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Israel Switches from Defense to Offense

Scientists Find Error in Color of Universe

Israel Battles Palestinian Terrorists

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March 8 (Day 67, Giving):  Israel switched from defense to offense as it carried the attack to the Palestinians, who have been terrorizing Israel while Arafat talks peace with visiting diplomats.  Israel attacked Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank cities of Tulkarm, Jenin, Bethlehem, and the Gaza Strip city of  Ahiz'a, east of Khan Yunis.  Missiles were fired at Palestinian security buildings in Hebron as well as a building in the town of Halhoul that supplies electrical power to Hebron.  Palestinian children were in the streets moving barrels to try to stop the Israeli tanks, which was the sign of Baal.

Israeli Staff Sergeant Edward Korol, 20, from Ashdod, was killed.  According to the Palestinians, 27 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, four in the Bethlehem area and 11 in the Tul Karm area.  Yasser Arafat talked on the phone with Colin Powell and asked the US to intervene to prevent the killing of the Palestinian terrorists.  The US State Department came out with demands that Israel cease the attacks.  Of course, Israel didn't stop in the middle of the military operations to pay any attention to the US State Department comments, which were divorced from reality.

Color of Universe Mistake

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Scientists from Johns Hopkins University now say the color of the Universe is off-white, or cream, rather than pale green as previously reported.  A mistake in the white constant in the software led to the erroneous conclusion.  The new color is more reasonable, since when all the colors of the rainbow combine, the result is white light.  The new color, although not the emerald green hue of the rainbow around the Throne of God still agrees with the Bible.  Of course the scientists haven't been able to see the Throne of God yet.  White is the color for sanctification.  This means their mistake has now been sanctified, or corrected.

President Bush Visits Florida

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President Bush visited St. Petersburg, Florida to campaign for his brother Jeb's re-election as Governor of Florida.  St. Petersburg is in Florida's Pinellas County #4 beside Tampa Bay.

Elephant, 3-8-02, 2215 GMT, PSC


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There were no tornado reports in the USA.  There were at least 11 hail reports in northwestern Missouri around 39 N., for the sin unto death, and 94 W.  The hail was associated with a weather elephant.

Today, the image of an elephant stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.  The image off Florida appeared to be a lion.  A lion represents a Throne Angel while an elephant represents a demonic Angelic Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Depression Mitag (02W)

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Mitag (ME-tok) was down graded to a tropical depression in the northwest Pacific.  It is moving south with 25 knot winds. Mitag is a woman's name which means my eyes.

Cyclone Hary (18S)Cyclone Harry, 3-8-02, 1000 GMT, NOAA

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Cyclone Hary (18S) was east of Madagascar in the South Indian Ocean.  It is moving west with 125 knot winds.  The name, Hary, is a variation of Harry, from Henry, which means home ruler.


The image of the dolphin that was over Florida yesterday heralded a change in Israeli military strategy from defense to offense.  The Israeli military carried the fight to the Palestinian terrorists today, which is what they should have done in the beginning.  They even decided to increase the body count, which is the only language the evil terrorists understand.  Although it appears that they don't understand that either, which leaves no alternative but to eliminate them.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza, and today, the Palestinians took a beating in Gaza.  Arafat cried out to Colin Powell for help, and the State Department came out with pro-Arab rhetoric to prove that it doesn't have a clue about what's happening.

Today there was a large weather elephant that stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas.  The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, which represents the Middle East peace process.  The US government has entered the peace process on the side of Baal.  The Palestinian children pushing barricades out in front of the Israel tanks is an example of Baal in the lives of children.  It is the perfect example of children gone to the devil.  If the Israelis kill their evil, Baal backed enemies, they will have to start with the 7-year olds.  Only Joshua had the backbone for such operations.

President Bush visited St. Petersburg, Florida on Tampa Bay.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza, and today the Palestinians were killed by the Israelis.  It was the worst day of casualties since the Intifada began.  So Bush was in the right state for a lesson in divine viewpoint of history.

Today was March 8th, for the new birth.  The Israelis began a new strategy against the Palestinians.  And it was Day 67, for giving of worldly possessions.  President Bush was in Florida for Republican fund raising to get people to give of their worldly possessions to the Republicans..

Author:  Larry Wood