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Arafat Overshadows Bush-Blair Summit

Israel Encounters Stiff Resistance in Jenin

Arafat, 4-6-02, 2145 GMT

Arafat Overshadows Bush-Blair Summit

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April 6 (Day 96, Spoils of Victory):  The Bush-Blair Summit down on the farm in Crawford was supposed to be about Saddam Hussein, but Yasser Arafat instead overshadowed the meeting.  Unable to pursue their agenda of dealing with Iraq, they groped for a solution to the Middle East crisis.  It never dawned on them that their strategy, which is the same as the United Nations, is all wrong.  Bush issued another call from his heart and soul for Israel to "withdraw without delay."  Bush said he expected Israel to heed his advice and the Palestinians to reject terror.

As Blair politely supported Bush, the Israelis and Palestinians were engaged in fierce fighting.  The Bush-Blair advice was out of sync with reality.  The speech for the local press corps fell on deaf ears in the Middle East.  When the shrapnel flies, the time for talking is over.

Israel Faces Tough Resistance in Jenin

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Israel gave the people of Jenin five days notice before they entered the city.  The terrorists used the time to prepare explosives and booby trap the refugee camp and the city.  Now Israel is paying the price.  Three Israeli soldiers were killed today as the Palestinians put up stiff resistance.  In Nablus, the army is slowly advancing house-by-house through the city.  And it has also moved into Kabatiya south of Jenin.

Ariel Sharon called President Bush today and told him that he would accelerate the operation; however, he said he would withdraw when he finished.

Arab League Fumbles

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Although the Arab League met in Cairo, ministers from Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon were absent.  The Arabs fumbled around in their one-day meeting for a plan.  They voted $55 million for Arafat, and said they supported him, but they were not impressed with President Bush.  It appears now that their hearts are hardened toward the upcoming peace effort of Colin Powell.  And they demanded a United Nations Security Council meeting.


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There were no tornadoes or severe weather reported in the USA.

Today, the cloud cover from Washington state to Texas appeared to be the image of an Arab like Arafat.


The image that stretched from Washington State to Texas appeared to be an Arab, like Arafat.  Today, was Day 96, for the spoils of victory, which corresponds to the region of Benjamin in the Pacific northwest.  President Bush and Prime Minister Blair were meeting in Crawford, Texas.  The weather image overshadowed them.   They had planned to discuss Saddam Hussein, but the Israeli-Palestinian crisis overshadowed the meeting.  Blair has been very much pro-Arafat and anti-Semitic.  Bush and Blair may have been singing from the same page, but they were on the wrong page.  Real bullets are different than words.

The Arab reaction was further proof that Bush's speeches and Blair's, too, fell on deaf ears.  The Arab League were not impressed with Bush's peace overtures.  Evil people do not respect nice guys.  The Arabs are gearing up to resist the peace efforts of Colin Powell next week.  Powell has already floated the idea that he does not intend to meet with Arafat, which has make the Palestinians mad.  Anybody that would meet with Arafat is worse than scum.

Israel is encountering stiff resistance from the Palestinian terrorists in Jenin.  If Israel doesn't do a thorough job of cleaning them out, they will only return with vengeance.  The reason none of the Arabs nations are making a move to help Arafat is because they really don't like him in the first place, and in the second, they are afraid of Israel.  Israel needs to make a good show of force.  The peace plan of Bush and Blair of a Palestinian state is the devil's plan for the Islamic millennium.

Today was April 6th, for a man.  And it was Day 96, for the spoils of victory.  Bush, Blair, and the UN want to give the Palestinians the spoils of Israeli victory of the Promised Land.  The only way to get land in the devil's world is to take it on the battlefield, or find someone stupid enough to give it to you.  So far Sharon is proving to be a to smart to give it away.

Author:  Larry Wood