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Into the Lion's Mouth

US Backs UN Resolution for Palestinian State

The Lion and the Lizard

Lion and Lizard, 3-13-02, 0130 GMT, Navy Lion and Lizard, 3-13-02, 0245 GMT, NOAA

Into the Lion's Mouth

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March 12 (Day 71, Strait):  In a classical act of political chicanery, the USA proposed United Nations Resolution 1397 for a Palestinian state, which was passed by the Security Council 14-0 with Syria abstaining.  The resolution codified what President Bush had expressed when he addressed the United Nations last November 10th.  It was the 4489th meeting of the Security Council, which was held from 11:45 - 11:59 PM EST.  Of course, the resolution has no authority and does not create a Palestinian state.  It simply calls on Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace negotiations.  But the resolution provides nations an opportunity to accept or reject the proposal of Baal before God judges them.  The US government has now joined the chorus of fools in defying the Abrahamic Covenant.

The US peace policy is in full operation just as it was the first time Anthony Zinni went to Israel November 26, 2001.  The suffering of the US during Zinni's visit has been fully documented.  Now, at the beginning of tornado season with Vice President Cheney in the Middle East and Anthony Zinni preparing to go there, the Bush Administration has stood up for all the world to see and acted foolishly.  God saw it.  The devil saw it.  The angels saw it.  And Christians with doctrine saw it.  Those who didn't see it are the nabals, fools.

The angels illustrated the adoption of the UN Resolution with a roaring lion attacking the Gulf states of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.  Tallahassee was in the lion's mouth.  There was severe weather with tornadoes, a waterspout, wind, and hail in the lions mouth.  The roaring lion seeking someone to devour represents Satan as the god of war (1 Peter 5:8; Psalm 22:13).  Behind the lion over Europe, which also backed the UN Resolution, was a giant lizard.  Lizards, like the crocodiles, represents Baal as the goddess of love.  Lizards, which are the small version of the crocodile symbol, also represent children as well as a person under influence of Baal, e.g. a phallic reversionist.  Lizards were considered unclean in Israel even though they might live in houses or king's palaces where children live (Leviticus 11:29-30; Proverbs 30;28).  They represent Baal, the enemy of children.  The lion and the lizard together represent Satan as the god of war and goddess of love.

Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia represents the internal security of the land, or law enforcement.  The UN Resolution called for security for Israel and the Palestinian state.  It calls for Israel and Palestine to live "side by side within secure and recognized borders."  In other words it calls for separation of Palestine from Israel, like giving birth, or cell division.  This is not the divine division of the year, 2002, but the Arab plan to take the Promised Land from Israel.  When Israel loses its land, whether by war or political chicanery, it is the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  When the Arabs get Israeli land, Israel will not be allowed there.  The UN Resolution calls for separation of the Israelis and Palestinians, which is just the opposite of the Sovereign Design of God.  Just as it was in the days of Samson, the solution is intermarriage of the Jew and Arabs.  That's the message of Samson; and if that does not occur, there will be division in the land from lawlessness and legalism, which is exactly the status today.

The numbers of the UN Resolution mean:  1397 - A Reduction in Force (97) in Israel (13), which means a retreat from the occupied territory.  The vote was 14-0, where 14 stands for the Passover.  NASA landed the STS-109 Mission this morning, which stands for the Plagues of Egypt; and the new logo for the Transportation Security Administration has nine stars.  Now the Passover has come in which the Lord will deliver Israel.  Explained bluntly, the Lord will honor the unconditional Abrahamic Covenant and He will bring the angel of death to kill its enemies.  The US is now on record as being the enemy of the Abrahamic Covenant and the enemy of Israel.  There are even enemies of Israel within Israel.  All Israel is not Israel.  Those who support the Palestinian vision are not Israel.  The peace crowd is already opposing Israel's military operation.  The right path is the path the Israeli military is pursuing right now, which may change as soon as Zinni and his peace mongers arrive.

It was the 4489th meeting of the Security Council, which means suffering (44) from an authority counterattack (89).  This is the only bright spot in the whole mess.  Authority counterattacks are easy to defeat because the Lord always defends true authority.  "If God for us, who against us?" (Romans 8:31b, quoted literally from the Greek).  Only the remnant of true believers will be on God's side when the smoke clears.  And that is the true meaning of divine division in the Year of our Lord, 2002.  The UN Resolution was approved in the middle of the night on March 12, for authority, and Day 71, for a strait.  Christians with doctrine will go through the strait and withstand the authority counterattack of the United Nations, which has no authority anyway.  However, those who do not believe will be destroyed with the world.

Church Shooting

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A gunman shot and killed the pastor and a member of a Roman Catholic church in Lynbrook, New York during morning mass.  After Rev. Lawrence Penzes, 50, finished his sermon on the cleansing powers of water for the 9 AM Mass at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Lynbrook when Peter Troy, 34, shot him dead with a .22 rifle along with Eileen Tosner, 73.  Troy was promptly tackled by a former Vietnam Marine veteran, but he escaped to his apartment at 56 Fowler Ave.  Police stormed the house and arrested him 7 hours later.  The numbers means:  50 - the Church; 9 - Plagues of Egypt; .22 - cursing; 73 - freedom; 56 - soldiers dropping like dung in the open field.  Lynbrook is at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 73 W., for freedom.

Bush Rejects Israeli Police Action

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March 13 (Day 72, Internal Gates):  At a hastily arranged news conference to deal with the latest Immigration and Naturalization Service fiasco, without being specific, President Bush leveled criticism against the way Israel is retaliating against the Palestinians.

Israeli Army Takes Over Ramallah

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The Israeli Army took over the West Bank town of Ramallah.  In spite of some internal argument, Israel has decided to keep up the military pressure on the Palestinians even after Zinni arrives and until Vice President Cheney arrives.  In the Ramallah operation, one Israeli was killed, Lieutenant Gil Badihi, 21, from Natav.  The name, Gil, can mean joy, but also means to roll up, like rolling up the waters of the Red Sea or a tumble bug rolling dung.  He was rolled up in the fight.  A photographer who was running around with terrorists was also killed.  He was Rafael Ciriello, 42, of the Italian daily Courier della Sera.  The number, 42, means Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Rafael means to sew up, or heal.  He was shot in the chest 6 times.

Cheney's Goes Down to Egypt

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Vice President Cheney went down to Egypt for help in his plan to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  Egypt, as usual did not agree with a military option but preferred negotiation with evil.  "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help!" (Isaiah 31:1).

H. Rap Brown Sentenced to Life

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Former Black Panther and domestic terrorist, H. Rap Brown, 58, was sentence to life in prison without parole for killing a sheriff's deputy and wounding another.  The jury consisted of 9 Blacks, 2 Whites, and 1 Hispanic.  The number, 9, stands for the Plagues of Egypt.  And 2 stands for divine division, the meaning of the year, 2002.
Falcon, 3-13-02, 2345 GMT, NOAA Eagle, 3-13-02, 2315 GMT, PSC Eagle, 3-13-02, 2245 GMT, Navy


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There were one tornado and one waterspout reported in the USA.  The waterspout was in the Choctawhatchee Bay near the Highway 331 bridge in Florida's Walton County #36, at 30.41 N., for a priest, and 86.16 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  The tornado was in eastern Gulf County #66, Florida at 30 N. and 85 W., for an eye or spy.  There were at least 19 hail and 12 wind damage reports.  There was hail in Tallahassee, Florida, which is in Leon County #13, for the double blessing of Israel.  The severe weather was associated with the image of the lion (reference top of page, left photo).

Today, the image of an eagle was over the Washington, DC area, an elephant stretched over Wyoming to the Great Lakes, and the resemblance of a falcon was over Texas.  The falcon resembled a caricature of Arafat.  Eagles and falcons symbolize Throne Angels.  Eagles represent Elect Angels and falcons represent demons.  An elephant represents a demonic Angelic Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Hary (18S)

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Cyclone Hary is south east of Madagascar in the South Indian Ocean. It is now moving southeast with 45 knot winds.  The name, Hary, is a variation of Harry, from Henry, which means home ruler.


The church shooting yesterday in New York was a Satanic attack upon the church related to the apostate clergy who say, "Peace, peace, when there is no peace."  The church was Our Lady of Peace, which calls attention to the Roman Catholic worship of the Virgin Mary as the goddess of love, which is Satanic.  The pastor was 50, for the Church, and the gunman was 34, for the division of the land, which points to the Middle East peace process.  A 73-year old woman, which stands for peace, was killed.  This shooting was the cursing of Satan which heralded the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 1397 for a Palestinian State.  The word, freedom, was not used in the resolution.  It was killed.

The US Government led by President Bush offered the Baal-inspired UN Resolution for a Palestinian State in a very foolish move.  The UN Resolution defies the Abrahamic Covenant.  Later in the day President Bush made it clear that he was not only behind the Resolution but that he was opposed to Sharon's crackdown on Palestinian terrorism.  Sharon's crackdown represents objectivity, which opposes the political chicanery of the US Government, European Union, Russia, and the rest of the world.  In this crisis, Sharon has proven a man of principle, whereas the other wimps have proven their true colors.  Regardless of the motivation, the US backing of the UN Security Council Resolution for a Palestinian State is a blow to the Church.  It means there was not enough doctrine to salt Client Nation USA with masculine objectivity.  And it guarantees more suffering for the USA because the Lord will defend the Abrahamic Covenant even if Israel forsakes it.

Last night's Security Council approval of the Resolution for a Palestinian state was heralded by severe weather in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.  There was a tornado and a waterspout in Florida with hail in Tallahassee.  Tallahassee is in Leon County, which is Florida County #13, for the double blessing of Israel.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The UN Security Council Resolution was the epitome of duplicity.  The Palestinian terrorists have been engaged daily in despicable acts of tyranny; yet the US and the rest of the world essentially awarded them the victory.  The weather angels illustrated this with a picture of the semblance of a falcon over Texas.  The falcon looks like a caricature of Arafat smiling.  In contrast an eagle is over Washington, which was sent to punish the US government.

Vice President Cheney went down to Egypt today for help from President Mubarak.  "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help" (Isaiah 31:1).  Mubarak was recently in Washington where he convinced the US leadership to listen to his worldly viewpoint.  Egypt symbolizes the world.  The UN Security Council vote of 14-0 called attention to the Passover, which followed the Nine Plagues of Egypt.  At the Passover the angel of death killed the firstborn of the Egyptians, who opposed Israel.  Now that the US and the rest of the world has joined forces with Egypt, it is a sign of severe cursing.  No nation has ever survived anti-Semitism.

Vice President Cheney's Middle East trip has been overshadowed by the heroism of Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who is the only world leader who is standing up to the Satanic attack to destroy Israel.  Well the doctrinal believers in the Church also support Israel in spite of the apostasy that has captivated the US Government.  But the Church in this country is very weak, and if it fails, the Government will go down with it.  The US does not need Arab backing to fight terrorism any more than the Church needs to compromise with apostasy.

Today was March 13th, for the double blessing of Israel.  And it was Day 72, for the internal gates of the criminal justice system.  Today, the domestic terrorist, H. Rap Brown was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a sheriff's deputy.  There were 9 blacks on the jury, a sign of the Plagues of Egypt.  He should have been executed.  And the terrorist who killed a pastor in New York was arraigned.

Author:  Larry Wood