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President Bush in Peru

President Bush in Peru

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March 23 (Day 82, Historical Break Point):  President Bush traveled to Lima Peru for a one-day visit with President Alejandro Toledo and became the first US President to visit Peru.  The two pledged to fight terrorism wherever it occurs.  They also talked about how to stop drug trafficking.  They have not agreed to a resumption of drug surveillance flights over Peru, which were suspended after a Peruvian military jet shot down a plane carrying US missionaries and killed 35-year-old Veronica Bowers and her daughter, Charity.  Bush also announced the return of the Peace Corps to Peru for the first time in nearly 30 years.

There was heavy security with patrols of military tanks and armored cars.  Water cannons were on standby and 7,000 riot police and troops were on guard.  Police found up to 10 homemade bombs in the streets that were removed and detonated before the President's arrival.  President Bush arrived shortly before 3:00 PM.  He is scheduled to meet later in the day with the presidents of Colombia and Bolivia, and the vice president of Ecuador.  Then he will attend a state dinner.  Lima is at 12 S., for authority, and 77 W., for Reverse Process Reversionism.

Pentagrams and Crosses

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About 2000 people attempted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for making the most snow angels at any one time in the North Dakota capital of Bismarck.  The people in the photograph resembled crosses (X's) and pentagrams.  A cross represents capital punishment, or the sin unto death, while a pentagram represents a giant, such as Baal.  The people were in ranks like an army dead in the snow.
Elephants, 3-24-02, 0115 GMT, NOAA


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One waterspout was reported in the USA.  It was north of Bahia Honda Park off Big Pine Key, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  It occurred at 10:39 AM EST March 22, 2002, Day 81.

Weather elephants were over the southwestern USA and the Florida peninsula.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


There was a waterspout near Big Pine Key, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  It happened yesterday at 10:39 AM EST on Day 81.  Pining is suffering.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The evil Palestinians are the earthy sponsors of Satan's attack on Israel.  US envoy, Anthony Zinni, is in Israel where he is trying to forge a cease-fire by negotiating with the evil Palestinians.  President Bush and Colin Powell are solidly behind this peace effort, which defies the Abrahamic Covenant and guarantees cursing (Genesis 12:3).  President Bush vowed his support of Israel today, but he called upon Arafat to work to stop terrorism.  Arafat is the ultimate avowed terrorist just like the devil.  He will only stop terrorism when he is dead.  There is no objectivity in negotiating with evil.

President Bush arrived in Lima, Peru just before 3:00 PM, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  Mrs. Bush and Peruvian President Toledo's wife were wearing red, for suffering.  When men support Baal, their wives suffer.  Bush left the Palestinian negotiations to Zinni as he flew to the wilderness to the south of Client Nation USA.  He went to Lima, which is at 12 S., for authority, and 77 W., for Reverse Process Reversionism.  People who reject the love of Right Man and Right Woman are full of bitterness, and there were protesters out in force.

Peru is in the same location in South America as Israel in Asia.  Bush's problem with Israel popped up in a view from the wilderness to the south.  South America, like the pan Arabic block, represents the land to the south of Israel.  When Bush rejected the Abrahamic Covenant, he went to the wilderness to the south in symbolic agreement with the Arabs.

Today was March 23rd, for a Spiritual uptrend in history.  And it was Day 182, for a break point in history.  The combination means that the mature believer with Capacity for Life from Bible Doctrine will be sanctified and those who reject the Love of God will break off and drift into the sea like the iceberg that recently broke off in Antarctica.  President Bush became the first US President to visit Peru, but will that break point in history lead to cursing or blessing?  Peru is in the region of Ephraim and Manasseh in South America, but the farmers are squandering their lives under the power of Satan growing coca and poppies.

Author:  Larry Wood