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China Releases Christians

Winter Olympics Ends

China Releases Christians { Prayer Request }

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February 23 (Day 54, Redemption):  China released the last of the 47 Christians detained during President Bush's visit.  The Christians who were holding Church services in a home for the elderly were arrested shortly after Bush arrived on February 21st.  About 70 police officers broke up the Church meeting and confiscated the Bibles.  They were accused of belonging to the Falun Gong meditation sect.  Some of those detained were in their 80's and 90's.  All but 15 were released after President Bush left China yesterday.  The others were released today.  Police ordered the house church be closed and fined it 50,000 yuan ($6,000). China commonly controls dissidents during high-level foreign visits.  The Chinese government is trying to scare the Christians into not worshipping.

Winter Olympics Ends

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February 24 (Day 55, Grace Blessing):  The Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah ended after two weeks.  The USA won a record 34 medals in the Winter Olympics, which topped their old record of 13.  The number, 34, stands for the division of the land, and 13 stands for the double blessing and Israel.  The Olympics began on February 8th.

Madagascar Misery

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Two heads are not better than one in Madagascar.  With two Presidents, one after power and the other trying to hold it, the press has begun to commiserate itself under the current state of emergency.  They are saying things to gain the world's sympathy, but the world has bigger problems.  God sent them His Word, and they didn't listen.  Then he sent the weather angels who whipped up a 120 knot tropical cyclone off the coast, and they didn't listen.  The cyclone made the shape of a sickle, and they still didn't listen.  Now they want sympathy.

Mysterious Rash in School Children

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The cause of the mysterious rash in school children in the Philadelphia area and at least 7 states has still not been identified.  As of February 21st for the Quakertown area, the total confirmed cases of the rash was 193 students in 9 schools.  The appearance of the rash can, however, be correlated to the prison sentence of Birdsboro bus driver, Otto Nuss.

Lynx, 2-25-02, 0215 GMT, PSC


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There were no tornadoes or severe weather reports in the USA.

Today the image of a lynx appeared off the east coast and a weather elephant stretched from Texas across the Mississippi to the Great Lakes.  Both a lynx and an elephant represent a demon Commander, such as Baal.


China had released all of the 47 Christians yesterday that were arrested in conjunction with President Bush's visit.  The number, 47, stands for peace and points to the Middle East peace process.  Yesterday, a tornado hit Flamingo, Florida in the Everglades National Park, which was established in 1947.  And yesterday was Day 54, for redemption.  Of the original 47 arrested, only 15 remained yesterday.  The release of the remaining 15 on Day 54, for redemption, illustrates how the Lord Jesus Christ controls human history per the Sovereign Design of God.  Redemption means that somebody pays a ransom.  The arrest of these Christians exposed the hypocrisy of the Chinese government, which claimed to have religious freedom while these people were being arrested.

The punishment of the Christian is in the hands of the Lord, and the redemption of the Christian is also in the hands of the Lord.  The remaining Christians were released on February 23rd for a Spiritual uptrend in history.  The incarceration of the Christians created an injustice, which the Supreme Court of Heaven will handle.  The evil communist government of China attacked the Church, and for that God will bring judgment.  This is Christianity waging war against an evil empire just as occurred with the Soviet Union.

The image of lynx appeared off the east coast.  A lynx is a nocturnal hunter that preys upon rabbits.  The lynx, like the elephant, represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  The image of an elephant stretched from Texas across the Mississippi and to the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes is in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, which points to the Middle East peace process.  The US received 34 medals in the Winter Olympics, where 34 represents the division of the land and also points to the Middle East peace process.

Today was February 24th, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The Middle East peace process is Satan's strategy for destroying Israel to prevent the fulfillment of the unconditional covenants to Israel.  And it was Day 55, for grace in the midst of suffering.

Author:  Larry Wood