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Israel Gets Serious About Fighting Terrorism

Egyptian Train Burns

Israel Gets Serious About Fighting Terrorism

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February 20 (Day 51, Arrogance):  After a week of tasting its own blood, Israel finally shifted gears today and retaliated against Palestinian terrorism.  In multiple raids on Palestinian terrorists posing as security forces, terrorist infrastructure was destroyed along with some guarding them.  Two who had been firing mortars at Israel were also killed .  Israeli forces struck Palestinian security positions in Nablus, Ramallah, and the Gaza Strip.  Ground troops attacked Palestinian police, mainly in Samaria.  Israel has also banned movement among all West Bank cities.

In the face of criticism from the left and the right, Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said that new methods of fighting the war on terrorism would be used.  In response to the right wing calls for conquering the Palestinian cities, Sharon said that he would not drag the nation into war.

Egyptian Train Burns

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An Egyptian passenger train caught fire and burned 7 of the train's 11 cars.  At least 373 were killed.  The train left Cairo at 11:30 PM last night bound for Luxor, 300 miles away.  Fire broke out about 90 minutes later.  The fire likely started in the fourth car, which was the most badly charred.  Speculation is that the fire may have started from a cooking stove, which passengers often use.  The number, 7, stands for Categorical Punishment, and 11 stands for a witness, as in court.  Many of the approximately 1,200 passengers were going home for the four-day Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, or feast of sacrifice, which begins Friday, February 22nd.

Wisconsin Whirlwind Snow Storm

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A whirlwind over the Great Lakes brought heavy snow to northeastern Wisconsin.  Six to 10 inches of snow has fallen, and 16 inches is predicted.  The snow has weighed down branches and knocked out power to 10,000 customers in the Rhineland area.

Madagascar Presidential Candidate Seizes Power

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The opposition candidate for President of Madagascar has declared that himself the winner and plans to be inaugurated Friday, February 22nd even though the election was disputed.  Marc Ravalomanana claims the election was stolen from him.  After neither candidate received 50 percent of the vote, mediators called for a runoff election, which was scheduled for March 24th, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  However, Ravalomanana says that priests and pastors have told him to seize power, and he is abandoning negotiations over runoff elections.  Antananarivo, where Ravalomanana is mayor, has been the scene of large street protests of up to 100,000 opposition supporters, and a general strike has paralysed the country.
Elephant, 2-21-02, 0131 GMT, Navy Elephants, 2-20-02, 2330 GMT, Navy


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One tornado was reported in Yazoo, Mississippi at 32 N., of a conspiracy, and 90 W., for a new order.  There were also at least 9 hail and 11 wind damage reports, which were mostly in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Mississippi.  The severe weather was associated with the weather elephant over the eastern USA.  Yazoo is the name of an extinct Indian tribe.

Today weather elephants were off the west coast and over the eastern USA.  There was a whirlwind over the Great Lakes associated with the left ear of the eastern weather elephant.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Guillaume

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Tropical Cyclone Guillaume was off Madagascar in the south Indian Ocean.  It is traveling southeast with 105 knot winds.  Guillaume is French for William.


Today weather elephants were off the west coast and over the eastern USA.  A whirlwind over the Great Lakes was associated with the eastern elephant.  A whirlwind represents reaping punishment under the Law of Volitional Responsibility whereby a person reaps what he sows.  The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  The Middle East peace process has led Israel to war with the Palestinians.  The elephant off the west coast represented Israel because California is in the same location in the USA as Israel in Asia.  The whirlwind over the Great Lakes dumped 6 to 10 inches of snow in northeastern Wisconsin, which is in the region of Naphtali.

There was one tornado in Yazoo City, Mississippi at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 90 W., for a new order.  Yazoo is the name of an Indian tribe.  Mississippi is in the region of the Levites associated with law enforcement of the city police.  The relationship of the US government to the Indians is analogous to the relationship of Israel with the Palestinians.

An Egyptian train burned and killed at least 373 passengers, most of whom were on their way home for a  four-day Muslim holiday.  Seven of the 11 cars burned from the fire, which is believed to have started in the fourth car.  Yesterday, a devastating hail storm hit La Paz, Bolivia.  Hail was the 7th plague of Egypt.  Since the time difference between Cairo and La Paz is 6 hours, the hail storm in early evening in La Paz was around the same time as the train fire in Egypt.  Six Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday and a seventh was seriously wounded when they were attacked by Palestinian terrorists.  After the 7th plague, which represented Categorical Punishment, Egypt was devastated.  The plague of hail included fires from lightning bolts, which added to the destruction.  The train fire was a type of Fire Testing.

The Presidential election in Madagascar was disputed, and now the opposition candidate has announced that he is seizing power and expects to be inaugurated Friday, February 22nd, where 22 stands for cursing.  Cyclone Guillaume formed off Madagascar on February 16th, Day 47.  It now has 105 knot winds but is moving away from the island.  A cyclone represents the congregation's rejection of the grace message of the Pastor like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.

Today was February 20th, for the military going out and coming in from war.  The Israeli military moved out to attack terrorists today, and President Bush visited US troops along the South Korean border with North Korea.  And it was Day 51, for arrogance.

Author:  Larry Wood