman in the Garden tried to compete with her husband.  When she beat him, she lost everything.

Israel foiled another attempted suicide bombing today.  That was related to the weather elephant over Arizona, the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  The pressure of the decadent Europeans and wimp politicians from the USA has led Israel to the brink of the holocaust.  They are daily taking casualties, and they do not understand that friendship with Baal will get them killed.  They do not kill the enemy.  They do not execute the criminal or terrorist.  And the violence from the Palestinians is escalating daily.

Today was February 17th, for lawlessness.  The Noahic Flood began on the 17th of the second month.  And it was Day 48, for the inheritance of the Levites, which was an icon of the Promised Land.

Author:  Larry Wood