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Andrea Yates Found Guilty of Capital Murder

The Lion and the Lizard

Lion and Lizard, 3-13-02, 0130 GMT, Navy Lion and Lizard, 3-13-02, 0245 GMT, NOAA

Andrea Yates Found Guilty of Capital Murder

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March 12 (Day 71, Strait):  Andrea Pea Yates, 37, of Clear Lake City, Texas was found guilty by a Texas jury of capital murder in the drowning deaths of her children.  Although she pled not guilty by reason of insanity, the Houston jury was convinced that she knew right from wrong.  She was convicted of killing three of her 5 children, 7-year-old Noah, 5-year-old John, and 6-month-old Mary.  The number, 3, stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  Yates rejected the witness of the Holy Spirit when she obeyed the devil to kill her children.  Satan was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).  The murder of the children was a classic case of the curse of Baal.  She was not possessed, but Christians can come under demon influence.

She was wearing white today, which represents sanctification.  In other words, her crime was paid for on the Cross, and there was justice today when the Texas jury had enough objectivity to recognize her guilt under the Laws of Establishment.  Her husband was wearing plaid, the color judgment.  His authority was judged.  He did not want justice, but for the law to make an exception in his case.  He, thus, chose to oppose justice and truth.  The judgment of his wife was also a judgment of him because the husband is supposed to love the wife and sanctify her by means of Bible Doctrine (Ephesians 5:25-26).  The husband should love his wife, but he should not forsake truth and justice to do so, for that is personal rather than impersonal love.  In other words, if a man's wife executes his children, he should encourage the court to execute her.  That is Christian love.  It is objective, doctrinal, and it honors the victims.

Human life is sacred, and those who kill must be executed.  The defense focused on the defendant, but the only way to honor the victims is to execute the murderer.  Yates was treated for psychosis when she was trying to kill herself and planning the murder her children.  People who are psychotic should be treated, but medical doctors cannot deliver a person from the power of the devil.  Andrea Yates had a Spiritual problem, and she still does as long as she is alive.

The weather angels portrayed today's trial as a roaring lion with open mouth charging to devour Houston.  The roaring lion seeking someone to devour represents Satan as the god of war (1 Peter 5:8; Psalm 22:13).  Andrea Yates is 37, for a warrior.  The lion was followed over Europe by a giant lizard, such as a monitor lizard.  Lizards, which are the small version of the crocodile symbol, represent children.  The lizard, like the crocodile, represents Baal as the goddess of love.  It also represents a person under such influence, e.g. a phallic reversionist.  Lizards were considered unclean in Israel even though they might live in houses or king's palaces where children live (Leviticus 11:29-30; Proverbs 30;28).  They represent Baal, the enemy of children.  The lion and the lizard together represent Satan as the god of war and goddess of love.

Israel Cleans Out Palestinian Terrorists

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The Israeli Army entered Palestinian terrorist camps in the West Bank and Gaza Strip where they captured, killed those who resisted, confiscated arsenals of weapons, and destroyed bomb-making factories.  The Palestinians reported 31 killed today.

Terrorists killed six Israelis and wounded seven when they fired at passing cars on the Shlomi-Cabri road near Kibbutz Matzuva near the Lebanon border.  Two of the terrorists were killed.

Violence in Madagascar

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There is now fighting in the streets in Madagascar between supporters of the two Presidents.  Ethnic clashes are occurring between the supporters of incumbent President Didier Ratsiraka and opposition President Marc Ravalomanana.  The mainly coastal Ratsiraka supporters have threatened the Merina, or highland people, living in Tamatave.  People have been killed and injured in the heartland port town of Tamatave, which is a stronghold of Ratsiraka.  Ratsiraka supporters have cut off gasoline supplies to the capital.  The last name of President, Didier Ratsiraka, means either the one who comes from the coast or bad messenger.

Cheney's War Plans Rejected by Jordan

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Vice President Cheney visited Jordan, the first of 9 Arab nations that he will visit in the Middle East.  The main topic of discussion is drumming up support for military action against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  However, Jordan rejected Cheney's proposal.  King Abdullah II said attacking Iraq could destabilize the region and undermine US gains in Afghanistan.  Abdullah often says one thing in Washington and another at home.

US Seeks UN Resolution on Palestinian State

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The US has joined forces with the Palestinians to try to pass a UN resolution affirming the vision of a Palestinian State and calling for an immediate cessation of violence.  Syria was caught off guard by the resolution after it proposed one that demanded that Israel as the occupying power abide by international law regarding the citizens of the occupied state.


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There were no tornado reports in the USA.  There was one report of hail in Tyler, Texas at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 95 W., for a hero.

Today, the image of a lion was over the Gulf states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  A giant lizard was over Europe.  And a weather elephant had stretched inland from the west coast.  An elephant represents a demonic Angelic Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Hary (18S)

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Cyclone Hary is east of Madagascar in the South Indian Ocean. It is now moving southeast with 70 knot winds.  The name, Hary, is a variation of Harry, from Henry, which means home ruler.


The image of a roaring lion was over the Gulf states charging Houston.  The roaring lion represents Satan as the god of war, who seeks to destroy Christians.  Christians who commit crimes are the devil's lunch.  The lion was followed by a lizard over Europe, which represents Satan as the goddess of love and, more specifically, represents Baal.

A Texas jury found Andrea Yates guilty of capital murder in the drowning deaths of her children.  The murders represented the curse of Baal.  The guilty verdict was a sign of the impact of Bible Doctrine against the forces of lawlessness.  The lion on the weather map represented the wild animal like the one that come for Cain that was crouching at the door to administer the sin unto death (Genesis 4:6-7).  The Lord allows Satan to administer the sin unto death for some Christian stragglers who have rejected Bible Doctrine.

As Israel continued to use a dragnet to capture Palestinian terrorists in refugee camps, the US decided to join Baal in opposition of Israel.  The US proposed a UN resolution on a vision for a Palestinian state.  This is obviously high level politics, but it is also open defiance of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The Lord will defend the Abrahamic Covenant.  It is unconditional.  Those who oppose the covenant will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).  That means the US is headed for cursing.  The Andrea Yates saga is an example of the cursing in a nation for defying the Abrahamic Covenant.

There was one hail report in the US in Tyler, Texas at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 95 W., for a hero.  The proposal of the UN resolution for a Palestinians state caught Syria off guard.  Syria is usually associated with a conspiracy.

Vice President Cheney visited Jordan, the first of 9 Arab states that he will visit.  The number, 9, stands for the Plagues of Egypt.  He intends to go down to Egypt for help.  Today, NASA's STS-109 Mission ended with a landing in Florida.  The Bush Administration's quest for a pro-Arab coalition to overthrow Saddam Hussein is the quickest way to guarantee defeat.  The US does not need Arab support or support from decadent Europe.  There are many ways to get rid of him without asking anyone's permission.  King Abdullah was right for all the wrong reasons.  Attacking Iraq will disturb the Arabs and probably undermine the gains from Afghanistan because of lack of sanctification of the army.

Madagascar is now breaking down along racial lines among supporters of the two Presidents.  Two heads are a sign of an attack upon authority.  A power struggle is now in progress.  This illustrates what would have happened if the activists had succeeded in disrupting the 2000 Presidential election.  When the law is not obeyed, anarchy and power struggles follow.

Today was March 12th, for authority.  The authority of a Texas court found Andrea Yates guilty of capital murder.  And it was Day 71, for a strait.  The US proposal of a Palestinian state puts Israel in an even narrower strait.

Author:  Larry Wood