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Israeli Dragnet

Israeli Dragnet

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March 11 (Day 70, Pastor-Teacher):  The Israeli Army entered Palestinian cities and refugee camps in a dragnet to capture suspected terrorists.  More than 1,000 Palestinians were rounded up in the West Bank city of Kalkilya and in the refugee camp of Deheisheh, south of Bethlehem.  The men between 15 and 50 were detained for questioning to determine if they were wanted terrorists.  Those who are not wanted will be released.  Of the 1,300 males detained over the weekend in Tul Karm, only 30 were wanted by Israel.

Tonight Israeli forces entered the Palestinian stronghold of Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip to search for factories which make mortar shells and rockets.  There was heavy gunfire, and 17 Palestinians were reported killed.

School Girls Die in Mecca Fire

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At least 14 school girls were trampled to death after a fire broke out in a girls' school in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and the girls tried to get out a locked gate.  At least 50 were injured.

Russia Bans US Chickens

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Russia has banned imports of US chicken.  It claims US poultry contains too many antibiotics, and it also cited cases of salmonella found in recent imports.  The real problem, however, may be reaction to President Bush's decision to impose 30 percent tariffs on steel imports.  Russia is the largest importer of US chickens.  It buys as much as $800m worth every year.  The chicken is called "Bush legs" in honor of former President Bush, who flooded the market in the early 1990's.

Cheney on Way to Middle East

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Vice President Cheney visited British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in London on his way to the Middle East.  He will visit nine Arab countries, Israel, and Turkey.  The main topic of discussion is drumming up support for military action against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Elephants, 3-12-02, 0215 GMT, PSC


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There were no tornado or severe weather reports in the USA.

Today, the image of an elephant was over the west coast.  Another elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Louisiana.  An elephant represents a demonic Angelic Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Hary (18S)

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Cyclone Hary is east of Madagascar in the South Indian Ocean. It is now moving southeast with 115 knot winds.  The name, Hary, is a variation of Harry, from Henry, which means home ruler.


A weather elephant was over the west coast of the USA.  It stretched into Montana and Wyoming, the home state of Vice President Cheney.  The location of California in the USA corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  Another weather elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Louisiana.  The Great Lakes symbolize a female and are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, which relates to the Middle East peace process.  Cheney is headed to the Middle East to drum up support for military action against Saddam Hussein.  The pressure is now on Israel again to be nice to the Palestinians and not rock the boat of the US-Arab coalition, which Cheney is trying to build.

An Israeli dragnet pulled in Palestinians from West Bank and Gaza cities and refugee camps today.  The Palestinians will be detained and questioned to determine if they are wanted terrorists.  If not, they will be released.  This is army police work, which the lawless Palestinians have refused to do.  The Palestinians never have and never will respect the rule of law.  There are many references to a dragnet in the Bible  (Psalm 9:15; 10:9; 25:15; 31:4; 57:6; Eccl. 9:12; Ezek. 12:13; Job 19:5-6).

At least 14 school girls died in Mecca, Saudi Arabia when they were trampled to death as they tried to get through a locked gate during a fire.  Saudi Arabia borders Iraq, and Vice President Cheney is on his way to the Arab countries to drum up support for military action against Saddam Hussein.  The fire in the girls' school represents fire testing and the curse of Baal as the god of fire or war.

Russia banned US chickens.  Chickens represent male dominance, which is prevalent in Saudi Arabia where girls are normally locked up in school.  However, Russia is controlled by Baal, and this was a Baal counterattack.  And the "Bush legs" were introduced in Russia by former President Bush, who also fought Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War.  However, he didn't finish the job.  The war is not won until the evil king is defeated.  He signed a peace agreement with Saddam Hussein, who is much more of a gentleman than Yasser Arafat.  Now, history is repeating itself.  Cheney was Secretary of Defense for the Gulf War, and now he is going back to start all over again. 

Today was March 11th, for a witness, as in court.  And it was Day 70, for a Pastor-Teacher.  Cyclone Hary passed by Reunion Island to represent rejection of the grace message of the Pastor-Teacher.

Author:  Larry Wood