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US Fighting Al-Qa'eda Near Gardez

Woe to Those Who God Down to Egypt!

US Fighting Al-Qa'eda Near Gardez

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March 4 (Day 63, Outcast):  In the worst day for US casualties in the Afghan war, US ground forces fought al-Qa'eda and Taliban forces in the mountains near Gardez.  The enemy had the high ground, which is odd considering we have helicopters.  Seven US soldiers were killed today and about 40 have been injured in the latest operation called Operation Anaconda.  All the deaths were related to helicopter operations.  One soldier was killed when he fell out of a helicopter that was taking off.  The others died after a helicopter made a hard landing, and they came under fire.  The enemy forces put up more resistance than intelligence indicated.  Gardez is at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 69 E., for running the course.

Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Tel Aviv Restaurant

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A Palestinian terrorist opened fire in Tel Aviv on customers at the Seafood Market and a nearby steakhouse, and after he ran out of bullets he pulled out a knife and began stabbing people.  He was wearing an explosive belt which did not detonate.  He also tried to throw a grenade, but it didn't explode.  He was killed by one of the customers in the Seafood Market.  He attacked with an M-16 about 2:15 AM March 5th and killed 3 and injured 26.

Sharon Shows Signs of Life

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Ariel Sharon, who is the only world leader with the objectivity to fight terrorism, showed signs of life today.  He vowed to hit the Palestinian Authority until it begs for mercy.  Israel hasn't hit them at all yet.  Until the casualties pass a hundred, its only tit-for-tat.

Mubarak Meets with Powell

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Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, met with US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and proposed a peace summit between Arafat and Sharon.  Powell said the idea was interesting, but that Arafat and Sharon would have to decide when to meet.  Powell, along with visiting European Union foreign minister, Javier Solana, urged everyone to consider the peace proposal of Saudi's Prince Abdullah.   Solana also said that the US agreed that Israel should let Arafat go to an Arab summit in Beirut this month to endorse the Saudi peace proposal.

US State Department Publishes Human Rights Reports

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The US State Department bureaucracy has published the annual human rights reports. The reports on Israel and the Palestinians indicate that the State Department doesn't have a clue about the Laws of Divine Establishment regarding nationalism and the fundamental tenets of Freedom, Justice, and the rule of law.  An it has no concept of terrorism.

Afghan Earthquake Death Toll Rises

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The death toll from yesterday's earthquake in northeastern Afghanistan is now believed to be around 150 people.  The earthquake broke off a cliff, which buried 100 homes in the avalanche.   There were also 14 houses reported destroyed in Kabul.

The earthquake that measured 7.2 Richter hit northeastern Afghanistan about 45 miles (75 km) south-southwest of Feyzabad, or 150 miles (240 km) north-northeast of Kabul, March 3, 2002 at 4:38/06 PM local time in Afghanistan (1208/06 GMT).  The epicenter was at 36.44 N. and 70.45 E.  There was not much damage due to the depth of the earthquake of 195 meters.  It was the largest earthquake in that general area since another magnitude 7.2 event on December 30, 1983.

Horse, 3-5-02, 0131 GMT, Navy Elephant-horse, 3-5-02, 0115 GMT, PSC


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There were no tornadoes or severe weather reports in the USA.

Today, the image of a horse was over the Pacific northwest, and a huge weather elephant was off the eastern USA with its tail through Florida.  Behind the elephant snow and ice are sweeping the country.  A horse represents war and a male phallic reversionist.  An elephant represents an Angelic Commander, such as Baal.Typhoon Mitag, 3-4-02, 0632 GMT, NOAA

Typhoon Mitag (02W)

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Typhoon Mitag (ME-tok) is in the northwest Pacific.  It is moving northwest with 115 knot winds. Mitag is a woman's name which means my eyes.


The image of a horse was over the Pacific northwest.  A horse represents war and a male phallic reversionist. The Pacific northwest is in the region of Benjamin, the ravenous wolf who ate the spoils of victory.  A large weather elephant was off the eastern USA with its trunk through Florida.  The elephant was associated with the US/Afghan offensive against the al-Qa'eda and Taliban in the mountains near Gardez.  Florida has also been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  A Palestinian terrorist killed 3 Israelis at a restaurant in Tel Aviv.  Regarding the horse, Ariel Sharon announced today that Israel was at war with the terrorists, and it almost sounded as if he has woken up.

In the US offensive at Gardez, one soldier was killed when he fell out of a helicopter.  It was Day 63, for an outcast as he was cast out of the helicopter.  The operation is called Operation Anaconda, a snake, which is the symbol of Satan.  Gardez is at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 69 W., for running the course.  Osama bin Laden's biorhythms go through another critical period on March 7th.  He was born on March 10, 1957, Day 69, where 57 stands for Zebulun and Florida.  Running the course refers to running the course of this life.

The weather elephant and horse also represented Egyptian President Mubarak's visit to Washington, DC where he met with US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, today.  Isaiah said, "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help," (Isaiah 31:1), but this also applies to inviting Egypt up for help.  Since Mubarak arrived in Washington, DC Saturday, March 3rd, the US has suffered 8 fatalities in Afghanistan and 40 injured, and Israel has had 25 killed by terrorists.  As Mubarak met with Powell today, the weather elephant was passing overhead.  It was a sign of a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Anybody that would give Mubarak the time of day has a brain full of jelly.

The US State Department bureaucracy published its annual human rights reports today.  The reports were clueless.  With the human viewpoint expressed by these officials, the US can look forward to much more suffering.

Typhoon Mitag was east of the Philippines with 115 knot winds.  The Philippines are islands off the region of Asia that corresponds to Zebulun, Florida, and the Palestinians at Gaza.

Today was March 4th, for weakness.  And it was Day 63, for an outcast.  Afghanistan is in the region of the Gershonites that corresponds to an outcast.  There were 7 US fatalities today in the war and 40 injuries, which is the worst day of the war so far.  And there were as many as 150 fatalities from the earthquake in northeast Afghanistan yesterday.

Author:  Larry Wood