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The Bush Doctrine of Middle East Terrorism

The Bush Doctrine of Middle East Terrorism

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April 2 (Day 92, Homeborn Slave):  As Israeli  tanks rumbled into Bethlehem, and Palestinian terrorist took refuge in the Church of the Nativity, President Bush clarified his doctrine of Middle East terrorism.  He traveled to Penn State University in Media, Pennsylvania to explain his contradiction.  He said he had a vision of a independent Palestinian state living in peace with Israel.  Although he has said previously there was no difference between terrorists and nations that harbor terrorists, he now says that doesn't apply to Arafat or the Palestinians.  He said Arafat was exempt from this because "he has negotiated with parties as to how to achieve peace."

The Organization of Islamic Conference of 57 Muslim nations basically came to the same conclusion.  They opposed terrorism but the Palestinians were not necessarily terrorists.

In a week-end interview with the Doha-based A-Jazeera satellite channel, Arafat called for millions of martyrs to go to Jerusalem.  A martyr is a suicide bomber.  And Arafat has funded more suicide bombers for Jerusalem.  The Israel Army seized a terror invoice in the office of Fuad Shobaki, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Palestinian Authority, that requested the money for 9 suicide bombs a week.  In the document, dated September 17, 2001, the Al Aqsa Brigades terrorists state that each explosive cost at least NIS 700 (about $150).  Arafat's CFO would not be approving terrorist expenditures with Arafat's personal knowledge.

Israeli Operation Defensive Wall - Day 5

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The Israeli Army seized Bethlehem.  After engaging Israeli tanks in gun battles from Manger Square and exhausting their ammunition, Palestinian terrorists took refuge in the Church of the Nativity.  And about 200 Palestinians holed up in Rajoub's Beitunia headquarters surrendered after the CIA negotiated.  A number of the Palestinians have been released while others have been arrested.  The curfew was lifted for a while in Ram Allah for residents to buy food and supplies.  Arafat's office was supplied with food, water, and medical supplies.  He has electricity, but apparently prefers to work by candle light.  Tonight Israeli troops rolled into Jenin.
Elephant-Rabbit, 4-2-02, 2115 GMT, PSC Elephant-Rabbit, 4-2-02, 2115 GMT, Navy


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There were no tornadoes or severe weather reported in the USA.

Today, the image of an elephant stretched from the Great Lakes and northeastern USA to Texas.  A rabbit was off the east coast of Florida.  A rabbit represents Baal as the goddess of love, and an elephant represent a demon Commander, such as Baal.


As President Bush explained his Doctrine of Terrorism from Penn State University, a huge weather elephant was overhead.  Note:  He had to leave Washington to get under the weather elephant, which stretched all the way to Texas.  It was obviously a Bush elephant, which represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  The Bush Doctrine of Terrorism excepts Arafat and the Palestinians from being called terrorists.  Off the coast of Florida was the image of a rabbit, the symbol of Baal, the goddess of love.  Florida has also been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

Bush's decision to exempt Arafat will be acceptable to the rest of the world because the world loves its own.  However, his doctrine is the devil's lie.  He espouses a Palestinian state and peace on earth.  That is the false doctrine of the Millennium of Islam, which intents to have peace after the infidels, Christians and Jews, are annihilated.  As Bush was reading from the Palestinian script, Arafat was approving more suicide bombers for Jerusalem, and the Arabs were planning ways to finance Arafat's terrorist campaign.

Israel continued to perform with sanity in the face of the devil's lies.  When the Europeans asked to meet with Arafat, Sharon told them they could meet with him if they would take him away with a one-way ticket.  After some officials sought a nation for asylum for Arafat, he was turned down by Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia.  Morocco, however, was willing to accept him.  However, Arafat was told he would have to go alone and leave the group of criminals he is harboring behind.  Arafat rejected the deal.

Today was April 2nd, for divine division, the meaning of the year 2002.  God has separated Israel and the Church out to stand against the world.  And it was Day 92, for a homeborn slave, which is the symbol of the Palestinians under Israeli control.

Author:  Larry Wood