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Plague of Hail in La Paz

Bush Goes to Seoul - Graves Are Opened

Plague of Hail in La Paz

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February 19 (Day 50, Pentecost, or the Church):  A hail storm devastated the Bolivian capital of La Paz.  The death toll is 27 and rising.  Torrents of water that rushed through the city's streets buried cars and smashed brick walls.  People were trapped by mud and water in the subway under the main street, El Prado, after the Choqueapu River overflowed its banks. The hail storm, which began in the early evening, made the streets of the city impassable within minutes.  Vehicles were covered in hail stones 5 feet (1.5 m.) deep, and an underground car park was filled to the ceiling with ice and debris.

La Paz is located at 16 S., for sanctification, and 68 W., for serving in Edom.  Ice symbolizes sanctification of water.  Hail represents the frigid female and floods represents the promiscuous female.  Hail was the seventh Plague of Egypt.  By the end of the seventh plague, Egypt was destroyed (Exodus 10:7).  The number, 7, represents Categorical Punishment.  The name, La Paz, means the peace in Spanish.

Bloody Day in Israel

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Six Israeli soldiers were killed and another wounded when Palestinian terrorists entered a building where off-duty soldiers were relaxing or sleeping.  Israel retaliated with bombardment from land, air, and sea.  The Navy Warships shelled Yasser Arafat's headquarters in Gaza City and reportedly killed four of his bodyguards.  In Nablus in the West Bank Israeli tanks fired on two Palestinian police posts and reportedly killed four officers.  Tanks also shelled checkpoints in Ramallah.

H. Rap Brown on Trial for Murder

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The trial of former Black Panther, H. Rap Brown, 58, for murdering a Fulton County Sheriff's deputy, began in Atlanta, Georgia.  Brown has become a Muslim cleric and changed his name to Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin.  He is charged with murdering a sheriff's deputy and wounding another when they tried to serve a warrant on him in March, 2000.  He was arrested in White Hall, Alabama on March 20, 2000.

His arrest was heralded by the weather angels with the picture of a panther and a horn graphic.  His arrest was at 86 W., for the son of the bondwoman persecuting the son of the free, which is like the Black persecuting the White and the Arab persecuting the Jew.  H. Rap Brown is the living symbol of domestic terrorism.

Graves Are Opened

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A man who had been buried in a shallow grave in Phenix City, Alabama dug himself out.  Forrest Bowyer, 54, was robbed and had his throat cut.  He was put in a shallow grave, and his 12-year old son, who had been shot in the head was dumped on top of him.  The man dug himself out, flagged down a motorist, and called police.  He identified his attackers, who were later apprehended.  The number, 54, stands for redemption, which means God redeemed him.  The number, 12, stands for authority, as does the head.

Bush in Seoul, South Korea

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President Bush is in Seoul, South Korea on his Asian tour.  He met today with South Korean President, Kim Dae Jung.
Elephants, 2-19-02, 2115 GMT, PSC


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today, a large weather elephant stretched down from the Great Lakes to Louisiana, and another was approaching the west coast.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.Cyclone Guillaume, 2-19-02, 0915 GMT, NOAA

Cyclone Guillaume

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Tropical Cyclone Guillaume was off Madagascar and southeast of Port Louis and Reunion Island in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling south with 115 knot winds.  Guillaume is French for William.


Today a large weather elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Louisiana.  Louisiana represents Simeon criminality and the Great Lakes represent a female in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  A plague of hail devastated La Paz, Bolivia.  La Paz means the peace.  Torrential rains triggered mud slides and caused a river to overflow its banks to add to the devastation in La Paz.  Flooding represents the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the promiscuous female, while hail represents the frigid female.  This demonstrated what God thought of the peace process.  It comes about due to the influence of promiscuous females, who, in turn, influence wimp males.  The Middle East peace process has led Israel to the brink of war.

Hail was the 7th plague of Egypt.  Six Israeli soldiers were killed and a seventh was seriously wounded when they were attacked by Palestinian terrorists.  After the 7th plague, which represented Categorical Punishment, Egypt was devastated.  Today was one of the bloodiest days since the Intifada began.

President Bush was in Seoul, South Korea.  The name, Seoul, is a homonym for the Hebrew, she'ol, which means the grave.  As workers continued to search for dead bodies at the crematory in Noble, Georgia, a man dug himself out of a grave in Phenix City, Alabama.

H. Rap Brown went on trial today for the murder of a sheriff's deputy in March, 2000.  Brown is a former Black Panther who became a Muslim.  His trial exposes the domestic terrorism of the 60's and exposes the correlation between the Black persecution of the White and the Arab persecution of the Jew.  The son of the bondwoman persecutes the son of the free.

Cyclone Guillaume passed to the east of Port Louis and Reunion Island off Madagascar.  It now has 115 knot winds.  The island of Madagascar off Africa is in the same region as the islands off Florida.  The islands represent the first line of defense of the mainland.  Florida as been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Japan is also an island off the mainland.  President Bush was in Japan today, and the Palestinian terrorists were attacking Israel again.

Today was February 19th, for the federal judiciary.  And it was Day 50, for Pentecost, or the Church.  Only the Church can combat the terrorist attack on Israel and the USA.

Author:  Larry Wood