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Battle of the Thunderstorm Begins

Israel Retaliates Against Palestinians

Battle of the Thunderstorm Begins

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March 28 (Day 87, Donkey):  Israel began wide-spread military retaliation against Arafat's evil regime of terrorists in Ramallah.  The first wave of about 30 Israeli tanks entered Ramallah tonight (early on the 29th Israeli time) during a thunderstorm, and armored bulldozers broke down the fence around Arafat's compound.  Arafat was declared an enemy of the state of Israel, but was not to be banished due to internal compromise within the Israeli government.  The new policy is absolute isolation of Arafat.

Military personnel are being recalled from vacation, and reservists are being partially called up as Israel prepares for an extended stay.  The plan is to destroy the terrorist infrastructure.  Four Palestinians were killed as they resisted the Israeli incursion.

One of the great victories in Israeli military history was the day the Lord delivered Israel from the Philistines during a thunderstorm in the time of Samuel (1 Samuel 7:10-11).

Navy Helicopter Crashes in California

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A Navy helicopter crashed in the mountains near Lake Isabella, California, and two of the 6-member crew were killed.  The HH-1 Huey helicopter crashed about 1 PM PST while on a routine training mission.  The crew were from the Naval Weapons Test Squadron in China Lake, California.  Isabella is the same as the name, Jezebel, in the Bible.
Elephant, 3-29-02, 0315 GMT, NOAA Elephant, 3-29-02, 0315 GMT, PSC


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No tornadoes or severe weather were reported in the USA.

Today, weather elephants were over Texas and off the east coast in the Atlantic.  The image of a goat was over the Great Lakes.  A goat represents an Angelic Power, and an elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Ikala

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Cyclone Ikala is in the South Indian Ocean south of India and east of Madagascar.  It is moving southeast with 45 knot winds.


There was a weather elephant over Texas and one in the Atlantic off the east coast.  President Bush was in Texas today on his fund-raising tour.  Texas is also his home state.  The elephant over Texas symbolized the Baal attack on Bush's friendship with the Saudis, whose peace plan was from Baal.  The elephant over the Atlantic was symbolic of US Baal-based foreign policy which has been the trademark ever since the beginning of the Afghan war.  The goat over the Great Lakes represented leaders associated with Naphtali, the doe and symbols of peace.

The Israeli military invaded Ramallah and tore down the fences around Arafat's compound to pursue a policy to isolate him.  As soon as Arafat surmised the Israeli military was planning an attack, he began to say he was ready to consider Zinni's cease-fire proposal.  However, careful parsing of his words indicated he had no intention of making peace or arresting terrorists.  The Israeli government labeled Arafat an enemy of the state; but due to compromise with goats in the Israeli Labor Party, it refrained from banishing Arafat from the country.  The peace process has made this monster, who has been necessary to wake up the peace mongers to the reality of negotiating with evil.

Israel entered Ramallah during a thunderstorm.  One of the most famous victories in Israeli history was during the thunderstorm in the time of Samuel.  The Israeli incursion was actually on March 29th, Day 88, Israeli time, where 29 is for victory over Edom and 88 is for blessing.  Today was March 28th, for a cosmic stronghold, or storm.  And it was Day 87, for a donkey, which was the pack animal of Israel and represents a military mobilization or retreat.

Zinni can come home now.  Like Balaam, he has only succeeded in making war - not peace.  He has the distinction of being perhaps the worst diplomat who ever entered US service.

A Navy helicopter crashed near Lake Isabella, California and killed two.  Two represents divine division, the meaning of the year, 2002.  California represents Israel.  And Isabella is the same as the name, Jezebel, in the Bible.  Jezebel was a prophetess of Baal who ran the Israeli government in the time of King Ahab.

Author:  Larry Wood