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Egyptian Building Collapse Kills 5 Brides

Cow, 2-27-02, 0315 GMT, NOAA

Egyptian Building Collapse Kills 5 Brides

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February 26 (Day 57, Zebulun):  An Egyptian Nile-front building that contained a hair salon popular with brides collapsed. At least five women having their hair done for their weddings along with brides-maids died in the collapse of the four-story building.  Of the 22 killed, 21 were women.  There were also 25 injured.  The building in Damietta on the Mediterranean coast reportedly had a demolition order on it dating back five years.  Damietta is at 31 N., for an evil king, and 31 E.  Death of brides and grooms is a symbol of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.
For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: “Behold, I am going to eliminate from this place, before your eyes and in your time, the voice of rejoicing and the voice of gladness, the voice of the groom and the voice of the bride. (Jeremiah 16:9, NAS)
It happened in Israel and now it has happened in Egypt.

Fugitive Cow Captured in Cincinnati

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A 1,050-pound Charolais cow that escaped by jumping a 6-foot fence at the Camp Washington slaughter house on February 15th was finally captured today.  The attempts to catch the cow with mounted police and helicopters drove the grumpy cow into the woods of the 57-acre Mount Storm Park in Clifton.  For 12 days Cincinnati citizens and press were preoccupied with the runaway cow.  Animal rights activists entered the picture, and it became a full-blown circus.  This was yet another story of livestock loose in the city.  And just when it appeared the story was over, the weather angels called for a grand finale, and posted the cow's picture in a huge whirlwind over the Great Lakes.


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There were no tornadoes or severe weather reports in the USA.

Today the image of a cow was in a whirlwind over the Great Lakes.  A cow represents an Angelic Power.


The building collapse in Egypt killed at least 5 brides along with some brides-maids.  The death of brides and grooms represents the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  The building collapsed in Damietta at 31 N., for an evil king, and 31 E.  Damietta is on the Mediterranean Sea.  Egypt has been one of the leading proponents of a Palestinian state, although it has quieted down since the Iranian arms smuggling ship was captured.  The Saudi's are floating the latest peace plan, which is a laugh because it requires all the Arabs to unite and have peace with Israel.  The Arabs have never united except to attack Israel.  The collapse of a building symbolizes the collapse of nation or group.  And the judgment at 31 N. and 31 E. symbolizes the judgment of an evil king, which refers to Egypt.

The cow that ran loose in Cincinnati represented an Angelic Power in the region of Naphtali, which symbolizes the doe and peace.  Ohio is, further, in the position of Cosmic Babylon in relation to Illinois and Indiana.  The people of Cincinnati had an opportunity to prove their objectivity in dealing with a cantankerous cow, but they were overcome by female subjectivity.  They flunked.  The weather angels wrote their epitaph in the sky tonight with the image of the cow in the whirlwind.  They sowed to the wind and reaped the whirlwind.

The cow was destined for slaughter, but the animal rights activists who are full of human viewpoint prevailed to convince the subjective city people that the cantankerous cow that should have become hamburger deserved freedom.  Even the slaughterhouse, which should have known better, agreed.  The cow represents female bullying, which has been going on since the Garden.  The time has come to slaughter the arrogant, terrorist enemies of the USA and Israel, but the females who now have power do not have the stomach for it.  You can learn a lot from a cow.

Today was February 26th, for Political Babylon.  The politicians were impressed with the rebellious cow.  And it was Day 57, for Zebulun, which includes Florida and has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Palestinians are like the rebellious cow.

Author:  Larry Wood