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Israeli Tanks Move into Nablus

Israeli Tanks Move into Nablus

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April 3 (Day 93, Guilt):  Israeli  tanks rolled into Nablus, the largest city in the West Bank, and site of ancient Shechem with nearby Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.  Palestinian terrorists, who had been preparing for days, put up some resistance.  Nablus has long been a hot bed of Hamas terrorists.  Nablus has about 180,000 people.

Israeli forces are now in Ramallah, Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Tulkarm, Kalkilya, Jenin, Salfit, Beitunya, Nablus, and Idna, west of Hebron.  They have arrested several high-profile terrorists associated with suicide bombing.  And they have seized weapons caches and ammunition.

President Bush is still holding firm his support for the Israeli military operation, although he hasn't been very convincing to the extremists on the right and left.  A ray of light glimmered as a few Washington politicians stood up for Israel.  US Representative, Tom DeLay, R-Texas, came out staunchly in support of Israel.  He also had an objective viewpoint of Yasser Arafat as a terrorist thug.  House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., also supported Israel.

However, the liberals, press, and Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox clergy had a conniption fit.  The apostate priests in Bethlehem are harboring Palestinian terrorists in their churches.  The Pope has openly criticized Israel.  And the press is solidly against Israel.  They don't understand that they have no right on a battlefield.  A mob of peace activists had to be dispersed with tear gas as they tried to enter Ram Allah.  The peace activists are supporters of terrorists also.

Tank Belly Up in California

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An army tank fell off a flatbed truck and blocked the ramp from eastbound State Road 78 to northbound State Road 15 in Escondido, California.  The Bradley M-2 tank was belly up on the ramp after the incident at 5:45 AM PST this morning.  Belly up is a sign of death for a fish.  The numbers here mean:  2 - divine division; 78 sexual abuse, 15 - a covering.  The tank covered the exit ramp.  Escondido is at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 117 W., for the production of lawlessness.

Bin Laden Associate Pleads Guilty

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A suspected bin Laden associate pleaded guilty in New York to attempting to kill a jail guard as he awaited trial for the 1998 embassy bombings in Africa.  Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and conspiracy to kill federal officers and employees at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.  He stabbed a guard in the eye with a sharpened comb and inflicted brain damage.  It was part of a plot to seize hostages to gain the release of other prisoners in US custody.  The maximum sentence for the charges is life plus 20 years.
Elephant, 4-3-02, 0215 GMT, PSC


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There were no tornadoes reported in the USA.  There were at least 11 hail and 1 wind damage report.  The hail was grouped in two regions, Illinois and Florida.

Today, the image of an elephant stretched along the east coast from Florida to Newfoundland.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The severe weather was in two regions, Illinois and Florida.  Illinois is in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace; whereas, Florida has also been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  This points directly to the Middle East peace process, which has led to war.  Notice that none of the Arab countries are making any moves to attack Israel.  There are only some Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon that are attacking.

The elephant along the east coast stretched from Florida to Newfoundland.  It was off New York where a bin Laden associate pleaded guilty to attempted murder.  He tried to kill a guard while awaiting trial.  If there were any sanity in the legal community, this man would have already been executed.  He does not have the right to a trial in the USA.  He is not a US citizen.  But even the Bush administration has yet to execute the first terrorist.

The tank that was belly up in California was a sign of cursing and death in the US army.  It was a Bradley M-2 tank, where 2 stands for divine division, the meaning of the year, 2002.  California in the US corresponds to Israel in Asia.  The tank was at the intersection of highways 78, for sexual abuse, and 15, for a covering.  It was in stark contrast to the hundreds of Israeli tanks in operation Defensive Wall.  The US military has been plagued with cursing as Israel has been forced to deploy their army to protect themselves from Palestinian terrorists.  As the world tries to negotiate peace by taking away Israel's land, the Lord, who controls human history, drives the Israelis and Palestinians farther apart.

Today was April 3rd, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  And it was Day 93, for guilt.  An associate of bin Laden pleaded guilty to attempted murder of a prison guard today in New York.

Author:  Larry Wood