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Bush Listens to Mubarak

Weather Angels Stall US Afghan Advance

Bush Listens to Mubarak

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March 7 (Day 66, Worldliness):  President Bush made a fateful decision to side with Egypt, Powell, and the forces of evil when he ordered two-time loser, Anthony Zinni, back to the Middle East next week to arrange a cease-fire.  After the US coalition killed a hundred al-Qa'eda and Taliban yesterday while Israel killed 11, President Bush has decided to rely on the advice of Egypt rather than the Christian right.  He was critical of Israel's new offensive against terrorism and impatient with Ariel Sharon.  He said, "I believe what we're saying now is there's got to be a vision for peace."1  "There's got to be more than security."2   Mubarak couldn't have said it better. President Bush has openly declared support for a Palestinian state and UN Resolutions 242 and 338 in contradiction to the Abrahamic Covenant.  Now, he brings a message of peace in the midst of terrorism.  That is Satan's dichotimy of love and hate, goddess of love and god of war, or the end justifies the means.

President Bush was wearing a blue shirt today, which represents hardness of the heart.  The three men abreast in the photos represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  The White House is in the Cosmic System.

Weather Angels Interrupt US Afghan Offensive

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As the momentum of the US-led offensive against al-Qa'eda and Taliban troops near Gardez neared a final assault, the weather angels intervened.  As the temperature dropped 18 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degees C.), the winds picked up, snow fell, and dust storms swept the region, a number of supply flights were delayed or cancelled.  The weather angels stalled the victory in the Afghan war.  There would be no final assault in this weather.

Israel Battles Palestinian Terrorists

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A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up just after 3:30 PM in the lobby of the Eshel Hashomron hotel in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.  Ten people were injured.  Late tonight, a Palestinian terrorist penetrated the Gaza Strip settlement of Atzmona, in Gush Katif and opened fire and threw grenades at an Israeli pre-military training academy where he killed at least four youths and injured 24 other people before he was killed.

Thirteen Palestinians were killed today as Israeli forces attacked two West Bank refugee camps before dawn and fired missiles at a Gaza police station.  Israeli forces are now attacking Bethlehem and Gaza City.  In southern Gaza, Israeli forces entered the village of Hozaa, next to Khan Younis where 9 people were killed, including the area commander of Palestinian security.  Major General Ahmed Mefraj was the highest-ranking Palestinian officer killed in the Intifada.

Dolphin-Elephant, 3-8-02, 0115 GMT, PSC Dolphin, 3-8-02, 0115 GMT, PSC Dolphin, 3-7-02, 2245 GMT, NOAA


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There were no tornadoes or severe weather reports in the USA.

Today, the image of a dolphin was over Florida, and an elephant was over Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  Typhoon Mitag was also caught up in a weather elephant northeast of the Philippines.  A dolphin represents an Elect Angelic Commander and symbolizes the Resurrection, while an elephant represents a demonic Angelic Commander, such as Baal.

Typhoon Mitag (02W)

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Typhoon Mitag (ME-tok) is in the northwest Pacific.  It is moving east with 45 knot winds. Mitag is a woman's name which means my eyes.

Cyclone Des

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Cyclone Des was off the northeastern coast of Australia.  It is moving southeast with 35 knot winds.

Cyclone Hary (18S)

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Cyclone Hary (18S) was east of Madagascar in the South Indian Ocean.  It is moving west with 65 knot winds.  The name, Hary, is a variation of Harry, from Henry, which means home ruler.


The image of the dolphin over Florida represented an Elect Angelic Commander and symbolized the resurrection.  It is unusual to have a good sign over the USA these days, but the dolphin represented victory in Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  In contrast, the weather elephant over Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas represented a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Today President Bush, who is from Texas, sided with Egyptian President Mubarak and sent Anthony Zinni back to the Middle East.  Arizona and New Mexico are in the region of Gad, the raider, or terrorist.  The Texas decision of Bush was in league with and a reward for Palestinian terrorism.  Bush's speech about peace was the Satanic viewpoint of the devil trying to usher in the millennium with peace on earth and bringing peace to the Palestinian terrorists.  That will only happen if Israel is dead.  So, the Lord hardened Bush's heart today, and he gave Ariel Sharon an opportunity to stand on the right side of history.

Bush wants Sharon to toe the bureaucratic party line of the Washington White House, but Sharon may yet prove that he is capable of hadling this evil chapter in Israeli history.  When the US President said that peace is more important than Israeli security, that is anti-Semitism.  As tornado season approaches, the US has defied the God of Israel.

As the decisions to negotiate peace with evil terrorists was made in Washington, the weather suddenly changed in Afghanistan.  The weather angels disrupted the hope of a quick US victory over al-Qa'eda.  "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help" (Isaiah 31:1).

Today was March 7th, for Categorical Punishment.  And it was Day 66, for worldliness.  Egypt is a symbol of the world.


1.  Janine Zacharia.  "Zinni returns to region next week,"  Jerusalem Post, March 8, 2002.
2.  Laura King.  "Palestinians, Israelis Die in Strikes,"  AP, March 7, 2002.

Author:  Larry Wood