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Muslim Mob Burns Train of Hindus

Muslim Mob Burns Train of Hindus

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February 27 (Day 58, Levite):  A Muslim mob set fire to a train load of Hindu activists in Godhra in western India and killed 57, mostly women and children.  The Hindus were returning from Ayodhya where they wanted to build a temple on the ruins of a mosque that was destroyed a decade ago amid massive riots.  Those killed were 17 men, 25 women, and 15 children.  Godhra is located at 22 N., for cursing, and 73 E., for freedom.

Madagascar Riots

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Riots broke out in Madagascar's capital of Antananarivo between supporters of the two heads of state.  There were running clashes in the streets with rocks and clubs, and people tried to storm government buildings.  Some were severely beaten, but there were no reports of death in the first day of violence in the capital.  The existing President Ratsiraka has declared a state of emergency after the opposition candidate, Marc Ravalomanana had himself inaugurated even though he had not won a majority in the election.


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There were no tornadoes reported in the USA.  There was one wind damage report in Westover, Pennsylvania at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 78 W., for sexual abuse.

Today, a weather elephant was off the east coast of the USA.  An elephant represents an Angelic Commander., such as Baal.

Tropical Storm 02W

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Tropical Storm 02W reached tropical storm status today in the northwest Pacific.  It is moving west with 35 knot winds.


A Muslim mob burned a train full of Hindu activists in Godhra, India at 22 N., for cursing, and 73 E., for freedom.  The Muslim mob brought cursing from lawlessness, which violated freedom.  Freedom without authority is anarchy.  In spite of increasing Muslim violence all over the world, there is very little justice.  Muslim terrorists commit this kind of violence and get away with it.

The non-violent protests that have shut down the capital of Madagascar for a week, erupted into violence as mobs ran wild in the streets.  The self-proclaimed President, who took the law into his own hands, is now the leader of outlaws and thugs just like the Palestinians.  Two heads are not better than one when it comes to authority.  Peaceful protest is still activism, which is under the power of the Cosmic System.  The devil alternately uses peace and war to obtain his objectives - whichever works.

Today was the full Moon, for maximum impact of the Church.  NASA delayed the launch of STS-109 for a day due to a cold front.  The number, 109, stands for the production of the Plagues of Egypt.  Today, Israel killed three terrorists in the Negev, who had infiltrated across the Egyptian border about half-way between Gaza and Eilat.  The three represented Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon - i.e. a counterattack from the Cosmic System.  The last armed infiltration attempt in the area was in December, 1989, when the Isralis killed a five-man squad.  The number, 3, represents the Justice of the Holy Spirit, and 5 represents a giant, such as Baal.  The number, 89, stands for an authority counterattack.  Israel had signed a peace treaty with Egypt.

Today was February 27th, for a horn.  The Grammy Awards, which portray the horn of a gramophone, were presented today.  And it was Day 58, for a Levite.

Author:  Larry Wood