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Indiana Beats Duke 74-73

Domestic Terrorist Kills 4 in South Bend

Indiana Beats Duke 74-73

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March 22 (Day 81): Indiana University came from behind to beat No. 1-seeded Duke 74-73 in the NCAA semifinals at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.  Indiana was behind 42-29 at half-time, where 42 stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 29 stands for victory over Edom.  The victory was another chapter in the legend of the Hoosiers, who were down by 17 points at one time but kept fighting back.  With 5:22 remaining, Duke's 6-9 center, Carlos Boozer, went up for a dunk that would have put the Blue Devils ahead 65-62.  But 65 is for going down and 62 is for the end; and it wasn't going to end for the Hoosiers.  It was going to end for the Blue Devils.  Indiana's 6-3 guard, A.J. Moye, #2, for divine division, as if empowered by an angel, rose to block Boozer's dunk and caused a jump-ball.  Basketball is played with 5 players, the number for a giant, such as Baal.  Boozer, #4, for weakness, was a giant, and Indiana didn't have anything visible to match him, but some invisible force did the trick.

Then Dane Fife, the Big Ten's defensive player of the year, committed the unpardonable sin.  He fouled Duke's Jason Williams on a 3-point shot that went in.  However, this was only a setup for more angelic drama.  All-American Williams, College basketball's player of the year, went to the free throw line with a chance to tie the game.  However, Williams, #22, for cursing, missed.  The giant, Boozer, got the rebound, and he missed.  IU came down with the ball as time ran out.

Leading scorers were IU's Jared Jeffries with 24, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and Duke's Carlos Boozer with 19 points, for the federal judiciary.  The final score was 74, for Spiritual freedom, to 73, for freedom.

South Bend Domestic Terrorism

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A disgruntled worker killed four employees and injured two others at a South Bend, Indiana aircraft parts manufacturing plant.  William Lockey, 54, of Bertrand Road in Niles, armed with a .22 rife and a shotgun, did the shooting at 8:15 AM at Bertrand Products Inc. at 2323 Foundation Drive just north of South Bend Regional Airport.  The number, 54, stands for redemption, and 23 stands for a Spiritual uptrend in history.  Those killed were:
  1. David J. Arpasi, 73, for freedom
  2. Craig Schafer, 50, for the Church
  3. John Contadeluci, 47, for peace,
  4. Robert Downs Jr., 42, for Baal, the bear, and Russia.
Lockey fled the scene in a company truck and stopped several times to engage police in a firefight before he committed suicide.


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No tornadoes or severe were reported in the USA.


Indian University beat Duke 74-73 in an historic upset.  No. 5, Indiana was behind 42-29 at the half, where 42 stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 29 stands for victory over Edom.  The five players on a basketball team represent a giant, such as Baal.  No. 1 seeded, Duke, lost to Indiana in Kentucky, which has been under the divine cursing of flooding.  Indiana is from the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  Indiana fought back and out rebounded Duke 47 - 32, where 47 stands for peace and 32 for a conspiracy.

The final score meant:  74 - Spiritual freedom to 73 - freedom.  Spiritual freedom precedes temporal freedom.  The Church purchases freedom for the establishment.  The leading scorer for IU had 24, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The leading scorer for Duke was Boozer, #4, with 19 points, for the federal judiciary.  The Hoosiers were wearing red, for suffering, while Duke was wearing white for sanctification.  Indiana suffered to win.  Duke was sanctified out of the tournament.

Domestic terrorism in South Bend, Indiana echoed a similar refrain.  Four were killed plus the killer, who was 54, for redemption.  The ages of those killed were:

  1. 73 - freedom
  2. 50 - the Church
  3. 47 - peace
  4. 42 - Baal, the bear, and Russia
The murders were the curse of Baal in Indiana, the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  The gunman used a .22 rifle and a shotgun today, March 22nd, for cursing.  The address of the business was 2323 Foundation Drive, where 23 stands for a Spiritual uptrend, and doubling is for emphasis.  In a Spiritual uptrend some die the sin unto death, and others are sanctified for blessing.  Four people were killed, which corresponds to Boozer, #4, the giant from Duke.  The killer committed suicide to bring the death toll to 5, the number for a giant, such as Baal.

Two powerful lessons came from Indiana today.  One was an historic basketball victory in which the No. 1 seeded team was cursed by a team from the region of Naphtali.  The other was a mass murder, the work of Baal, and a case of domestic terrorism.  The US has asked for cursing due to the Bush Administration defying the Abrahamic Covenant.  Anthony Zinni is trying to negotiate peace with Palestinian terrorists.  Zinni obviously knows nothing about dealing with terrorists; nor does the President and Secretary of State, who have openly defied the Abrahamic Covenant.  Cursing is guaranteed upon all who oppose that Covenant (Genesis 12:3).

Author:  Larry Wood